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  1. Blue_Angel_1111

    How many of you had paranormal or mystical experiences?

    I saw what could've been a lower astral entity. Scared me quite badly. On other occasions I've felt something sitting on my back when I've been in bed and got a sense they were trying to do something with energy through my spinal chord. I've felt something sit in the edge of my bed. On another occasion I could hear dark entities talking about me and laughing. Yes, I entertained the idea of being schizophrenic at that time because it scared me, but I've since dismissed that as it happened on one occasion. Specifically, they were laughing because I'd put an Egyptian scarab beetle statue in front of my bedroom door thinking it would protect me...how silly I was. I once saw a lady whose aura was bright blue during an OBE, but I was a child then.
  2. Blue_Angel_1111

    My view on women and dating altogether

    OP I've been there, but from the opposite side. I've dated some "interesting" men, and after the last one caused a particular amount of pain I healed and decided I was happier single. I dropped any bitter "men are all *****" thoughts, and just allowed myself to feel happy, at ease, and positive about my life. Well, when I least expected a fella dropped into my life...sure relationships bring challenges, even the most ideal ones...but he came along, and unlike my previous relationships, this one is challenging in a good way. I enjoy being single too, but it's easier for me to stay in my comfort zone that way. I say embrace the excitement life has to offer, and remain open to meeting someone. Women are emotional rollercoasters (though men can be too), but if you find one that can communicate with love, maturity, and honesty then that's half the battle solved.
  3. Blue_Angel_1111

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    Hi all, Have been a long time lurker of this forum. I may have graduated to part-time lurker instead. I don't agree with all the things I read posted here, but there is a lot of informative threads, and I have a lot of admiration for David Icke. Having the ability to speak up is a rare trait these days. I think 2020 is going to be a fascinating year, and I hope it'll be a good one for the most part! See you all around!