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  1. I believe they are getting ready to implant the population with the mark of the beast via Vaccines! WARNING -DONT TAKE IT https://youtu.be/fQjR8Cu9VOw
  2. Apparantly these fallen Angels are imprisoned in Antartica and are still alive.
  3. alexa


    Mount Meru; 33 miles wide, the black magnetic Mountain at the North Pole. https://youtu.be/aCuC6ZsI70s
  4. alexa


    Mount Hermon is at 33 degrees latitude and longitude. (In the Book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is the place where the Grigori; “Watchers, Sons of God or the Nephilim,” a class of fallen angels descended to Earth.)” . The number of turns in a complete sequence of human DNA equals 33.