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  1. Says that user removed it...? As for that book, you're gonna have a hard time finding it, I couldn't find any description of it let alone the book. All I could find was a few other books from the same author.
  2. "The Security Of Illusion" that song title describes best how some people desperately try to cling on to any sort of 'security' they can get... Seriously oz, just think for a second, one match is all it takes to instantly wipe it all away! It really is that simple. You don't need frickin ETs or military running around, combing woods and jungles, looking for preppers in their bunkers. It's enough to just set the whole jungle on fire. One of these... And all your banana and coconut trees are gone... and if you're really lucky you somehow survive...
  3. If you that paranoid and you believe you're a targeted individual then I don't understand why you're using windows os in the first place? Everything is spying on you in there, operating system and all the applications. Even the antivirus ones which makes it even worse because they have much grater access. You should definitely explore Linux or FreeBSD based operating systems. For TIs, there's always Tails which runs completely in ram.
  4. metak88

    Playing embedded Youtube videos on this forum.

    I encounter this problem when I have my usual blockers, but when I run different browsers (firefox, opera, etc.) with clean profiles, then embedded videos play without a problem.
  5. metak88

    Playing embedded Youtube videos on this forum.

    Are you using any kind of script/ads blocker add-on in your browser?
  6. Bow before my psychic powers!
  7. metak88

    Difficulties on this forum

    I'm not a regular Tor Browser user, so this is just me guessing... even if you didn't touch anything in the Tor, it still uses NoScript and this add-on had a couple of updates in last few days. Latest one was today. So there could be something in there that changed? Anyway, just right-click on forum, choose NoScript and add davidicke.com to TRUSTED. That should be it. That's how it is when you're using a script blocker. You have to manually enable scripts for your trusted sites. I use script/ads/popup blockers and a lot of sites look broken when I block most of the things, like on your screenshot.
  8. metak88

    Difficulties on this forum

    I wrote this post from Tor browser and you're right, the captcha works and I can write in input-field as usual. Everything works. My second guess would be to check if NoScript is blocking something?
  9. metak88

    Difficulties on this forum

    There's your problem. Many exit nodes are blacklisted by certain sites, try changing the exit node or try enabling 'Safest' security level for captcha and then return it back to 'Standard'?
  10. Temporary technical problem? If it's something more serious I'm sure the mods/admin will provide an explanation.
  11. metak88

    Star Trek Picard

    Man the latest episode was particularly creepy. Since the very start of this show it seems they wanted to promote trans-humanism, AI, synthetic life forms, etc. Biological lifeforms are bad, not perfect, afraid of the AI and because of that they must be destroyed. Here's a one minute clip that I extracted from the latest episode. It creeps me out... it's almost like a condensed message of what DI's been warning us about! https://streamable.com/ownbq Now that sounds to me like a description of Archons?
  12. metak88

    I do not understand corona virus panic

    I watched it yesterday live (the second video is a recording of that) and it was good. Sorry for my bad English. I'll just briefly mention key points as I remember them. First of all DI lays the ground, he briefly explains that the world is run by the cult that doesn't give a shit about humans. That's the key IMO and I don't think it's a coincidence that DI emphasized it at the beginning. Obviously he doesn't buy it for a second that this evil system suddenly cares about old people and wants to protect them. Then he goes on about the situation around the world. He explains how the cabal are orchestrating this to further advance trier plans on multiple levels. We have Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and their simulation for Corona virus six weeks before it happened. The milliary exercise with 10000 soldiers in Wuhan before it happened. Of course he mentioned Event 201 where they were simulating how they would rect to a pandemic, how they would basically censor the information and anti-vaxers. We also have the war on cash. DI has been saying for 30 years that they want to remove cash and have one digital currency. Head of WHO, Tedros, spearheads this by spreading fear that the virus can be transferred with cash. They want to bring the Chines model of society to be the norm where you have social credit and surveillance everywhere. Again, DI, cites one of the Rockefeller's document where they 'predict' how China would react and how the west would applaud their draconian measures. DI says these ridicules measures will decimate the world economy, destroy completely mom&pop shops, bigger companies, tourism, etc. etc. because that's the whole plan, to have a few mega-corporations and the introduction of UBI. He also says how vaccines are inherently unsafe and of course the upcoming vaccine is also going to be very dangerous. The interview ends with DI saying: That's just a part of what DI says at the end, it continues a bit further, but it's best to just watch the video, last 20 minutes from live stream. No fear, no panic, no stockpiling food & guns, no bunkers. Of course he doesn't believe this virus will kill half the population as you mentioned in another thread.
  13. metak88

    I do not understand corona virus panic

    You should definitely watch DI's video on London Real where he explains what is going on what to do and what not to do. He ends the interview on a positive note as only he can and I highly recommend you watch it! The first video is final edited version and the second one (I recommend you watch this one, it's the recorded live stream and I don't know long it will be available).
  14. metak88

    coronavirus mega thread