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  1. tantra86


    I kept seeing 33 everywhere. I got annoyed and shouted the my laptop.... what does 33 Mean? Then at that sudden moment the laptop locked or crashed with the numbers 33 in white on an empty background flashing in large font. Really wtf
  2. tantra86

    this is how a shaman gets down.

    One who is a gatekeeper between spirit and matter. He walk between world's. All is manifesto from spirit. All is energy. A shaman walks path between and is able to see the interconnect between the Web of all things. He walks a path which allows him to experience and learn so he can aquire the knowledge to help his community. Healing. They achieve bringing knowledge and grounding spirit energy for healing.
  3. I been homeless but I worked on this video to to tel lmy shamanic story. The battles was hard ;) kundalini rise. Voices in head.tinfoil hats. Grounding with rocks...trying to get a shamanic anchor before police came..... ina mental hospital, shapeshifting. .then i lived in woods for 4 years. I needs to eat 13g of shooms and get a movie going. God knows how. I also started transition transgender. I hope you guys like this.its a fun show. Let's discuss a shamanic society. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqTixVkefFQ