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  1. 2020member

    Was Caroline Flack Transgender?

    First of all, I would like to preface this post with the fact I am not trying to defame a recently deceased person or gain any personal accolade for making an outlandish stab in the dark. For anyone that has watched the debauchery of some of the TV shows she has hosted, you will know the industry she was in, was designed for one thing, and one thing only. To basically f**k up the minds, souls and hearts of mainly young vulnerable people who think vanity is more important than anything else in the world. Second to that if they were not 'vulnerable' young people, they are certainly impressionable sheep, who get even more drawn into the fake world of social media and the heroin-like vice it holds over them. Constantly wanting that next dopamine hit for the 'like' on their next selfie or some other drama that is being aired in public, when 15 years ago it would never have seen the light of day. This brings me onto my next point. The industry she was in and associated with; celebrity, social media, influencer, trend setter and so forth - are all a complete inversion of what we should be doing as a race. This arena she operated within ferociously divides and rules many factions of the populous into constantly chasing their tales and running down blind alleyways of artificial bullshit. As David say's, on the most part everything that can be perverted and inversed, usually is! This makes me think... Miss Flack had very masculine features (in my opinion) and I could see shades of other potential elites such as: Ivana Trump, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton etc in her! As a stab in the dark, my hypothesis that this internal battle surrounding her false identity and gender was a portion of the blame as to why she committed suicide. Let me know your thoughts.
  2. 2020member

    Tommy Robinson. Friend or Foe?

    Hi all, Thank you for the responses so far. To wrap up your suspicion about me in a nutshell. The other post you mentioned was my first ever post on the new forum. So I kept dates quite vague what with these forums most likely being frequently monitored by you know who! Off the back of some really interesting responses from my first post, I decided to live and let live a bit more and try and put into time context my awareness of Mr Robinson over the years. As for my awakening or anyone else's. This is completely subjective. Of the age of 4 (so late 90's) I already knew school was essentially a prison, albeit I had not got the intellectual ability to express concerns. So it could be argued that yes.. I was following in the footsteps of David Icke's sentiments at that age, albeit I did not see his content until several years after. Anyhow i'm not here to quibble or split hairs. Will aim to be a bit more transparent in the future. But hopefully dipping my toe in the pond to begin with is understood...
  3. 2020member

    Tommy Robinson. Friend or Foe?

    Although my awakening happened around 10 years ago (when I was 15) it took me quite a few years to even have the inclination to look into Tommy Robinson's side of the story. I had to go to quite a multicultural school and diversity was rammed down everyone's throats. Robinson was up and coming 10-15 years ago and was labelled amongst my peers as extreme far-right and racist etc. As a younger person who hadn't really grasped the global agenda to dilute culture as a way of divide and conquer I assumed Robinson was the bad guy (as after all that was the party line). In the last few years i've given him the time of day (as any neutral researcher in search of the truth should do) and watched and read a lot of his stances on social issues. He claims to have been a victim (or others around him) of grooming by un-policed muslim gangs. He claims to have also been in a position of despair as swathes of south east asian immigration went unchecked in his home town of Luton as he felt his culture was being eroded and his fellow brit displaced and marginalised. He claims a lot of his friends (non-white too) came together to protest this rapid sea change in culture and identity in his home town. He then claims to have come up against the establishment who batted away his initial protests. But due to his persistence, he essentially became an enemy of the state. As we know if anything is part of the agenda, in this case division and conquer of Europe by the Rothschilds/Sorros plans for culutural errosion, to make the take over 100x times easier. You would indeed not go unnoticed especially if you were harnessing the support of the downtrodden working class. However, my sympathy and stance seems to become misaligned with Mr Robinson when (to the best of my knowledge) he refuses to criticise israel and really does dance around the topics of Soros, Rothchild's, the Cabal etc. Now one could be forgiven for simply not hitting that level of 'enlightenment'. I.e. it is the limitations of his own desire for truth that has not yet let him stumble across the global agenda for a one world goverment with a completely divided and sliced up docile populace with no identity. However... I really do struggle to believe this when he speaks in such depth about the issues he protests against, yet would somehow have not come across this information on his spiritual and educational journey?! I've seen him albeit not in person be extremely emotional and convincing in the subjects he feels strongly about. He's seemingly served prison time due to being an enemy of the agenda, but something does not feel right when he seems reluctant to call a spade a spade. It's quite similar to the Alex Jones Show where he would also relentlessly dance around the topic of israel to the point I lost all interest in his public commentary. I notice Robinson has flown the flag for israel before and works for a jewish owned rebel media company. Again this could just be an innocent mutual stance against radical islam, but it does seem to be a bit of coincidence. Let me know your thoughts... friend or foe? p.s like a lot of well-meaning activists, politicians and philanthropists their initial intentions may be pure and original. But almost all give their price eventually and are bought out / heads turned to stop whatever nuisance they are causing the establishment. So I guess that's something to consider too....
  4. 2020member

    Alternatives to Youtube?

    Looks good. Currently watching Europa the final battle. So will watch this later!
  5. 2020member

    Alternatives to Youtube?

    Indeed. As many of us fell into the trap of using Google, Facebook etc as our 'confidant'. I've come to realise that the internet may simply be a tool to harvest all our searches and deepest darkest thoughts and secrets to use against us at a later time. They have certainly got a good grasp of how the human mind works now as any google search suddenly begins to predict your next search practically before you have even thought of it! The quicker people withdraw from using and especially having accounts on these platforms the better. I think a big crossroads is when the wearables become implantables. As in any religion this is the 'mark of the beast. It'll be an interesting spectacle to see how this unfolds as no doubt it will be marketed as the 'next best thing' as any iPhone etc is right now.
  6. 2020member

    Alternatives to Youtube?

    Without a doubt. I knew I was on borrowed time using Youtube as soon as it was bought by Google (took them a while to completely f**k it up) but they got there. As I say just a shame as it was such a huge archive of really 'out there' stuff. But in the same breath it makes you realise how so much scripture is now going digital if anything catastrophic ever happened there would be pretty much no record of what the discourse was around that time!!
  7. 2020member

    Alternatives to Youtube?

    Thank you guys, i'll check it out. What is so sad is the amazing videos you could come across as you 'went down the rabbit hole'. Videos that I imagine may have taken people months if not years to create and I simply cannot find/see them anymore. What a complete travesty it is to see such a great platform decimated as it has been.
  8. 2020member

    Alternatives to Youtube?

    Please re-direct if already been discussed, if not see post below: What with extremely topical and controversial matters taking place right now (prince andrew, coronavirus, bush fires, middle east conflict and many others!) a staple source of alternative information in video format has always, for me, been Youtube since its creation around 15 years ago. In the last year or so i've noticed channels disappearing overnight. Alex Jone's seemed to be the first to take the fall and many, many others have followed since. Channels dropping aren't such a huge issue for someone like myself who just enjoys 'floating' around Youtube perusing related content. However, it has got to the point now where related content simply does not exist. Whether it's years worth of fine-tuning an aggressive non-alternative algorithm from youtube (google) or they simply just use A.I programmed to dismantle the alternative framework on the platform, I just cannot find the depth, quality and substance I used to watch on Youtube. As a small example, I noticed Kobe Bryant has reportedly died today in a Helicopter crash. Being cynical I was mulling over whether he'd been sacrificed and it reminded me of Paul Walker's death. Typing 'Paul Walker Illuminati Sacrafice' it took me until page 10 to find a non mainstream story on the matter! When on the said video all related content was ABC, CNN, BBC etc etc, and as a final nail in the coffin it actually had a wikipedia banner underneath the video telling me what the official narrative was on the 'illuminati' (just to add insult to injury). Although I can't thank David and/or his fans for uploading those huge 10 hour seminars that awoke me in the early 2000's on youtube. It's just so sad to see the platform go completely and utterly down the pan and i'm now in search for alternative free platforms. So if any could be recommended that would be greatly appreciated! P.s. god help any confused person trying to utilise youtube as a source of free and alternative information anymore!