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  1. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Lord Mountbatten Exposed by FBI files

    Richard Ingrams allegedly forbade any male staff from riding in the lift with Driberg who boasted he could seduce any man or boy, gay or straight, and apparently was true to his word on many occasions.
  2. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Lord Mountbatten Exposed by FBI files

    Amongst other things, Mountbatten was economical with the truth about his own achievements. He was known in the Admiralty as 'The Master of Disaster' and Lord Beaverbrook called him a 'murderer' after his cack-handed involvement in the Dieppe raid in which Canadian forces were slaughtered. Private Eye, as Reinold states, were on his case in the 1960s, their informant no doubt being Tom Driberg who wrote for the magazine and a man with a somewhat chequered past himself. Driberg was known to the CIA, MI-6 and the KGB, which famously tried to trap him with a gay honeytrap that failed because Drobetg didn't care who knew about his sexuality. He would pass scurrilous rumours on to his handlers, especially about Mountbatten's use of gay brothels and his liaisons with married women in discreet homes in Maida Vale.
  3. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Lord Mountbatten Exposed by FBI files

    There were rumours about Mountbatten going back to the 1950s and maybe before. I remember the day he died on that boat and the hullabaloo in the press. It coincided with an IRA attack on the Paras at Warrenpoint which added to the uproar. Apparently. Mountbatten wasn't guarded and neither was his boat, which is odd given the state of the troubles at that time.
  4. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    A G. Maxwell book review on Amazon. Someone has a good sense of humour.
  5. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Jeffery Epstein's Death .... Metabunk.org

    There's lovely for you.... You can just imagine some poor sod from Colwyn Bay getting lost at night, stopping to ask then way, they getting shot through the check by some nutter with a longbow wearing Lincoln green with a feather in his cap. Pythonesque.
  6. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    And AI. Don't forget AI. That is being developed at an alarming rate and will be used against humankind when the time is ripe. It has already begun.
  7. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Genie Energy? I seem to recall that Jared Kushner, who is very close to Rupert Murdoch, is incolved with them.
  8. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    The Washington Post reports that Epstein's autopsy reveled "multiple breaks" in the bones of his neck. Let's assume for now that Epstein hasn't been spirited away and is, in fact, dead. If he hanged himself, the autopsy would probably not find any internal evidence of a neck injury as suicidal hanging requires very little force and can be carried out by a person lying on a bed In manual strangulation, the thyroid and hyoid bone are frequently fractured. Someone trained in the martial arts could apply a shime waza, or sleeper hold which can be fatal if held too long, but that would not break multiple bones in the neck. A blow with the blade of the hand can easily dislocate the vertebra. Known as 'Ikken Hissatsu' when delivered by an expert, can kill quickly and quietly and will damage bone.
  9. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    More odd stuff. Some news sites now claiming Epstein was taken off suicide watch at the request of his attorney. I do not believe that. If anything, his attorney would have made a request to have his client put on suicide watch as an added precaution to keep a high-profile accused sex offender alive inside. Other sites claim it was the warden's decision. His lawyer, Marc Fernich, is a serious heavyweight defence lawyer with a lot of clout. He has defended high profile clients before (John Gotti for one) and he is well-respected by prosecutors. I've read a number of his law review articles and those published in the law journal and he is a very accomplished lawyer. The mud is getting thicker and I suspect when a few low-level heads have rolled, we will hear no more of this. Unless Ghislaine Maxwell gets her collar felt.
  10. The average bloke on the street probably views David Icke as a crackpot and those that follow him are just as barmy. He is held up to ridicule in the mainstream press and the whole business with Wogan, though it happened a long time ago, is often raised by people who weren't even born when the interview took place. Throw antisemitism into the mix and it's no wonder DI is seen as toxic. A great majority of people can't get beyond that, such is the effectiveness of the media.
  11. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    There's also a story coming out that Epstein had a cellmate who was moved out shortly before the "suicide". The man, a former NYPD officer charged with murder, has denied, through his attorney, that he ever had any problems with Epstein but had complained about the "deplorable" conditions in the MCC. Gets murkier by the minute.
  12. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    All sorts of stuff being floated around now. The guards were asleep on duty and didn't check Epstein's cell for three hours. Tales of graft and corruption coming out suggesting that guards were accepting bribes from wealthy cons, quotes from mob prisoners stating that the MCC isn't fit for purpose because of abysmal administration. It's beginning to sound like the place is run by the Keystone Cops. Any institution like this is bound to be run with a certain level of incompetence. That's a given, but the narrative now has switched to the guards who will make a very convenient scapegoat. However, I have doubts that Epstein is actually dead.
  13. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    There are numerous issues involved here. As you correctly state, no court would uphold a non-disclosure agreement as against a person reporting a crime. I have no idea what type of NDA Epstein had his staff sign but, again, privacy rights normally die with the person who could seek enforcement. Divorce settlements, custody agreements and suchlike are often subject to NDAs. Celebrities have staff sign them so that they're less inclined to go running to the tabloids with tittle-tattle. Sexual harassment usually ends up on the civil side of the docket. The standard of proof is lower (balance of probabilities) and damages are monetary. Again, this is a general statement. A pal of mine is a civil practitioner and he's handled a few of these cases, usually involving harassment in the workplace.
  14. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Calls to end transgender experiments on children

    In the UK maybe. The Japanese have been making good movies for a long time.
  15. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Daily Thought: Capital Cities

    Depends on when the city was founded. New York used to rotate its capital (or capitol as the Americans spell it) before finally settling on the central city of Albany. Size matters too. When transportation wasn't so easy, a more centralized point was chosen such as Tallahassee in Florida which was the mid-point between two regions of the old Spanish-ruled region. Lansing was picked in order to get Michigan's capital a bit further away from Canada. Detroit, the existing capital, was considered too close to British-controlled territory. There's no hard and fast rule. Some, like Madison, were selected because of political lobbying.