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  1. NotReallyHere87

    How drunk have you got?

    Alcohol is strange, I've had some nights where I've had easily over 10 drinks and have been relatively fine the next day. Other nights I've popped out for 3 or 4 and have been an absolute mess the next day. There's so many factors to determine how you'll be the next day: your current quality of sleep, how rested you are, your blood sugar levels, stress levels, adrenaline and insulin production. It can be a mine field. Anyways, I once woke up on the wrong Greek island from the one I was vacationing in. Yeah, that was a rough day
  2. NotReallyHere87

    My view on women and dating altogether

    Sadly, isn't this how the elites have steered society? Death of the family unit and all that?
  3. What's significant about the flight number? I'm failing to see it
  4. NotReallyHere87

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    Hello all, I was a part of the old forum (my name was Luten2012 and I was very active on there from about 2007 - 2012) and was part of the Wiltshire meet up in 2010. I thought I'd check in and I've only just realised today that the forum has moved here. Anyways, I first discovered the rabbit hole back in 2006 and to say things have changed a lot since then would be a massive understatement. I'm looking forward to getting involved again as I feel it's time to reconnect. Talk soon.