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  1. LeonOsiris

    news behind the news, tintin

    thank you for the replies guys. I think tintin was definitely on to something and seemed to do a great job of balancing seeing these patterns with staying sane and living a decent life! Some of the links he found were staggering.... I just always wanted us to go further and really crack how it was all possible...the coding and patterns... I really hope he carried on somewhere, I will have a good look
  2. LeonOsiris

    news behind the news, tintin

    Hi there...since the forum moved...does anyone know what happened to tintin's "news behind the news" thread? did it continue here? he was making it for over 12 years, and I presume it ended without warning seen as it was so abrupt. and now we cant post on the old forums, at least we can still read it (for now) does anyone care