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  1. wolfpavek1

    Workers digging up rd at every junction

    Hence th lockdown IAM amazed my next door neighbor who works for the NHS says it's a cull and another start talking about 5g and the sudden arrival of these new light s He works for the NHS too The end neighbour worked for the tax man and he's talking about chemtrails I've become a self isolated hermit for 12years and suddenly these government placed civil certains are saying this stuff Two things they bullshit to test what you know and then identify you to the authorities and they have access to dark web cameras to watch their sadistic stalking and mind controlling antics for free I was already aware they were not as they appeared ages ago and now they are trying to be like bestest buddies. I lost my family 12years ago some to death by suspicious means and ugly synchronicity like my tenant two doors down is knocking on my door at 9am when literally my brother is on the phone telling me my mother is dead and this idiot tenant is going on and on about her deposit of 100quid and I'm saying my mother's just died and she harassing me till I lost it and told her to fuck off and I'll see her later. Then having visited my dead mother find the whole street awaiting my arrival. It's 15minutes from my house to hers. Like they are watching the show And then I come back home after driving in grief for 7hours to find the police still waiting with my tenant for my return. She has three lesbians glaring at me because I swore at her. And the police say we understand it was in appropriate what I said all she wanted was her 100deposit and she would leave Are you kidding they waited with her for 7hours to make sure I came back and so there would not be a disturbance of the p ace over 100quid. It's been a shocker since like I went into severe depression nd still had to work . And they gave me gaviscon for acid as against councelling or help. Then I find these spies that live to brag on 1900a month including rent and they get paid to feed their gambling addiction and all bills and rent paid but I get issued gaviscon. I don't trust my neighbours or my tenants or even my family so I self isolated for 12years and saw it all being rehearsed before my very eyes Theses clapping seals then try to project their cold liArd antic rehearsals on everyone to lose as part of their satanic gangstalking to suicide . Question if it's so obvious they targetnunto death A how do they know when you are dead B do they watch from third eye camel screens Do they rope in others to fuel their guilt Or do they feed off the anxiety and stress Does that explain why wuwu alrams form ambulances and polica cars always go full volume when passing young babies pets and people walking on their own It's satanic vampiric and pathetically cold.sad useless and dead on all levels.
  2. wolfpavek1

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    This week the government uk rolled out organ removal opt-out . In other words they will steal your organs unless your family intervene if your dead and they don't get to you in just 1hour they will steal every organ in your body. That's the big distraction. That's communitilisation.the clapping seals are projecting their own guilt and shame on everybody else they knew as they were part of the deliberate sabotage of the health services and paid as spies on behalf of these big compabies for willing stooges and body parts. Billgates ego vs Jeff bezos ego it's an egregore for absolute greed. The jinn that call on the universe to make them the first trillionaire . Every part of the social distancing project from in house videos to concerts online all sponsored by the government and their Microsoft prime time adverts. It's a full and outright cull even the ones that work in the nhs are staring to ask questions. I met a tramp the other day who gets 1900 a month from the state including his rent that's twice what I get paid for 40hours a week and guess what he couldn't wait to reopen the bookies and the gambling sites because his money payout is because he has a gambling addiction and therefore mental issues. I lost my mum dad Gran brothher and sister my neices and nephews and my business in one year to find the spies are everywhere and worse still being paid to gamble for their mental health I had severe depression guess what I was given . Gaviscon or petobismol for acid. The Masonic lodge ritual of taking the piss has now played out for real.
  3. wolfpavek1

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    The clapping guilt shame egregore is ending After years of brutal abuse and downright stupidity from austerity all those that voted for the complete destruction of the NHS thathne projected their guilt on everybody else with their pathetic shame clapping have now realised NOONE else is falling for it.
  4. wolfpavek1

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Smart meters kill blood cells just like Corona and other immuno deficiency illnessez
  5. wolfpavek1

    33days and still no end

    EliZAbeth MAry Alexandra saxegotha Coburg WiNdsOr AmAZON WOMANtake her out and the Amazon and we all serve the Jeff bezos Amazon forever
  6. wolfpavek1

    33days and still no end

    It seems they have seriously underestimated the civil disobedience that didn't happen. The numbers of 33programmed that it will be done and dusted in 33 days the mark of the cross. Their saviour died at 33 now saviour is VIRUS AO. When the bs went on longer they rushed to noahide numbers the judaic programme. Check when Johnson took sick from the original story break and find 40 days as the next patternt hey use biy by the power of Christ so it doesn't break their own control. So if 33 let them down then they summon down Noah at 40 days and the dove the queen separated from her hive her people for 40days. It's smashed that too. Now it's multiples of 10 so it's 40 400 4000 40000this is getting ugly the dove may not return and their number games in plain sight are all over the place They also have a problem of balance in Arab zeros used to fund all wars upto 1963when they standardised a billion at 9zeros not 12and a trillion at 15not 18 The next stage is they can only have one Amazon that's the first trillionaire jef bezos as the genie has to remove the infidels or imposters. Therefore they MUST remove one Amazon to serve the remaining other It's all high level numerology superstition and witchcraft subliminal ND nlp Amazon is being primed as the largest company on the planet Saviour is virus AO so bthwre can only be one virus one disease one saviour and everything else must be removed cimpletely Covid i9 coronna virus discovering god virus all very exocist
  7. wolfpavek1

    It makes sense now why they show us

    Here's another virus is actually saviour subliminally it's being hammered everywhere. They have s t the stage and they have served their intent but they always use 33 which is 8 which can be split like bread 33or 00. so whatever egregore or energy manipulation they summon down is bound by 33christ or the cross. So it only goes to that level of tolerance and no more. Yes shall not pass. All very exvocist. Now it was expected to last 33days and them end. It hasn't it was 49 51 split to remain balance that's already been smashed then they run to noahide numbers and 40days that's been smashed too. After that it's Arab zeros or American zeros and the power of ten a billion or a trillion nomenclature. So if the dove doesn't return that's the queen the dove and lamb. Then the system is up in arms It could now be multipl s of ten so it's 400 days 4000days or 40000daysif she's already dead or put into a coma and sent into space it may never end That's why the arguments of years to come while China has already brought it under control is really confusing Our protection under 33 has already been destroyed and not surprisingly they have endorsed gang stalking on ourbsyreets and they are getting paid 1900 pet month and bills paid for. To sabotage to invoke the civil disobedi nce that didn't happen They can't nip it in the bud if it didn't happen as planned and cant get it done and dusted in 33days as they always do
  8. wolfpavek1

    Dr doolittle busposter advertsing

    there you go again, you attack first and then chase your arse I get the racist DRACO divide rule and conqueur over subtext, and if you looked before you opened your mouth you would see the agenda is to actually separate and then take them out I love how you see red by a phrase of certain ethnic groups. WATCH THE FCUKING ADVERTS FIRST The uber advert has the names of all the thankyou drivers and its one particular group. The actors are all of ethnic origins, and they are getting paid to use UBER over public transport, I wish you would watch and look first Now the tread was about adverts in February what is your imput to that, as with other threads, IF THEY KNEW IN FEBRUARY, THOSE THAT IDENTIFY OR SEE IT NOW CLEARLY DIDNT I think you will find I also opene the observation that those collecting universal credit are the only ones getting taxis, and they are not staff/ I guess the beuty of going out to see for yourself, is the taxis are still on the ranks, the ubers are still picking up and its a particular group, and they seem oblivious to others eeing them flouting the rules themselves. I have replied to you on your other trolls too Just an aside psychic vampires have a obvious feeding programme where they have to inflame or troll , and thats where the aquiescence of the majority has them totally confused. The people have fell in line so easily they cant feed anymore and I guess they are getting very very hungry As trump says beware the wolf its on the prowl beware the snake they have let themselves in
  9. wolfpavek1

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    can someone download the latest advert for UBEr, it appears illuminator has an issue with what others observe
  10. wolfpavek1

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

  11. wolfpavek1

    all threads i started removed

    and all your threads are still there prior to and after the hack
  12. wolfpavek1

    all threads i started removed

    yours back to sept 2019 are still there funny that
  13. wolfpavek1

    all threads i started removed

    how convenient they remove the thread where every thing you said was attack attack attack, you dont like me, i have no feelings towards you and yes you do talk shit, your two faced and you stalk then troll, and i think you called me a moslem hating phaggot at one point, sadly i didnt keep a copy but lets hope they get the forum back and I will point out your BS over and over again. Psychic vampires provoke a reaction and then feed maybe its been a while since the last feats there was one massive thread about the dhimmi and you ridculded that two and said it was a crock of shit Where do you fit in your memory bank you told me to crawl under a rock an die and never to reply, and never add anything to your threads and your contribution as a troll is always evident Messenger I like your input Chck wuhan coronavirus and Karl Josef Malo Illuminator attacked those eye opening revelations too. Check also donald trumps input, theres some revealing syncronicities there too.
  14. https://www.gematrix.org/?word=bedsores truth billgates and bed sores all serve the same gematria energy, its not covid killing them its malevolence and murder and neglect, with no coroners to argue its a purge killing spree Word Jewish English Simple Searches Bill Gates 254 522 87 18536 Stellar 316 522 87 3847 Truth 488 522 87 3229 Russia 470 522 87 2500 Nothing 254 522 87 2259
  15. wolfpavek1

    The NEW 4 Word Game

    targetted individuals council funerals