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    Off Topic Stuff

    jolly good.
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    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

  3. chocomel

    FBI arrests British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell

    It is quite possible that her 'friends' in high places who have a lot to hide will do all they can to pull strings to save her because if she was to go down...they will go down with her. Otherwise, time-wise, it is set for her and all that people with power are ready to go down due to Pluto. If you want to do something, all you need to do is tap the back of someone's leg and they will buckle. Have you ever tried it? It's fun.
  4. chocomel

    Tech to talk to the "dead."

  5. ah...Then I can give you some pointers. I hope you understand the concept of 'the glass is half empty or half full'? To put it into more practical scenario.... someone has lost a job..... that person can go in two directions though the fact doesn't change e.g. unemployment 1) He could think....damn it! I've lost a job, now what?! I will be in debt followed by hardship....yada yada yada OR 2) OK, I have no job now but this is a gift in disguise. (You immediately change the direction to go up rather than go down the spiral by saying this) It's probably a sign that the job was no good to me in the long run and by using my creative thinking I might end up making more money and have flexible lifestyle. Do you see the change in vibration? I think you have advantage. Not only you are a female but a creative person so you shouldn't find this difficult. Just create any stories which will be favourable for yourself. The point is this, when you are depressed and vibrating low, it will bring more of that which you don't want. So even if you are having a shit day, basically you say "I'm having a great day.", if you hear someone arguing say "What a peaceful day"...it is really. If you are in the UK, nobody is throwing grenades in your neighbourhood. Make it really funny and even make someone laugh by telling that story...this will keep opening the door. Basically what you focus on comes to you whether good or bad. It is a matter of catching yourself and getting out of old habit which we have all been programmed. So when shit happens.....have a laugh by making a joke about it. This is all mental alchemy. You have chosen the direction of your future by the above method. This leads to manifestation so the next step is to start creating what you want. The thing is, if you concentrate each day keeping your vibration high....people will be attracted to you. They will become nicer to you etc... Strangers give me gifts and all it takes is a bit of smile or nice short chit chat. If you want something, give first. This is the law. What you give, what you will get back. So if you complain, you get more of that back! Simplest thing you can do to raise your vibration is to appreciate and say thank you etc. Those high vibration words. Everytime you have a shower, it's you who paid for the water and electricity but think of how many people who worked to make that happen so that you only have to turn the tap on. That goes from electricians, engineers to people who dig the road etc. Or when you eat your breakfast/lunch/meal, imagine how many people sweated so that you could have a bowl of cereal. It includes track drivers and shelf stuckers to name a few. If you get a headache, be appreciative of other parts of the body which are still functioning. This may sounds bonkers but I greet my computer when I switch on and when it start running, I say thank you (for not giving me trouble). By this, you will have many reasons to be grateful for. However, you must watch what you say.... anything like complaint, nagging will bring you down. So even if you wanted to say "That bastard did this to me and that....... etc" you would have to put it in a different way, even humourous. Anyway, complaint means you are saying you are a victim.....you are meant to be powerful who can command your world and if you are there is nothing to complain about. Shit will continue to happen till the day you die..but with some tools, you will be able to move forward in your life better than as if you didn't have them. My teacher is funny but he doesn't speak English so I'm bringing you some of his flavours. Hope you get a gist of it.
  6. chocomel

    petition to stop mandatory face masks

    Interesting! I can't remember if the nurse was wearing gloves but I remember she peeled them off swiftly. Actually I don't think she was even wearing a mask. Certainly the assessor who took my detail didn't have one as we had face to face conversation in a private cubicle.
  7. chocomel

    petition to stop mandatory face masks

    When I had my ECG test and they didn't ask me to wear one though some of the staff were wearing one...not all of them. The receptionist didn't even ask me about temperature or any of that thing.
  8. chocomel

    Coin Shortage

    If you are a renovator, would you accept a trackload of potato to do my bathroom up? Say the job would cost like £5K, if you have a cold storage, that could be your year supply but still need to pay for the refrigeration cost out of your pocket. Another customer might offer you a trackload of carrots.....then onions from an onion farmer. May be you might be better off turning to a veggie market trader at some point than keep working as a renovator. Oh but people would be paying by digital currency....right? It's an interesting life we will be living.
  9. chocomel

    Tech to talk to the "dead."

    Correct! This is my understanding as well. The delayed effect we have in 3D has a purpose. Imagine if you manifestd everything you imagine....especially if you are on the negative side!! From car accidents to people coming to smack you for no reason. You wouldn't even be writing about it to focus on. lol I don't mean you have to think of positive things only but your mind needs to be focused and become aware and this world is a training ground. Until you master your manifestation...
  10. chocomel

    FBI arrests British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell

    I don't want to see it but would you say that diners' face aren't blurred that they are identifiable? I take it that cannibalism is illegal in most of the world? Having said this sausages and meatballs from Tesco included some human DNA in the past? I seems to remember reading about it somewhere. I do buy meatballs from time to time......
  11. chocomel

    FBI arrests British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell

    This is a biggy...goner forever because we have an eclipse coming up on 4th July. Final! No going back now....that's the power of eclipse.
  12. Tips for you? Or for the masses? If it's for the latter, I suggest a ritual to wake people up...irony...I know. lol
  13. If there is a Birmingham resident who is affected by this malarkey, I suggest you submit a suggestion to the bus company to follow the announcement played on the London Bus. They've changed it from "You must wear a mask while travelling on the public transport." immediately followed by "there are exemptions etc"....(obviously paraphrasing...can't remember the exact words) I still get people turning around to look at me but hey, everyone is wearing a mask, they are 'protected'.
  14. chocomel

    Tech to talk to the "dead."

    I can't remember which thread, it might have even been one of your threads, that I have written some of my experience. Just been listening to a story about how to capture spirit photo which I'd like to share. Step 1 using an app on your phone, find out the direction of the handle of the Polar Star. This is the direction nearest to the spirit world at the time. Step 2 spray some water/mist in that direction and take some photo. That's it! Now interesting thing he mentioned, that the timing is of an essense when taking a spirit photo because it is pulsating (appearing/disappearing). This makes sense because if everything is energy then we are oscillating....even though we look solid. He said photographers and camera men should be very good at figuring out this timing because they are more attune to capturing the perfect moment. He then went on to talk about a chinese master who can cut a stone with one finger acting like a laser. He also learned to tap a stone and make it split in clean halves..... He said it's all about knowing.....interesting..... How do you become a psychic or to obtain supernatural abilities? He said that it isn't about studying and building up your skills. You can become one in an instant. And I am inclined to agree with him as I knew if you connect with practising psychic and your ability is raised just like that. So in essense, it's important who you connect with, if you can't meet such person face to face, then at least watch a video and listen to that person's experience etc...then you will know such thing IS possible and door flings open.
  15. https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5860-to-our-aliens-from-space-believers-please-post-your-best-proofs-that-they-exist-have-been-here-or-have-interbred-with-humanity/&do=findComment&comment=137254 I take it IT popped down to take a piss..... Don't know if this is real though. 2018 and very grainy video. Could be a CGI jobby.