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  1. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    Life imitating art? Why not? Thing is, a lot of writers of this ilk ( for example, Craig Thomas, author of Firefox and other techno-thrillers) are often well-informed.
  2. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    I wonder who gave Mr. Koontz the idea for that book?
  3. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    The MSM is really playing it down and it is left to bloggers in China to inform us of what their own observations are. The potential for mass deaths is frightening. China is the manufacturing centre for most of the goods we in the West take for granted and shortages are already being reported. Who knows what information is credible, and what isn't. Stories are coming out that this is an ethno-bioweapon and that is something to consider. If you pray, then pray for the poor Chinese people who are enduring this. What else can we do?
  4. Nemuri Kyoshiro


    I agree than not all coppers are bad but it's frightening how the current mindset has wormed its way in to the highest ranks of the force.
  5. True story. I went for a drink with a mate after work (this was back in 1978) to a pub near Covent Garden, The place was busy so we found ourselves a corner and order a couple of pints. A large group of tourists were in and soon it was shoulder-to-shoulder. We decided to leave but as we were making for the door, in struts Rod Stewart and his minder, who looked like a real bruiser. The minder began to shove people aside so Rod could get to the bar. Unfortunately for him, he pushed a bloke who was having none of it and he promptly decked the minder with a straight right that would have done Ali proud. Rod just about wet his knickers and ran around the back of the bar looking to the nearest exit. If we wants his tartan scarf back, it's probably still hanging behind the bar.
  6. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Caroline Flack DEAD at 40

    I've never seen Love Island. To me, programmes like that are akin to medieval bear-baiting, in that they appeal to the prurient interest of people who live their lives vicariously through those of fame-obsessed people who will do anything for the camera. Reality TV is a meat grinder that chews up people and spits them out.
  7. Nemuri Kyoshiro


    It's good news indeed but the sad thing is that such a petty, insignificant remark could be the cause of so much trouble for the man. What it has done is shine a light on how the upper echelons of the police force think and how they are willing to intimidate somebody in this manner. If this doesn't show the public whose side the police are on, then nothing will.
  8. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Prince Andrew is back

    It's in the Sun too. Has a charming circle of friends doesn't he? I wonder if he joined in the fun and games with Nygard?
  9. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Phillip Schofield on coming out as gay

    Wouldn't be surprised if the missus knew all along and put up with it.
  10. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    BREAKING: Frank Plummer assasinated? Wuhan Coronavirus lab

    Good find. Funny how these scientists/doctors/bankers etc. keep on turning up dead.
  11. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Barrymore: The Body in the Pool

    Yes. This isn't about Barrymore, it's about the victim and justice for him and his family. That seems to get lost amidst the salacious gossip and celebrity worship.
  12. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Phillip Schofield on coming out as gay

    Oh yes. Now the Queen's grandson is getting divorced and that's on page one of the red-tops. Andrew is back under his rock waiting until it all blows over.
  13. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Phillip Schofield on coming out as gay

    Phillip Schofield?
  14. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    UK to move its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

    The same Sir Charles Warren who personally ordered the police to scrub a message off a wall on Goulston Street, beneath which a bloody piece of Catherine Eddowes' apron was found. The writing, in chalk, said 'The Juwes are the men that will not be blames for nothing.' It was written down by a police officer on the scene but no photograph was taken.
  15. Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Phillip Schofield on coming out as gay

    Come on Phil, join in the chorus...