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  1. JONJAY79

    Full lock soon

    Sadly they will enforce fines they already do this. Had loads of friends who's fines have been taken out of wages direct due to council tax.
  2. Not Jewish but yes there is a cabal that is beyond religion/race they are the ultra rich who control the banks.
  3. JONJAY79

    Full lock soon

    What will everyone be doing on full lock down due this week? I know certain MPs and they have mentioned lock down is coming weds at the latest. So it's finally here now. Public should be told this after noon or tomorrow I guess.
  4. JONJAY79


    Yes local teacher also elderly gent died in my town this week from covid 19
  5. JONJAY79

    China and stock exchange.

    Was forward this and looks interesting.
  6. JONJAY79

    China and stock exchange.

    Impact of coronavirus on stock exchanges worldwide, within 1 month: 🇺🇸 -26% 🇬🇧 -26% 🇨🇦 -25% 🇧🇷 -27% 🇷🇺 -20% 🇦🇪 -19% 🇿🇦 -16% 🇦🇺 -24% 🇮🇳 -14% 🇸🇬 -17% 🇭🇰 -12% 🇰🇷 - 17% Now, look at this: 🇨🇳 (China) + 0,3% China, creator of the pandemic, has miraculously "recovered", has almost no more cases of coronavirus. The world is now beginning to feel the effects and panic about the disease. Who recovered first ?? China itself! It seems to be that this virus was a move by the Chinese government in response to the loss of the trade war with the United States. The goal: to throw the world into recession !!! Is the scenario not clear? They are already growing! China bought almost everything it devalued on the stock exchanges around the world ... with that the Chinese became owners of the global companies that are in China and without the money leaving China. ☝🏻 This is what it's all about.
  7. JONJAY79

    Fall cabal

  8. JONJAY79

    Fall cabal

    Just watching this series on part 3 at moment and excellent so far. A must watch.
  9. JONJAY79

    Tommy robinson daughter touched

    I lived in London in the early 90s and there was a few imams that were complaining about radicals taking over mosques.
  10. JONJAY79

    Tommy robinson daughter touched

    Israel may seem like our natural ally against radical Islam but moderate Imams were exposing Saudi Arabia infiltrating mosques back in the 90s and said they were grooming young muslims into wahhabism. And our next supposed ally Saudi Arabia is funding and exporting radical Islam.
  11. I'm part of a community group in Barrow in furness. We have our own centre and welcome any speakers or new idea's. Our main aims are poverty/social isolation. Social centres and networking can be the way forward . https://m.facebook.com/groups/920670234636088?view=permalink&id=2714039958632431&ref=content_filter This is a link to our Facebook group. Jon
  12. JONJAY79

    Trevor Phillips suspended

    Trevor Phillips suspended for islamophobia. https://www.itv.com/news/2020-03-08/trevor-phillips-suspended-from-labour-over-islamophobia-allegations/?fbclid=IwAR1MHFP8Ry3DJu07UXjpkGvJt0cER3FEUCF0Bgccde5I9ugFLGB1kn-5jhY
  13. JONJAY79

    Tommy robinson daughter touched

    We have all seen this doing the rounds now. Tommy robinsons daughter 8yr old bum squeezed in centre Parcs by Asian man. Could this of been set up ? One thing I'm still trying to work out is who is really behind Tommy Robinson? Is it really Israel?
  14. JONJAY79

    David should heal the world

    Takes more than 1 man. Untill activism comes off the internet and into local communities we will just go round in circles.
  15. JONJAY79

    coronavirus mega thread

    This maybe the big cull many researchers have spoke about in past. Looks very dodgy hope it's not as bad as I'm hearing.