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Einstein Debunked in 2020

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  1. Einstein Debunked in 2020

    Message for David Icke

    You have actually voiced my thoughts and intentions. I totally agree with you. As for the photon - the photon and light are the same thing, think of them as of an object that has zero mass that moves at a speed of 300,000 km per sec in vacuum, and behaves both like an electromagnetic wave and a particle. But to make it even more simpler think of it as of an object (not physical one) with 0 mass, something that we can see. For the observers and on the figure it looks like a beam of light.
  2. Einstein Debunked in 2020

    Message for David Icke

    Hi David, How are you? Hope you are well. SHORT EXPLANATION OF EINSTEIN'S MISTAKE: Einstein says that the photon will move from point A to point B* without the speed of the train, that is, the velocity of the photon from point A to point B* will be equal to the speed of light (photon) only. Since the photon passes a longer distance from point A to point B* than from point A to point B IN THE SAME TIME AND WITH THE SAME SPEED, which is impossible, he thinks that the clock on the train must be ticking slower than the clock outside the train. David, I would like to propose you to start talking about the enormous problem the mankind has now - Einstein Relativity and especially his special relativity. Einstein's theory of special relativity has been debunked in 2020 by aviation engineer Dmitry Bonch. I think it could be a good idea to invite some experts, Einstein's theory supporters and those who criticize it. Scientific community is scared of talking about it because they are afraid of loosing their job and their careers, they are afraid of their bosses as well, nowadays being an Einstein debunker is as being a scientific dissident, they do not kill you or send you to prison, they just ignore you. This stupidity must be put to an end. To say that Einstein's theory of special relativity is wrong is to say nothing. Because its not even physics. Its a mix of psychology, mystics, and pseudoscience. I would be glad to take part in the discussion if you one day decide to create a video on this subject. Please watch the video in the link and you will see for yourself that what I saying is true. Relativistic physics and time dilation is over in 2020.
  3. Einstein Debunked in 2020

    Einstein's theory of special relativity was debunked in 2020

    This video explains Einstein's mistake in his theory of special relativity and refutes Einstein's relativistic time dilation. There is no relativistic physics anymore. Only a man with a brain of a caveman cannot get it. Even though we have not changed a lot from the caveman's way of thinking. In fact we should call our countries tribes. For example American Tribe, German tribe, Russian tribe, British tribe, etc. The only what has changed since then is that now we have the nuclear clubs instead the wood ones. We as before continue fighting for the territories, for power and money. The system of values is still the same. People hate each other based on what tribe they are from, language they speak, their religion, what their tribal leaders say to them about other tribes in order make stupid cavemen hate other tribes and people in them and go to war and kill them, etc. That is why our brain of a caveman does not allow us to get the Einstein's mistake. Probably if he was alive now he would get his own mistake and simply said sorry guys I was wrong. Unfortunately he is not here anymore. And we still live under the system of the cavemen values, that is why there are unemployed, homeless, poverty etc. We are not civilized yet.
  4. Einstein Debunked in 2020

    Einstein's theory of special relativity was debunked in 2020

    I agree, because this is not the presentation, but the explanation why people do not understand that Einstein's theory of special relativity is wrong, and it deals more with psychology with physics. The presentation itself is here (part 2 of 5, part 1 is just an introduction):
  5. Einstein Debunked in 2020

    Einstein's theory of special relativity was debunked in 2020

    I totally agree with you Bob, there are many scientists who point the flaws in Einstein's relativity. But I pinpoint the exact place where the error in his theory of special relativity is, before he even start introducing formulas in his theory. No Einstein supporter can explain how the photon can get to point B* without the velocity of the train that is equal 0. None of them. Because its impossible. Its not even science. Its a shell game. That is why I came to David Icke's website to post my theory of none relativity here, in hope that David will start talking about this huge problem, that is even bigger all others he mentions in his videos. It seems to me that both the politicians and the scientists treat us ordinary people like idiots, they brainwash us by their sold media on everyday basis. David if you read this post please contact me.
  6. Einstein Debunked in 2020

    Einstein's theory of special relativity was debunked in 2020

    Or to put it even simpler. We humans see velocities, not speeds. The velocity from point A to point B* is greater than from point A to point B, if the photon arrives to both points at the same time, but passes longer distance from point A to point B*. Why is it greater? Because we have the additional velocity of the train to the right. Without it the photon will not get to the point B*. It simple physics that Einstein did not get.
  7. Einstein Debunked in 2020

    Einstein's theory of special relativity was debunked in 2020

    What exactly is not convincing in the video? Then you did not get it. I will explain. Einstein says that the photon will move along the angled path for the observer outside the train. But he does not explain what exactly happens when the observer sees the photon. I explain. The photon moves up and the train moves to the right, that is why for the observer the position of the photon changes up and to the right at the same time. So he sees the velocity of change of the position (or displacement) of the photon in space that is equal to the sum of two velocities that are at right angle to each other - the velocity of the photon up and the velocity of the train to the right - and found by Pythagorean formula. The Einstein mistake is that he fails to see the difference between these 2 velocities - the velocity of the photon and the velocity of the displacement of the photon in space. How prove it? Simple. If the velocity of train is 0 then the photon will never be able to get to point B*, that is the velocity of its displacement to the right will be equal 0 too. For example: if an airplane flies from point A to point B at a speed of 500 km an hour and there is a strong cross wind to the right, the speed of the plane stays the same 500 km an hour but the velocity of its displacement in space is equal to the sum of the plane and the wind that is calculated by the Pythagorean formula.
  8. Einstein Debunked in 2020

    Let's revive monarchy !

    In the past we had only one monarch and all his family, say 15 people at most, in politics. Now we have hundreds of monarchs - the politicians, the political parties. One monarch scream let's go this way, The other - let's go that way. They are doing nothing anyway. For HUNDREDS of years they did not solve a single problem on our planet - we still have homeless, jobless, wars, etc., they did not make life a better place on our planet - same problems we had before with the monarchs. Would not it be better to just have one monarch and one family? We do not need the politicians and the political parties. They need us to feed them. They are parasites, playing games with poor folks.
  9. Einstein Debunked in 2020

    Totally FREE Health Care

    What do you think about totally free health care. Of course many can say there is nothing free in this world, someone must pay for it. So I will tell how it worked in USSR (Soviet Union). They had totally free health care from treating a simple flue to treating cancers and operations on heart etc, and it was not insurance based. The free health care service included free dentist service too. Anyone could walk into a clinic and get treated for free. No one in the clinic even asked if you had a job or not. If you were on a vacation in another city it worked the same way. Who did pay for the free health care? The thing is that the state itself ran their own businesses. In Soviet Socialism the government worked. In fact the state itself was a big corporation, the only corporation in the country, where all people were wage workers including the government itself and had salaries. The goal of the state (corporation) was to provide everyone with a job (unemployment was 0%) not make profit, and make life a better place for all. Since all profit from the businesses in the country went to the state it had enough money to pay salaries to the doctors to provide free health care for all people, to the construction workers who built free apartments for people (private houses were not given for free, you could buy, sell, swap them), to the teachers in schools and universities to provide free education. Housing was a human right in USSR (apartments), the state gave the apartments to people for free for life. You could not buy or sell them but you could swap them to any city in the country and even in another republic. In other words, free health care, free housing free education and a job all were basic human rights. In the societies created by monarchs (queens, kings, princes, czars etc) - slavery, feudalism, capitalism - the goal of the state is take money from people (taxes) to enrich themselves, even if you have your own business you must pay taxes, plus you have no free housing, free health care, free education, and after you finish your studies you cannot even find job in many cases. In USSR the state guaranteed a job to every student, any graduate of the the university or school. The problem was they lived under a constant threat from the capitalists who saw Socialist society as a threat to their capital (money), that is why USSR had to have enough arms, so a lot of money was spent on the military. So with this message I wanna say that there are many ways how to create a better society that we live in now. We must not believe the money owners and the wage workers owners who say that's impossible. We launch space ships to other planets and the moneybags tell us that its impossible to create a better society and that only slavery, feudalism and capitalism can work on our planet. And that all other systems are our enemies. Yes they work great for them and the power elites. But what about us, wage workers? Even ants have free health care, and free health service. Ain't we are more stupid than ants? With this post I wanna show that its possible to have free health care. All we need is to have the will and desire to have it. From my point of view any illness is a disaster in human body, it happens in any human being. Its like an earthquake in our body. Would you ask for money from people to help them at the time of the earthquake? What do you think?
  10. Hello guys, I just want to share the good news with you. Einstein's theory of special relativity was debunked by Dmitry Bonch in 2020. There is no relativistic physics anymore, no time dilation, no relativistic length contraction, no relativistic mass and energy. All this was a hoax. I will give you this link just to get to his Youtube channel, and from their you can navigate the Playlist (science) and watch all the videos. In this video he just explains how the mental tricks work that Einstein used in his theory either deliberately or accidentally. The politicians use these mental tricks all the time to brainwash people. So its helpful to watch these 2 videos anyway. Part 1 and Part 2, the link to Part 2 video is below the video Part 1 in the comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yZXq7u8k-0 Dmitry Bonch created his own theory called theory of none relativity (also called theory of absoluteness) that completely debunks Einstein's theory of relativity. You can watch the theory on his channel too. It seems to me that Einstein's theory of relativity is conspiracy to keep our planet us people brainwashed for various reasons. Some of them may be oil. Because Einstein's mistake is so obvious that even a student can see it in his theory of special relativity. Yet the mass media keep brainwashing us on a daily basis that Einstein's theory of relativity was the greatest mankind's achievement. But as Dmitry shows us, its in fact the greatest lie or hoax in modern history of mankind. What do you think guys about all this? Have a great day ! P.S. You can also google Dmitry Bonch to find out more.