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  1. Crom

    ThIs Isn't The Awakening

    Posting threads saying the the Queen is a robot? Calling gays fags? Backing up the September Clues video? You guys aren't awakened. The true awakening is going on elsewhere. It's in Larry's soul when his son tells him he's gay. It's in John's soul when his daughter brings home a Muslim boy and says she want to marry him. That's what's going to beat the cabal's hate campaign. It certainly isn't you guys with your racism and homophobia.
  2. Yeah. Nobody but a homophobe listens to a self confessed homophobe like you.
  3. I understand you don't like this but do you have to unveil your hidden homophobia while doing it? Fags? Shame on you.
  4. Nobody should be being banned from this forum for anything if we agree with free speech. Yet it has happened. As for Epstein. Unless they find the video footage/photos of top cabal fucking kids then all died with him. A little black book of phone numbers will add up to nothing.
  5. Turbo powered hand carts?
  6. Crom

    Does Boris Johnson have ADHD/Autism?

    Why are all the world leaders blonde racist clowns is a more potent question. Why is Boris racist? because he backed Brexit of course. Get off my back!
  7. Crom

    Is God Going To Cheat Then?

    They've been trying to bring about a third world war for ages and it just isn't happening. I think God is pulling strings the cheating BASTARD. NO FAIR! I mean...yeah! That's cool.
  8. It is not ok but it is ok to see it as inevitable. We are trapped in existence and we have reached the heights of consciousness an infinite amount of times. All is left is to express our many selves over and over. You have to see child abuse from the perspective of God. Even Icke has said that some children will be guided to be abused by paedophiles to further their spiritual growth/release karma. We come into these lives with the full knowledge that we are indestructible. Why can you not see this?
  9. Ask the kids if he was Jimmy Savile or not.
  10. Not at the moment you are not. But you have always existed and have lived many lives expressing all of yourself. That includes being a sick asshole. This truth is not for everyone. Some just cannot take it. They are trapped in the slim identity they are pretending to be. On their high horse.
  11. You are wise. Sadly most still cannot see the truth. Evil is just another part of us. The cabal sponsored the new age movement via the lsd(a drug made by them)hippies. They wanted to divert us so we did not see our dark side. Sadly Icke has fallen for this too for...earthly reasons. :) When we embrace our dark side we have power over it. You can send all the love you want the evil will not fall. We need to own this.
  12. You need to read between the lines to get the message coming from the infinite. Icke is distorting it somewhat. He knows the truth will not bring in followers and other things....
  13. Crom

    The First Heterosexual Pride Parade

    It is the first gay pride march. Don't you know about latent homosexuality? Look it up. Basically if you have a problem with gays it's because you yourself are hating your own gayness. How do YOU feel about gays, Peter? :)
  14. Icke says we are infinite consciousness. We are all that is or can be. His words. He says that we should love the cabal because they are part of us and if we don't love them then we don't love ourselves. So that means we must all have been paedophiles and killers at some point. Yeah? Because we've lived for ever and must have been everything an infinite amount of times. Are you happy with Icke calling you a paedophile? Of course he is not saying this overtly. He's saying it covertly. Why? Is he afraid that we cannot cope with this information? Can you cope with knowing that you are Jimmy Savile? If we have lived for ever then that means our life is just a game. We have already gained Godhood and deliberately lost it an infinite amount of times. We are trapped in existence. Indestructible. So we just go around and around expressing our every facet, dark or light, with no fear and no shame. If you embrace this notion(which Icke is selling to you)then suddenly you have to get off your high horse. All your worries vanish. All pride is gone. It doesn't matter if the cabal enslave us. It already happened an infinite amount of times. Just as we have beaten them an infinite amount of times.
  15. Crom

    What happened to Rupert?

    Don't forget the Demiurge created this world and the life on it. Do you think the real God has babies coming out of people's vaginas? You do know that a high percentage of women have orgasms during birth? Is it any wonder child molestation is so common on this planet? I have heard figures of 1 in 5 kids suffering some kind of abuse. Face it. The demiurge planned this world well. I'm just glad I was born with no sexual desire at all.