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  1. If the world is being controlled by entities that feed off negative emotion then shouldn't we watch how much of it we put out? Maybe psychic meters should be fitted to all brains.
  2. Through it he can instigate a 1984 BRAVE NEW WORLD HUNGER GAMES society. I'm sure you all know this. The Plan is obvious. And all the Godhead can do in response is to cull the population before it happens. It's always been the plan. Satan knows entropy.
  3. What system? The infinite system. The recycling of souls. The wheel of knowledge. What is infinite consciousness? It is not infinite in knowledge(there are only so many things to learn) it is infinite in time. It has always existed. It is always moving from one lesson to another. "We are everything that exists" says Icke. He said this but did not fully understand it. We are all things good and bad. We move through stages. The devil is the stage when we are victims. It is obvious to me that humanity on this planet is heading for a stage of extreme oppression. If you want to be everything you also have to be oppressed. Completely. For some time. When the wheel turns and you become happy with life and good things happen...then the system is God. But the psychopaths being in charge(put there by the system)is a sign of dark things. But not what you think. "They gave us their mind" says Icke. He did not fully see it through. The system wants us to become the devil. In the future we will be mentally linked to virtual reality. All physical things will be dealt with by robots and AI while we play games. Death games. Games we will be able to program as they do the holodeck in Next Generation. This is where you will become the devil. No one judging you. No one controlling you. Allowed to act out all the dark dreams you ever had, for a long time. Then it will end and other learning will happen to you. If you want to be everything, as Icke says, then you need to BE everything. EVERYTHING.
  4. Back in the 90s Icke went to a psychic healer and she channelled certain info for Icke. One of which was this statement..."He will see a spiritual revolution IN HIS LIFETIME." Icke is in his 60s. If he's lucky he may have twenty years left. Let's hope so. But do YOU think we have seen a spiritual revolution take place in the last 15 years? It's easy to say yes if you are sat at home reading an Icke book or listening to a video or mp3 of Icke. But when you walk down the street it's a different affair.
  5. You've thought your mind away. Questioned it into nothing. There's no real you anymore. Nothing is interesting anymore. Things are either logical or illogical.
  6. Crom

    Is God Gay?

    Icke says we are "everything that exists." Well gays exist. So we are gay, right? Maybe you guys should avoid the awakening if you don't want to start wearing dresses. :) Paedos also exist so we are paedos, right? That's logical. I certainly haven't exhibited any such proclivities yet in my awakening. Maybe Icke is wrong. Maybe he should put some thought into what he says. God is surely everything that exists. So it probably has sexual feelings for all manner of things and people. Is this what awaits us if we continue to read David Icke books?
  7. Can't call someone a homophobe on here now. David Icke can accuse people of being a paedophile with no tangible evidence but I cannot accuse someone on HIS FORUM of being a hater of gays and trans people. Happy with this?
  8. He quotes Hicks "It's just a ride." He tells us the world is a hologram with no substance. He tells us that we should "chill out" and that the worst thing that can happen is that we die and become infinite consciousness. He tells us to be happy. He tells us that "infinite love is the only truth everything else is illusion." But then he scares us with his books about murderous jewish cults out to control the world and offers no concrete hope to stop them. He fills his books with things to be afraid of. He wants us to save the world from this threat. The same world that's just a ride? a hologram? How much should I care about a hologram? If God doesn't want the jews controlling this world then maybe he should just switch it off?
  9. As David Icke says, such things(race, gender, social status) are all illusions. Do you think your soul has a penis or a vagina? Of course not. You have no actual gender. That is all created by the body and social engineering. Which means you are asexual. And that puts you in the LGBT spectrum.
  10. Icke tracks them to the beginning of the Illuminati movement. But then we lose them. Then Icke just blames any negative act by anyone vaguely jewish as a Sabbatean Frankist. I was hoping for more but I still have a hundred pages to go. Personally I think the people behind 9/11 were the archons and the demiurge. I see no reason to blame people in the outer edge of the web or half way up the pyramid. I read PERCEPTION DECEPTION and thought. "hhmmm not a lot about the reptiles and quite a lot about the jews. I bet this is a trend and eventually it will just be the jews he blames." Seems I was right unless his next book is any different. Ultimately these books are horror meta fiction and maybe he thinks a solid bogeyman that they are already scared of is scarier than some scaly monster from some b movie. Like in horror films where we saw a trend away from monsters to serial killers.
  11. Coincidence? The book was published in 1949
  12. Crom

    Are Zionists infecting the forum?

    I don't think any of them care what Icke writes about them. At the end of the day his books frighten people and anger people and they are fine with that. Icke will always be the lizard man in the eyes of 99.999999999999999999% of the public. I blame the spirits in charge of him. Icke is afte all just a messenger. A translator. A post man.
  13. Care to say that in English, George Orwell?
  14. Oh calling someone a homophobe is illegal is it? Yeah and Icke is against such things. So I should be able to do as I please. Either that or take David's name of this forum
  15. Crom

    David Icke's Contradiction?

    Can't explain it can you.
  16. Any good. New info? Don't be afraid to post spoilers because it will be years before I get to see it.
  17. Crom

    Love Will Save Us?

    People like Icke and David Wilcock say the answer to our problem is love. We need to love more and the cabal will be defeated and we shall move into heaven. I dunno. I think I'm loving people about as much as they deserve. Anything else would be faking it. Is that what God needs us to do? fake our way into heaven?
  18. JUst had a post 'hidden' because I accuse someone of being homophobic. Ink sent me a message asking me if it was a personal attack. So the rampant homophobia on here now goes untested. TYpical. Meanwhile Icke can accuse people of being child killing paedophiles with NO EVIDENCE? 


    1. Edna Clouds

      Edna Clouds

      Respond, pointing out the homophobic post. That is an attack. He will hopefully look into it.

  19. Crom

    Is God Gay?

    And chickens exist. Is God part chicken? Shark? If I truly awaken will I feel a need to eat prey like an animal?
  20. Crom

    The Illusion of Gender

    I responded to this but Ink hid it. Just to let you know.
  21. Crom

    British Culture

    Icke says we are everything that exists. He doesn't say we are everything GOOD that exists. I am simply telling you what Icke is teaching you. If bad stuff happens? so what? Hey. it's just a ride. Right? It's an illusion. Bad? good? It's all part of you. Do you think you can exist for ever and somehow just have picnics all the time? Get real. I wonder if this post will be 'hidden' as my other has.
  22. Crom

    British Culture

    If you want to be everything you need to do everything. Good and bad. It's all gravy.