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  1. Crom


    Just more idiots on this planet trying to suck the dick of some god. oooh thank you my lord oooh ooh I got a big juicy lump of your jizz that time master.
  2. This thread, as most threads go on here, end in arguments. Sad to see you all falling for it so often. And after all your spats have you accumulated any decent proof that this was staged? Or have you simply proved once again that you are paranoid?
  3. I'm talking about the argument above. They don't care if you think this is fake.
  4. Crom

    news flash

    I looked up your notion that the ice caps are increasing and the retort is that this is only in the winter months and during the summer months the ice is still decreasing. What say you?
  5. This thread is what the cabal want from this act of savagery.
  6. Why would anyone worship anyone else? Do the gods have an ego problem? Feeling a bit inferior are they? Need a hug do they?
  7. Crom

    The illuminati

    She was on Brit tv last week. Something very off about her. I felt like I was in a room with a wasp. Same eye patch too. Maybe she has a lazy eye. That used to be the treatment. HOHO.
  8. Crom

    Are Zionists infecting the forum?

    You mean you didn't follow the strict unwritten rules of being an Ickeian? You had an opinion that isn't matched by the self imposed trend setters? Shame on you. In fact maybe you should be sterilised so your jew loving genes cannot infect our world any longer.
  9. Crom

    Are Zionists infecting the forum?

    I see no jewish shills on here. who are they? where?
  10. Crom

    Extinct Human Electroreception

    Your link goes to a 30 second film claiming to be a two hour interview.
  11. Crom

    LGBTQIA Fans of David Icke and others

    I haven't made any insinuations? THEY have through me. You cannot see the difference between standing up for someone and promoting their lifestyle? I am not agreeing. I am stating their argument so this discussion can get to the heart of the problem. How can I backtrack when I never said anything in the first place?
  12. Crom

    Alex Jones Face Morphing? :)

    To get the discussion to the core of the argument. I'm kind of sick of seeing the same discussions.
  13. Crom

    LGBTQIA Fans of David Icke and others

    Consider this what I said, which I believe is my first post on this thread... >>>Standing up for gays is not the problem for these guys, Robo Newt. They see any attempt to PROMOTE that lifestyle as an attempt to turn kids gay See how I'm telling you what THEY believe not what I believe and I have no reason to backtrack because you have far from proven THEM wrong.
  14. Crom

    Alex Jones Face Morphing? :)

    To other members. Robo for instance. Or are you hoping I report back to my Illuminati ombudsman?