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  1. weareacouple

    Word association thread.

  2. I do agree with most of what you said and it is a good theory and you are probably closer than you think. As mush as I love having sex with my wife, because I know my body better than even her, the enjoyment that is gotten from masturbation is great as well. much like a drunk desires their next drink (anyway they can get it) so does a sex addict desire their next climax (anyway they can get it). during one of my jack off marathon sessions I have used several different vehicles to achieve the next climax. I know it sounds crazy but putting a vacuum to work has not been out of the question.
  3. oh I forgot, he also wanted to know what size my wife's tits were. 36Gs LOL
  4. leaving out the need tp wear clothing to protect from the elements, which I totally agree with and understand completely, no way am I going to strip down in the middle of winter here. Even taking that out of the mix, most people are not comfortable seeing a naked person, so is that the fault of the naked person or the one seeing the naked person? I just had someone private message me and say that if we were REALLY nudist, that we would have gone naked on here and that we were just hypocrites. TOUGH CROWD.
  5. Hard to believe that many on my side take that verse literally. Good thing I am left handed LOL.
  6. honestly, we can't say that we haven't done it a few times but we never really go out looking for it.
  7. no I usually use something with more pictures LOL
  8. yea probably but I am sure they would have the same closed minded answers with no real basis has we have been getting all along. We are both Christian and we can't figure out their attitude toward the subject.
  9. And for that matter most of society?? We have been married for 25 years and will admit that we are both addicted to sex so that may have something to do with our attitude toward the subjects. When we travel (like she is this week) we both admit to using porn and masturbation to get our own needs met however most of our friend (especially in the church) say that it is wrong and even cheating on our mate. As far a s nudity goes...we believe that being naked was the plan from the beginning and man made it shameful. In fact we think that the use of clothing to hide the body is actually NOT Biblical. Anyway, are we the only ones out here that think that way??
  10. weareacouple

    HI everyone, we hope we are welcomed here

    ok now I see there is a place for introductions so I guess I am screwing things up already sorry bout that
  11. we are a couple and we are going to see how it works to share this forum. We both travel a lot so we want to find a place to go for some go conversation when we are on the road. AND NO, we are not looking for a hookup of any kind on here....isn't that what the hotel bar is for LMAO. Anyway, I thought I would send out a test thread and see if it actually works.