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  1. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    coronavirus mega thread

    This is in the US (I'm an expat). Greenville Memorial Hospital in South Carolina.
  2. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    coronavirus mega thread

    I've had the flu before. Caught the Hong Kong variety when I was a kid in 1968. It wasn't very nice and I was off school for a week or so but that was it. I believe the HK flu killed far more than the current virus (approx. 1 million globally) but we didn't have any of the associated lunacy that we're seeing now. There will always be new strains of influenza. The H1N1 variety that appeared in 2009 was an unpleasant one that seemed to effect younger people rather than the elderly. What we are seeing is mass hysteria, fanned by the media, and a reactionary government that doesn't seem to know what it's doing. Have we changed so much as a society in the last 11 years that we allow ourselves to be frightened into submission like this?
  3. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    coronavirus mega thread

    The Peter Principle writ large.
  4. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Segregation of class in the UK

    Don't forget to shout 'unclean' as you go. Maybe paint a cross on your front door too. We've already got an electronic pillory for those who transgress (the Sun, for example) so why not go the whole hog?
  5. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    coronavirus mega thread

    Lots of very dark stories emerging about abuse of NHS staff. Nurses being mugged for their ID badges, being spat on, called disease-carriers and so forth. Similar stories beginning to emanate out of NY too: lurid tales of medical imposters trying to scam free stuff and other perks reserved for nurses and other staff. A close family member is a nurse in San Francisco for a major hospital group. According to her, management are being very heavy-handed. When all this started in Wuhan, she purchased her own surgical masks. They are washable and you change the filter each day. She bought a couple of hundred filters, some of which she gave to her mates. Hospital management the threatened to sack any nurse who wore their own mask on shift. https://www.healthleadersmedia.com/nursing/kaiser-threatened-fire-nurses-wearing-their-own-masks
  6. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    coronavirus mega thread

    To be honest, I think the government is lurching from one position to another, depending on which advisor (expert) is telling them what the best course of action is. US is the same but the advisors here (Fauci, Birx) have some very dubious friends and a less-than-stellar track record when they were involved in AIDS-related matters.
  7. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Music You Like

    18-year-old Yehudi Menhuin plays Paganini's first violin concerto. The recording is from 1934. The Paris Philharmonic conducted by Pierre Monteux.
  8. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Music You Like

    Rudolf Serkin plays Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5, (Emperor). NY Phil conducted by the great Leonard Bernstein.
  9. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Where is everyone from

    Essential these days.
  10. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    coronavirus mega thread

    Just received an email from our Rector. Easter services are cancelled. No Good Friday, Palm Sunday, or anything else. First time in my life this has happened. The last time the Church of the Holy Sepulcre in Jerusalem closed was during the Black Death. In 250 AD, during a particularly nasty plague that ravaged the Roman Empire, Christians ministered to the sick because of their belief that God was sovereign over death. This Covid-19 though seems to be a different animal. It is not killing thousands daily and the narrative, as the NY Times says, changes hourly. By closing the churches, with the connivance of the Bishops, irreparable harm may be done to the faith. Perhaps Christians will return to the old ways of worship that didn't require the pomp and circumstance of High Mass or other elaborate rituals. Christ Himself said that where two are more are gathered in His name, He will be present. That should be good enough.
  11. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Neighbor Just Died

    I know one man whose prostate surgery was cancelled. His cancer is very aggressive. The hospital is not short of beds and cases here are few and far between but they are being 'pro-active.' This has a real whiff of an agenda about it.
  12. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    coronavirus mega thread

    Record them and send it to DI.
  13. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    coronavirus mega thread

    A couple of hundred thousand dog walkers might have the same effect but that would take too long. Nothing makes a statement like a huge explosion; or so my friend tells me who knows about these things.
  14. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    coronavirus mega thread

    Tell your friend that my friend thinks C4 would be best but that it is hard to come by.
  15. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    coronavirus mega thread

    Pressure valve. They won't close down every outlet for dissent but I have no doubt they know who each and every one of us is. It is the promotion of chaos and, as every 33rd Degree Mason knows, “ordo ab chao” - from out of chaos comes order. This is the other bookend to 9/11. I didn't want to believe that but it's becoming pretty clear now.