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    Do you remember your dreams?

    As a kid I always had the same dream/experience... I was flying through a dark tunnel, (toward a light like people describe who had near death experiences). I felt kind of a pressure around my body. It was a scary experience, because I had no idea what was waiting at the end and had no control over my body. Now I sometimes wonder if it really was a dream, or if I was having flashbacks of a near death experience. Are dreams really what they seem to be? Is it possible that some of them are flashback of past life experiences or experiences we or others (with whom our subconciounce connects while in a state of sleep) have in other dimensions?
  2. Mathieu Wouters

    short presentation

    Thanks for the link. I already read the story 🙂. I have had many discussions with fellow adhd'ers, about this. But most of them still prefer to keep the label so that they have an excuse for their alternative way of thinking/behaving. They prefer taking medicine and giving their children drugs in stead of questioning the system... Frustrating to see that
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    short presentation

    HI Oz, thank u for the reply. Like you say, it's up to the citizens to set the laws. But my feeling is that we don't have any saying in that. I had to defend laws set by people with lack of empathy, and force people to respect them. Punish those who didn't. That's one of the reasons I stopped doing intervention. One time I had remove homeless people who were sleeping in the train station. Those people were treated like animals by certain collegues. That's why I'm not so proud being part of the police. And I don't wheare the uniform anymore... What do you mean exactly with : 'the illegality of cannabis creates great opportunities for alternative people'?
  4. Mathieu Wouters

    short presentation

    Hello everybody. I'll give a short summary of the labels that form my phantom self 😊 : Mathieu, male, Belgian, 37 years old, Police officer (yeah I know ) For a few months now, I’ve been watching David Ickes clips on youtube (as a natural consequence in the process of my awakening). Although the theories he has written down and spoken out, seem extreme at first they make more sense to me than everything I’ve ever been told by school/parents/politics… I’ve always felt like there was something wrong about the way that reality was presented. I felt like I was some kind of an alien living in a world that wasn’t home. But still I tried to fit in, which costed a lot of effort and energy. I was always restless, anxious, … But couldn’t exactly point my finger a what really caused those feelings. Eventually I ended up having a so called ‘Burnout’. And got a diagnosis : AD(H)D. But I didn’t believe that regular medicine/therapy would bring any healing. I became convinced that my condition was caused by the anxiety of my parents/surroundings projected on me during my childhood (and the effects of stress hormones on the development of my brains). And that this anxiety was caused by the malfunctioning of our world and the friction between the desires of the soul and the will of society. My conclusion was that so called disorders like ADHD actually don’t exist and were created by medicine/pharmacy-industry to make sure that so called rebellious children would comply with the rules and expectations by giving them drugs. Since then I tried to convince other people with the diagnosis ADHD of my point of view (on forums). And I experienced how hard it is to try to let people see it from a different perspective. They rather stay in their bubble, and just relieve the symptoms in stead of breaking out of the straitjacket they’re captivated in. Hope i can exchange some interesting insights here...