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  1. thebosun

    Best Book

    I think it's impossible to say any of David's books are his 'best'. Each book evolves and develops from the previous one as David himself understands more . A favourite book is a different thing. I guess my favourite is one of his earlier books 'And The Truth Shall Set You Free' because this was the first book that really helped me understand the conspiracy on the world level. I just re-read it recently and it's astonishing how much has come about in the world, precisely as David was explaining, years before anyone else was. Even more amazing, given the book was written in 1995 and just a couple of years or so after David began to understand himself what was going on. However, I think it would be best for anyone to read David's latest book first before delving into earlier titles.
  2. thebosun

    Is sport a waste of time

    Sport is great and supporting a team, no matter how bad (I support Morecambe fc) is just a way of cheering on who you want to see win a game and have some fun (win or lose). Sport as in hiking, for instance, is a fantastic way to connect with nature, meditate while walking, see some amazing places and keep reasonably healthy at the same time. Definitely not at all a waste of time.
  3. thebosun

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    You seem to be actually preferring to remain a part of the EU. Don't you think it would be better to break from the EU, especially given all the many positive arguments for Brexit that David has given?
  4. thebosun

    website contact for a subscription issue?

    Thanks for the response Basket Case. That's brilliant, I'll do that.
  5. Hi, I wonder if anyone knows of a working link to contact admin? I took out a year's premium subscription in January but now I don't have access to premier subscriber features, including David's information for premier subscribers. I have sent 2 emails through the form on the website saying 'contact' but have heard nothing back. One email was sent on 23 Feb and the second was on 05 March. I got an auto reply saying my message would be read inside 2 days, but then heard nothing else. Is there another email to address to use for subscription problems or is there only that 'contact' link? Many thanks for any help.