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  1. rideforever


    I heard that the Sky TV Football Pundits like Patrice Evra and Jamie Redknapp have thrown away their BLM badges after the BLM demanded the police to be disbanded. So ... people do learn. Had a friend of mine who works in NGOs also go ape at the treatment of JK Rowling re trans posts on twitter. The liberals are completely mad - I don't think they are sane enough to be used to push through an agenda.
  2. rideforever

    "Peace" is Slavery

    The kind of peace that Jesus or Buddha is talking about is only available if you transform yourself to a "higher state of consciousness", which is quite rare. Taking care of the practical matters of ordinary life is the foundation for that ultimate transformation. The way people corrupt things is that they do not wish to do the spiritual transformation, neither to take care of business in their normal life, and instead borrow and manipulate these high ideals and walk around shouting for "world peace".
  3. rideforever

    Are young people losing their marbles??

    The Covid thing arose quite slowly which tells me it wasn't planned in that way. But the forces out there were ready to jump on some kind of event and turn it into a totalitarian regime.
  4. rideforever

    Trump vs Biden

    donkey speak
  5. rideforever


    I saw a lot of houses in Bulgaria for less than £10k, nice properties in the quiet countryside. Not sure what's going on over there but it's cheap that's for sure.
  6. rideforever

    Trump vs Biden

    I think one of you is enough. Back in reality such empty words mean nothing and show zero understanding.
  7. rideforever

    Trump vs Biden

    Trump signs social media executive order removing protections for censorship on social media companies. ... he's completely sane and responsible, strange as it may seem. If I see 10 more presidents in my lifetime I doubt any of them would do a single thing like this. And let's not forget he's a New Yorker, so he just does stuff. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-signs-executive-order-on-social-media-companies At the moment I am questioning whether endless criticism of the "system" either by new age anti-nwo or the marxists really means something, because after all is said and done who is going to run the schools and build the roads. Who is able to bring about any positive change without destroying the society? Humans are a pretty dumb species tbh, and probably a small group of diligent and quiet people are doing all the good things in the world, whilst the majority especially those who consider themselves to be intelligent spend most of their lives uselessly complaining whilst dreaming of a utopia either marxist or new age. Rothschild Puppet? Everybody in power owes something to someone. Nobody is fully totally free, so if that's what you call trustworthy nobody is. Demanding that kind of thing is a utopian dreams imo. That's why I think the lineage guild system is more realistic, you have friends and traditions and you protect yourselves because nobody can be successful alone. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to owe something to someone as long as it's for the right reason. The question is what is really motivating this group of people ... are they actually good people inside? Do they love their parents? Are they rational and experienced? Are they ultimately cowardly idiots? That's what counts. And that's where the conspiracy diagrams of relationships between people fall down ... they make everybody look like the devil and you can put all of humanity on there. But then who is left to drive the ship?
  8. rideforever

    Trump vs Biden

    @Orange Alert What I am trying to say is that the Marxists Liberals criticise everything, want to smash up everything (and replace it with their totalitarian system). And the ... how do you call it ... truther new age movement criticise everything, want to smash it up ... and replace it with -I am not sure- free love ... But I don't see any practical workable solutions coming from either party, nor any respect for the world that people have built. There is a lot of heavy criticism plus no workable solutions, and a lot of idealism that never seems to emerge. And while there is some difference between the two in some ways ... I just don't see any practical progress. And more importantly the bricks that have been laid in this society by simple well meaning people do not seem to be respected by anyone. Society is dominated by loud people who criticise everything whilst smaller people are building roads.
  9. rideforever

    Trump vs Biden

    Let me ask you this ... anti-nwo campaigners hate the state and its systems, they say they should be all free because they are consciousness ... and the liberal marxist hate the state and its systems and say they should be all free. Sounds very similar to me. It don't hear anything much different or any practical or realistic solutions.
  10. rideforever

    Trump vs Biden

    The polls are heavily pro-liberal because the media is. Remember Brexit ... the BBC ... well anyway. This morning I heard two Americans discuss the election and the reckon that Trump will win bigger than 2016 because the shenanigans are so huge now that people will get off their ass and drag themselves to the poll booth to vote for an end to the insanity. Of course the polls will show Trump getting zero right until midnight at which point they declare a stunning upset and find experts to explain it away ... again. I hope that is right. And if Trump pushes through the democratic oversight of social media I think that would be the greatest policy decision in his tenure, and critical to maintain the integrity of the culture.
  11. rideforever

    Are young people losing their marbles??

    People are like any other crop living on the Earth. If the soil and environment and society is poor, they grow badly, sometimes very badly ... if the soil is good and wise people have done the stewardship all grows well. This is why criticizing the past as being beneath you is missing the point ... we are just crops, everyone grows more or less according to the soil that you live in. I say more or less because a strong presence of light and inspiration can lift people so their spirits live in a higher environment, and unfold it unto the earth.
  12. The psychos of the world are entering all fields and perverting them ... and so it is tempting to shut them all out. But this is not the right thing to do, the original basis has to be remembered and re-asserted for nations, family, ordinary sexual reproduction, medicine, science and psychiatry. Part of the chaos the psychos are bringing to society is to so damage things that it is tempting to jettison the lot - but that would result in a big loss for society. The original values need to be simply re-asserted. I always like R.D.Laing, a different kind of psychiatrist from the old school; here he discusses the shocking manner in why babies are born in inhuman sterilised centres of disease (hospitals) and what a negative effect this has on children.
  13. rideforever

    If you're female and you die,

    Yes I have and after vomitting several times I right-clicked and blocked the element. Then I switched my search engine to BING. Fk these psychos. I also registered on Parler, stick Sky News and AlJazeera News on the bookmark toolbar (remove bbc), and signed up to lbry.tv which is a yotuube alternative. I also changed my youtube link so that it links directly to https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions ... so that I can see what I want to see and not their agendas. And then I made a rather nice tray bake with coconut-banana-sweet potato ... was pretty good.
  14. rideforever

    If you're female and you die,

    Thanks man, I just opted out. The law in the UK changed in Mar 2019, apparently, now the NHS presumes that you have consented to be sliced and diced after you die - but you just forget to tell anyone. These bastards are viciously deranged. Gotta laugh !!! Best to tell the NHS and next of kin if you wish to remain in one piece.