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  1. ImaHologram

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    New here. Followed Icke since the early 2000's when I heard his name via a friend. I went through a stage of wondering if Icke was on it purely for money during the period Alex was churning clickbait. But I've read his books and they're fantastic. I've seen him ridiculed and still persevere and he's finally getting the respect and notice he deserves. Currently half way through The Trigger. @TooleyStu quantum theory and holographic theory are super interesting. Currently reading Bohm's works.
  2. Hey all. I've noticed a recent spate of public media relating to veganism. It's all over social media regarding Greggs and other places, and now media are running other vegan related stories. Is it possible that this is preparation for a shortage of meat following Brexit?