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  1. Astraldruid

    Welcome to the new forum

    Bye Bye new forum. Nothing but echoes of the controlled awakening policing itself.
  2. Astraldruid

    The ideas of Dave icke

    I really don't get how David Icke told his readers and followers to abstain from voting, don't vote it only encourages them and gives them power over you, was the mantra, until a vote came along that he identified with... Brexit. Suddenly a change ?? mmmm.. I don't expect this post to be well received, perhaps even add it to the pile of deleted ones ?? i don't care. Peace.
  3. Astraldruid

    Moderators deleting posts

    Another post deleted.. dealing with NASa on a NASA themed thread... Not much changed arond here..
  4. Astraldruid

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    3 days to the original Brexit day !!?? whats going on ??.. At the time of the Brexit vote, i made a post, on another forum, where i stated that i felt that it would never actually happen.. That the UK would never actually leave the EU, there would be a lot of political shows and debates, this way and that way, but that by 2025 the U.K would be fully integrated into Europe, currency and all... Sort of a ruse to finally get the Euro into circulation in UK banks and high streets. Maybe very unlikely, but it seems that it is still possible ?
  5. Astraldruid

    Talking Pretty

    No nothing cloak and dagger, just ugly folks, you know less attractive...
  6. Astraldruid

    The British occupation of Ireland.

    Exactly my point,, forum man.. You recognised me and welcomed me back, granted,,, much appreciated... but how indeed you recognised me and my new avatar and new username (on this forum) is beyond me...
  7. Astraldruid

    Cold/Flu epidemic

    Good evening sir. I really would, but there are certain things i can't divulge here. But i would say, do your research, anyway it's better when you come up with your own answers. there are things in there that really shouldn't be there.. the info is out there,nothing new from me.. the mercury/thimerosal to start with, certain adjuvants, which are there to help effectiveness are suspect.. a lot of money is being spent on covering this up, info to the contrary will be abounding.
  8. Astraldruid

    The British occupation of Ireland.

    It's quite amazing how deep the genuine cowadice runs. distance ourselves from the state and the problems caused... Similar to ex-servicemen who did a couple of glorious tours in Cyprus and NI, pointing guns at civilian and crying like cowards when they actually got some pointed their way... The fact is, 6 counties of Erin's isle are still under oppressive foreign rule.
  9. Astraldruid

    The British occupation of Ireland.

    I might add, the use of terms like ' third world country' and 'less developed democracy' in recent posts are very telling, snide remarks..
  10. Astraldruid

    The British occupation of Ireland.

    We are on Page 4 of this discussion.. Perhaps reading the other three pages might help you.. Or does that not suit trying to derail the discussion. ? AD
  11. Astraldruid

    Cold/Flu epidemic

    That would be down to being familiar with the supposed science and the production techniques/ingredients. Folks working, like us, on 'pipeline' products have to be fully clued in on what works and what doesn't...development of new products can't be based on flawed science. So, generally, each product is a new one, a clean sheet . Personal choice is available to everyone, yes it is frowned upon, and conformity is the new norm, but there are ways around. My views aren't accepted by all those iknow, perhaps those who are closer to me are so because of our similar opinions. Your OP was about the flu jab? i wasn't sure if it was a sarcastic/joke type post, or whether or not you were serious.. I guess you were serious enough. The flu jab quite simply is a waste of time, IMHO, for the simple fact that it uses strains from last year, or before, so you are getting a dose of last years flu to try and stimulate an immune response, so when this years flu (totally different strain) arrives your pre-planned defenses are useless, out of date. You may not cotract flu this year, and it may lead you to believe that the shot worked, or it may be that you just didn't get exposed to the virus. I am 44 years old, never so much as set foot across a hospital door (except visiting) and the last time i had a flu was in my late teens/early twenties. My kids have passed through various school 'infection events', and though they haven't avoided all the bugs, they have generally done quite a bit better than their classmates. Noticably better, to the point where i was the only parent to arrive at school one day, as all the rest of the class including the teachers were off sick..
  12. Astraldruid

    The British occupation of Ireland.

    I think you will find Mr Spoon, that we were discussing a valid and ongoing situation. Yourself and others took to calling it a 'nothing' basically and tried to absolve the British state from any responsibility,. Victim points ?? don't make me laugh, we are not all here to try and be a forum hero, like yourself, or as DI called the likes of you 'Forum man'.. Did you really think that your smartarse comments were going to wash with people who know what they are talking about ?.. jog on. You might find that the IRA have been on a ceasefire for a couple of decades, and that their sole mission was to remove the British state involvement in Ireland Really, i had already worked you out, but this statement just about sums it up. Defend the EU ? learn to read for god's sake. pathetic. The political situation in Ireland is of our own doing, Naive perhaps, but the EU is what we have, it will eventually collapse, and i was never pro EU, and i think that from reading Sean's posts , neither is he, he just compares the Eu to the UK, stating that both should dissolve, just seems like a lot of folks are not able to read and understand things in context.. As discussed previously when using the term 'British' we are referring to the state and those who support it's actions, you are obviosly in this category. AD
  13. Astraldruid

    Cold/Flu epidemic

    I've been involved in the Pharma industry for quite some time now,, let me tell you this , i know very few people who are vaccinated against anything. My kids have never had a needle intrusion, never..and i had my first kid in 1995. Find the ways around vaccination, they are there, be brave... It is a constant battle to keep ahead of the 'legislation' and demands dished out by different bodies and your local GP, but know your rights and stand firm, otherwise evade. By the way, i've never been involved with vaccination companies. It is very easy to label all pharma as bad, but this is not the case, there are a lot of folks in the industry and companies who are working towards great things, and at some stage in your life they very may well be important to you or your family.
  14. Astraldruid

    Time doesn't exist?

    Time is like money. A measure of illusory value. Also having some is the only way to really understand it. All sorts of interpretations of time will become apparent, from non-existent and the eternal now to the standard calender. But the only interpretation that really matters, is what it is to you.
  15. Astraldruid

    The GIovernment

    Man this is some far-out shit !! 🍒