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  1. I try to remember that those that ridicule and are critical of alternative ways of thought or doing things are fearful, shame based, self critical human beings Ie what comes out of the mouth is reflective of what's on the inside (eg we all know bullies are deeply insecure beings masquerading as "powerful" beings, unfortunately the victims often believe the masquerade or they would simply laugh at the bully. Same sort of thing here with not respecting others point of view or simply live and let live)
  2. Anniebee

    How do I delete my post?

    How do I delete a post of mine? Thanks
  3. Anniebee

    Which forum to use?

    The general chat is the most active for chats of a general nature, the other forums are for more specific content...take your pick.....
  4. Anniebee

    Best answer to give regarding what do you do

    Haha, lol yes I can be a grumps and I do like to be private, so most likely you won't be there! Still am interested in polite answers to where you sense that people aren't really interested in finding common ground
  5. Hi, Once in a while or more often than I would like, i get asked the question "what do you do" even before this person even knows my name or ever asks it! I might just tell them I tell people how to get forgiveness from God? Hopefully they will run a mile... I guess it's when I get the sense that these people are nosy competitive types wanting to put me neatly into a box that my spidey senses make me feel put off...
  6. Anniebee

    How do you deal with the bullshit?

    Sometimes writing morning pages/journalling helps to release alot of the crap, you just vent and vent on the paper and you will be amazed at the amount of wisdom we have stored within us...it helps get to the core of the problem.. I mean you might have been upset by something you shoved aside and not really addressed then it exploded cos that thing or things were not dealt with properly be it relationships or doing stuff or could be anything.. but the answer is within you...by the time you have written 3 pages of A4 you might just get your answer...it sure beats the psychology couch...I need to fo it myself lol...have not engaged in it for s while but it works..only thing is we are constantly evolving so it does not necessarily mean peaches and roses forever more but maybe for a while until we need to learn something new.
  7. Anniebee

    Best icke book to eliminate fear?

    Essentially saying the same as dr Joe dispenza , in how to heal the body with the mind....overcoming old deep conditioned responses in the mind and body that caused the illness in the first place( or in some cases not) but still, there are some that have walked, healed themselves of cancer etc when doctors surgeons have given a poor prognosis.. these intellectuals have not taken into account our conscious nature which is supernatural and "supercedes" the environment external and internal to the body.....
  8. Anniebee

    Best icke book to eliminate fear?

    This is a great post Jupiter I have just discovered some great work by dr Joe dispenza which shows practicalities on how to retrain and remodel the mind. Fully inline with David ickes teaching on how we are powerful beings creating our own destinies. I have also learnt that fear itself can also be a habit! (Programmed by external forces AND internally by ourselves) so this video is great for smashing that program....
  9. Anniebee

    The Answer

    Icke has the event the answer in Manchester 28nov 2020, hopefully I can make it, but it does not say how long the event is, usually they are marathon affairs And in truth I found listen to him all day long........unsure of yime connections back to London ....
  10. Anniebee

    The Answer

    Found this link, I cannot wait, hope it is not too expensive....he is truly inspirational......
  11. Anniebee

    Word association thread.

  12. Anniebee

    Does Boris Johnson have ADHD/Autism?

    Why do people even care!!!
  13. Anniebee

    Best icke book to eliminate fear?

    Ok thanks, will do