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  1. JaneH

    Are humans aliens

    ...i have always thought that we all have the same outer bodily shape but our origins are from many different locations throughout the universe which in itself accounts for much diversity....we are all here to learn...there are very advanced beings, often doing very ordinary jobs and there are kindergarten, whose learning is just beginning and this is their first real experience on earth and in this band of resonance....therefore with this band and parameter each of us will no doubt have come across those with great wisdom whose very presence sat beside you is calming and peaceful and by the same token no doubt we will have come across those whose actions and conduct are the antithesis of all that we have learnt and been shown that is good and wholesome. With that being the case, it allows for not being too judgemental in our thoughts of others, as perhaps we were once in kindergarten making the very same mistakes ourselves caught up in the worldly agendas of ego., wars and short term goals......but i don't believe we are all here by accident....that this life or lives each one important to our group and classmates that we all move forward together and don't leave anyone behind because we think they are too 'unworthy' too 'criminal' due to their unfortunate behaviours and actions. I am in despair often when I read about those who promote 5G, who dabble in genomes of plant and animal, who think nuclear power is ok, and who are active in the mechanisms of creating wars, corporate bullying, AI agendas, erosion of freedoms through surveillance....and those who want it all at the expense of others. Bit like birds....some have short stubby beaks to feed on the surface... some have longer beaks to feed deeper....some have very very long beaks to penetrate even farther down.....the beach and mudflats can accomodate and provide food easily for the high density populations that live there and plenty of food all round because they are all feeding at different depths, there is no conflict, they all live peacefully side by side as mother nature intended....however there is a group whose beaks are capable of feeding at all these depths and on all levels, a bit like bullies, they want it all....now these are the kindergarten lot mentally...sharing, respecting nature and others they havent yet learnt....they have ignored nature...they think they know best.....this group even though they assume they are the highest, and can demand processes through their position of power and corporate wealth alone often accumulated through unhealthy and unholy practices and affecting the lives of millions of others, this group are indeed making incredibly basic errors.....but communication is always the key....more than that, as I'm not a teacher, or have wisdom enough to deal with them....i can only act and try my best and teach my own children how to share, pass on what I've learnt so far, and not be afraid to communicate and interact with this elite group, but have the strength not to be influenced, co erced or buckle under the pressure they put on us, and be able to stand up to them in peaceful ways yet leaving judgement of their deeds for another. :)))
  2. JaneH

    What is Satan?

    ....you can travel when asleep......go places, see things, meet people.....if theres an important meeting coming up in work as an example, you often when 'asleep' can go meet up, and discuss issues, so when the meeting in reality happens, then you have already seen who is who and what they want, or are hiding or are going to say or argue, or even sometimes you feel like you already know someone even if its the first meeting, because you met them on your travels when you been asleep.....it can often help in many situations as you see the real them and their intent which cant easily be hidden, when in reality there are a lot of layers that can cover someones intent.....so its a helpful tool to enable you to be aware, not fall victim or prey to any mischevious dealings and its like being made aware whose ok and whose not, it can be a warning but also can be reassuring....you can do lots of things...go see places, locations.....but when you're awake, there is a danger if you try to do the same travel by attempting to go 'out' of yourself...when you do that you hit the astral plane...which is difficult to navigate before emerging beyond...the safest way is not to project but to go in...when you go inwards..to your inner core there is no astral plane so its a very safe non hazardous place where you can explore, ask, and receive answers safely...sorta round the tummy/ belly area..... or its the sticky astral mess to wade through...like driving on the m25 with two flat tyres, firing on two cylinders in the pouring rain...not a pleasant experience unless you a first class mechanic who knows how to tune their car :)))
  3. JaneH

    Taking Musk to Court

    ....and the fcc's assumption it has the right to authorise anything other than geo stationary satellites over its own country is certainly a wide open door a legal team can happily and confidently walk through.....the FCC certainly are not operating legitimately and do not have the right to be the voice of any other country but their own...and even geo stationary satellites should by rights have been put to the vote when it affects so many of their own citizens ......america...country of the free eh?......in fact, there is quite a field day to be had, many angles to take but well worth pursuing for so many reasons already mentioned on this site. :))
  4. JaneH

    Taking Musk to Court

    On the unesco, world heritage point, that only states can sue other states....is that a 'state' that has to be recognised by united nations that can take another state to court ie. SAN MARINO......or can a 'state' not recognised by the UN be also legally eligible to embark on beginning proceedings? Many thanks for your reply Silent Bob, very much appreciated :))
  5. ....yeh, cheese and crackers me :)) ....every day has its own little quirks...but keeping balanced and taking ownership in your choice of reaction....not getting too addicted to emotional responses....ie. getting overly addicted to the chemicals the body releases.....i imagine there are little armchairs in the body, with edges like a puzzle that the emotional hormones and chemicals fit into perfectly. Sometimes the over responses on a regular basis to the release of chemicals will stimulate the body into producing more armchairs for the chemical to latch onto, thereby prolonging the effect....if i get a bit down and negative a couple times ok, but if its regular, i have stimulated the release of more armchairs increasing the liklihood of longer term problems and sensitising myself... so when a problem presents itself, in theory i could go to pieces very quickly. Or my body could get addicted to adrenaline rushes...and i would have to do something more and more extreme to get the same feeling, stimulating the release of more armchair receptors. So i keep my reactions within my safe limit, choose not to get overly stressed, reduce my armchairs to a minimum which allows for an occasional sad day but it is never allowed to grab hold of me....oh, and I choose the path of least resistance....bit like a footballer...i don't tackle or trip people up or foul them even if they try their best to make things difficult for me.......just through practice, i am quite adept at slipping the ball past the obstacle with no more than nimble footwork and a heartfelt thank you, then carry on on my way......i've never tried to score a goal.....but i still got the ball at my feet, dribbling it along the grass quietly even after all these years...lol...must be the crackers and cheese :)))
  6. ..i've always found by sending these people good wishes and the love of Jesus Christ and the holy spirit, is the kindest and most helpful way to allay their fears...their efforts to superimpose their fears onto you simply become harmless and in your dreams/reality there is the understanding of dealing with a fractious errant child that needs help and healing of which there is no greater than love. :)) The mind is the servant not the master....when the mind with all its incredible abilities becomes the master, it is open to being manipulated and being a manipulator and can be hijacked..leading.to many different problems....i am no expert of course, but the mind can impose and easily be imposed upon creating all sorts of walls barriers and barbed hooks to keep one being imprisoned in fear, anger frustration impatience... all emotions which lower your vibration to drag you down mentally......a simple prayer, humble in saying is, for me, often all it takes....even if the bad dream appears powerful and strong....it isnt fought necessarily with like for like....but overcome often by admitting ones own weaknesses in tackling it singlehandedly, understanding of others fears, and asking for love to heal everyone concerned. Sounds too easy but then I can only speak from my own experience :))
  7. JaneH

    Taking Musk to Court

    .. lol...or I could just wait for them all to malfunction of course, and heave a sigh of relief as all his satellites and the other 10's of thousands intended on being launched will plop harmlessly back into the oceans like a beautiful choreographed ballet, there to lie on the sandy ocean bottom providing fresh habitats for another burgeoning coral reef.....perhaps the sun's coronas will fry their electrics, or the chain of architects mental delusions of being untouchable by nature will indeed be their greatest downfall.....i was once told...the mistake these people make every single time is that their egos and misguidance think they can control mother nature......I shall await her reply to them all.....:)))
  8. JaneH

    Death cult rituals

    ... monarch is still operating now.....there are certain doctors, hospitals and institutions, where for some reason they seem to be running alongside carrying out proceedures of parallel services with full access within the hospital itself.... a unit within.... like a russian doll....with grooming taking place for years before....a very misguided bunch of people who should know better.....i liken them to blowflies...trying to.lay their eggs....the operatives also use ordinary looking houses, where the whole interior looks normal, bit shabby, but inside it is one massive lift that goes down underground to facilities....this is in quite ordinary cul de sacs....they are definitely still active in that department....apparently there was the cabbala tree of life with lots of circles, bit geo metric, cross with rose thingy up it, key words, telepathy, tones and sounds and length of tone and pitch, hypnotism, moving things/activating pictures just with thought, downloading years onto a monitor in fast forward motion like on a tv, and being intimidated, threatened telepathically, psychlogical torture....cannabilism, masonic symbols, some castle and a dungeon with sacrifices, certain tattoos, a body laid out on an operating table, with doctors apparently putting certain organs from other people inserting at the different chakra points and the last one to be inserted was the heart but my friend escaped, thank god before they took their heart.. , Certain constellations were of importance, a clue hidden possibly by victims that was important...i am glad to report that this person, who this group attacked on all levels, emotionally spiritually, ethically, imaging the most appalling scenes yet sure to leave no marks on the body, this individual was given advice, help and strength before the ordeal, so glad to report the individual is healthy well strong and has suffered no ill effects.....that is probably the worst kick in the teeth that group could have, and no doubt a constant thorn in their sides
  9. Doesn't wuhan have an animal bio weapons research facility there p4 level? Could be from snakes though...or could be handy for some to stumble their stock market...when investment market gets twitchy gold prices go up as a safe haven and de beers are having a renaissance in their price. So if you own a warehouse full of gold bullion and a mine of sparkles...its the jackpot :))
  10. JaneH

    Taking Musk to Court

    ......i thought i would concentrate on the legalities before they get to space...ie. the fuel they use that is known to react with our earths protective layers....i believe that leaves enormous footprints that they would have to account for....and crowdfunding would be a way of opening up the arena for those that have serious concerns...of which there are many worldwide. Thats the revenue income which represents those concerns in taking action. So I'm looking for a brave honest lawyer. It is a david and goliath, but small pebbles thrown at the vulnerable point can often have an impact. Bit like australian sheep shearers...they can hold the sheep motionless with one finger on the correct pressurepoint and angle. And, of course, this diverse little planet is my home....as it is for millions of others...i'd rather like to see it remain natural, breathable and livable for my children and their children with benign forces all working together to ensure our home stays beautiful with the freedoms to enjoy. :))
  11. I was looking into setting up a crowdfunding website in the hope to raise funds for a lawyer/s to halt Musk's launching of thousands more satellites and others companies like his that will soon be joining the race. Yes these satellites are very much the next step towards a very sinister future use, yes they are a blight on the night sky but every launch does destroy and damage our earths protective atmosphere as the rockets burn their way through into orbit. Apparently, rocket fuel burns differently at different atmospheric pressures, so ground level readings are not same as in the upper layers of our atmosphere, and I just read an article about the launches destroying the ozone layer and potentially create more damage than all the cfc's over all the years put together. It is the last point that can be proven factually and scientifically in court as causing potential catastrophic damage. I wonder if anyone has any pointers to names I can research and talk to in the first instance to get the ball rolling. I am also researching lawyers though the few 'space lawyers' I have talked to, there is a conflict of interest with all of them. Crowdfunding solicitors to set up website all declined. So it is a start from scratch job. The crowdfunding also allows concerned members of the public in every country a constructive way forward to hold these organisations to account. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks.:))