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  1. Confess and pray to Jesus and I promise I will go after those bastards too. The Tories who covered up the dead. The greed that cut costs everything. I promise
  2. Kaya

    The Truth About The Moon Landings

    I am not Jesus though! The illuminati are my people
  3. Kaya

    The Truth About The Moon Landings

    They are trying to confess to Jesus and seek forgiveness. Please do not take that away from them oz. Yes The Moon Landings were real.
  4. Kaya

    1984 was about the rise of Socialism

    No its not true that these people can not be reached. Dianna was illuminati, JFK was illuminati, but they must confess to Jesus and seek guidance and forgiveness. Because Lucifer does not roll with you. Never trust the devil...... LOL
  5. Kaya

    He Who Laughs Last Is He Who Wins....

    David is The Lion Of Judah, Lions can be tamed though, Ever heard of a Tiger Tamer?
  6. Orange Alert, You've Been BUSTED!