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  1. Sid James

    Phillip Schofield on coming out as gay

    I know what my father and grandfathers and men of their generations would've called him and it certainly wouldn't be brave.
  2. Sid James

    is there an ethnic dimension to knife crime

    No I'm not trotting out the standard MSM line at all and I'll say it again you're a racist. Deal with it. Everywhere in the UK has seen rises in crime since the 1950s-1960s, even small market towns where you'd be hard pushed to see a black or brown face yet you fail to mention this, why is that? Inter-racial gang disputes on a gang level in the workshops you've been teaching in? One sure thing about the so called gangs in the county lines/knife crime epidemic is that although they tend to be mostly from ethnic minorities they are also overwhelmingly multi-cultural so I simply don't believe you.
  3. Sid James

    is there an ethnic dimension to knife crime

    Well that's the Guardian for you, the liberal left's equivalent of the Daily Fail. Two cheeks on the same arse.
  4. Sid James

    is there an ethnic dimension to knife crime

    No it isn't ok. Racism is Racism regardless of who the victim is...
  5. Sid James

    Prince Andrew is back

    Yes I remember, only too well...
  6. Sid James

    is there an ethnic dimension to knife crime

    Rubbish. I will tell the truth regardless and your post was just so obviously racist anyone could see it. I'm not trying to intimidate you at all, I'm just pointing out how racist your statement is. As for population replacement you do know that many Brits have left here over the years for Australia, NZ, Canada, the US ect, don't you or are you woefully ignorant of this? Many Brits choose to have small families ect. Many Londoners have moved out of the capital and over populated places like Essex and Hertfordshire as well. If population replacement is happening its being done by choice as much as by design. Up until the early 1990s more people left the UK than came in. That was the situation for many, many decades but you seem to ignore these facts, why is that?. As for coming to London I don't need to come to London as I grew up there and visit on a regular basis. You do realise London's crime statistics put it on a par with Gwent in South Wales in 11th position in this country according to the Daily Fail, so its not quite the crime ridden sewer you would have people believe,.
  7. Sid James

    is there an ethnic dimension to knife crime

    I wasn't referring to Sweden but to here in the UK RE Your post. You talk about London's police forces rising but London's population has also risen since the 1960s. London has a bigger population than Wales and Scotland combined not to mention the populations of many other countries. As for the demographics changing, they have been changing since the 1950s. Your comment was a deliberate racist remark and now you are trying hard to deflect from what you wrote. Scotland has also had serious issues with knife crime but this has been white on white but you don't mention that do you?
  8. Sid James

    is there an ethnic dimension to knife crime

    I'm not shutting down anything either, just highlighting your ridiculous post about 'ethnics' and knives. White people use knives all the time...
  9. Sid James

    is there an ethnic dimension to knife crime

    How am I protecting the elite's agenda by pointing out you're a racist? People like you are so obvious to anyone with half a brain...
  10. Sid James


    His backers Momentum are led by a Zionist - Jon Lansman,,,
  11. Sid James

    Prince Andrew is back

    Exactly. It makes me sick to my stomach too...
  12. Sid James

    is there an ethnic dimension to knife crime

    So Glaswegians are ethnics in your eyes then? Its so easy to spot a racist....
  13. Sid James

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    I couldn't agree more.
  14. Sid James

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    I'll never understand why so much was made about her not having representation when she was being interviewed. When you make complaints to the police they do not provide you with representation that is for those who are under arrest and she wasn't under arrest at the time. They also made much of her not having an interpreter when many Cypriots speak perfect English and then made an issue of her statement being written by someone who didn't speak English as a first language. The Police always write statements, they do not give you a pen and paper to do it yourself and whoever wrote that statement had a very good command of the English language making the claim of her not having an interpreter a nonsense. I think its a case of a woman can do no wrong in the eyes of feminists and a Brit can do no wrong abroad unless caught red handed, in the case of the media. Reading the press reports of this didn't give me any impression that the Cypriot authorities did anything wrong and gave me no reason to suspect that those boys are guilty either.
  15. Sid James

    Is society being sabotaged?

    They've been sabotaging society for years, nothing about this is new. Its just getting worse that's all. You can lay the blame firmly on the shoulders of the political class both past and present and their puppet masters who won't be satisfied until we are all completely under their control.