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  1. metak88

    Any breatharians in here?

    Shocked that someone is curious about breatharinism and wants to know what it's all about? Truly shocking indeed.... 🤣
  2. metak88

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    Jaymie Icke in the promo video above says how they want to grow this platform to be the world's first truly independent media platform. I understand that as not dependent (and influenced) on advertisers and operate solely on subscriptions. That kind of independence. They'll use some third-party hosting/streaming solution and of course have to consent to their TOS. Anyway, that's my opinion on this for now.
  3. metak88

    cashless society

    That ship has sailed long ago, otherwise we wouldn't be in this mess right now. As I see it, we deserve it. I regularly see more and more people in supermarkets paying just couple of euros with credit cards. Maybe not convenient or safe to carry that kind of money on you? I dunno.... ;-)
  4. metak88

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    @Grumpy Owl There's just not enough information available right now for us outsiders and all we can do is speculate and guess. I mean that whole video is filled with generic phrases and recycled promises. MSM bad, we the good guys, give us money. That's the whole message. I hope it's just me being cynical and they'll provide more info in following days. Youtube is a humongous best and can't be compared with others. The amount of content is huge and basically every video is available in multiple resolutions/codecs etc. I can't even imagine how much storage they need...
  5. metak88

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    I seriously doubt that this new project is in any way about back-end infrastructure. It's about content and subscription money will probably go to pay for people's salaries and server costs that they'll have with wherever company they plan to distribute content. After watching the promo video above I don't have anything positive to say about the TPV 2.0 so I'll just leave it at that.
  6. I was waiting for this video to be released to see what 'Edgar Cayce' says if he's currently incarnated or not and to confirm David Wilcock's claims that he's Cayce incarnated. First question in and he says 'No, I'm currently not incarnated'. Well, that was awkward... Edgar Cayce Channeled by Karl Mollison 27Aug2019
  7. metak88

    Any breatharians in here?

    Hey @Alfa Warrior. Will check the video. Please do share your experiences with this subject because it's my fav current topic as well! 😁
  8. metak88

    Any breatharians in here?

    Hey @hayed joe. It's not actually living on air, it's about drawing the energy/prana from nature for nourishment. Energy from the Sun, air, earth, etc.
  9. metak88

    Any breatharians in here?

    @Wamrage Thanx, I'm watching these videos and I also have some books downloaded to read after that.
  10. metak88

    Indian Moon Landing

  11. As the thread title says I'm interested if someone has first hand experience with breatharian/pranic lifestyle, no food. I'm interested in this topic and I'll probably dive deeper into it in and try to slowly transition to it. I know this transition is very hard and takes a long time, months and years.
  12. metak88

    The Secret Beyond Matter

    Plays fine for me, try this link on youtube.
  13. metak88

    DI disavowed by Arizona Wilder ??

    This was also brought up on the old DIF thread. Arizona Wilder makes Ed Snowden's info look puny! 'Her' personal statement where she disavowed DI.
  14. metak88

    A top button at the bottom of the page

    You could install an extension for your browser, like 'Scroll To Top' and it will work on all websites. But, yes it would be nice to have a top button.
  15. metak88

    Andrew Bartzis ....Still Number 1

    I think it's in the last part 20. Around 16m10s mark.