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  1. I very much doubt this. I saw a couple of interviews recently, one with Rebecca Long Bailey saying that she wanted to become leader of the red team so that she could ensure working people had the basic things in life she thinks they need for a decent life. I think she said a home, a car, reasonable working hours and time to spend with the family etc. The other was someone from the blue team who said they were going to spend £5B on buses. When asked if this meant reopening 3,000 closed rural routes he said he hoped so. He even went on a bit of a sales pitch by saying he hoped the buses would be warm with perhaps air conditioning and usb sockets to charge your phones. I think he should have gone further and said there would be scantily clad male and female usherettes selling sweets on board, that would have swung it. In my opinion the agenda is to get people off the land, so no rural routes needed. Crammed in to cities means no cars but plenty of buses for now. I think RLB would be in for a bit of a shock if she ever gets the job. I was always a bit suspicious of Boris when he said before the election that he liked to make and paint cardboard buses. What grown man would do that? Everyone takes the pee out of him for saying it, but could he have been laughing at them instead? Time will tell.
  2. Back2Nature

    Forum meet up

    What has always surprised me is the number of gay blokes who Princess Diana was friends with who died relatively young.
  3. There's so much news today. Did Boris have his posh butlins holiday paid for by someone? I guess it will all come to nothing but at least the red team played their part and are outraged. Then there are those deep space noises from uranus. Hands up, they are coming from mine. I think it's all those vegetables I've been eating as the vegan/cycling/walking/dirty dirty car programming starts working, it's given me a touch of gas. Sometimes I feel like a little kitty kat chasing a fluffy ball dangling from a string. Look it's over there, now it's over here, over there again. Fluffy ball, fluffy ball, fluffy ball. I nearly forgot all about the virus then they had some of those teleprompter readers on the telly today and they kept using the word covid19 or whatever it is they would like me to call it now. They must have repeated it about 33,000 times (slightly exaggerating) in one segment. It's quite annoying as I've only just got used to calling it carnivorous.
  4. I think I heard it said on the news that the UK government have decided today they will do the same forced quarantine when an outbreak occurs there. As far as I know not so much as a squeak out of the red team about it. I can't remember ever voting for anyone to do that.
  5. Back2Nature

    Is society being sabotaged?

    Muir you post so much stuff on here it must seem like a full time job for you. Although there would be very little to read without you doing it.
  6. I heard the other day that some surgeries have dedicated GPs offering vasectomies in the UK. Who would have thought there was that much demand?
  7. Back2Nature


    I like your profile picture. Is it a viking cat? Do you think that 33 has the potential to be the new reptile/alien/5G distraction or do you think there is something in it?
  8. Back2Nature

    David is right

    aLIEns. Isn't the clue in the name?
  9. Back2Nature

    Extinction Rebellion symbolism

    Pyramids are some of the oldest structures in the world. And they are all over the world. They endure don't they. Does anyone know how to calculate the probability of why pyramid shapes should appear, albeit sometimes in hidden form, in many places if you look around? Why the pyramid, why not other shapes? Is it just a fluke of nature or is it like a graffiti artist leaving their mark? When you think about it doesn't the whole world operate as one giant pyramid? The many at the bottom supporting the rest of the structure in the heirarchy?
  10. Back2Nature

    Extinction Rebellion symbolism

    That's a bit too deep for me. I'm a simple soul. The other two images posted look to me like pyramids if you fold and jiggle them about in your mind though don't they?
  11. Back2Nature

    When lies are used to promulgate unrest

    I must admit I know nothing about 5G and have no real interest in it. I consider it a distraction. What did you mean by the word unrest in your title?
  12. Back2Nature

    Is society being sabotaged?

    I think you are right. There has been an alleged long history of secret testing on troops and the general population. I thought you were a mechanic in the army?