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  1. Dinoman

    The Luminous Beauty of Marilyn Monroe

    Monroe, Liz Taylor , Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch and Bardot were stunning.
  2. Dinoman

    The next Tory leader & Prime Minister

    Jeremy Cunt will be next Tory leader it won't be Boris Johnson or Gove, i think it will be Hunt, it was obvious when i seen Trump kissing his arse and he seems to tick all the boxes, he is a yes man and nothing will change . I hope it's Ester Milf McVey at least she is eye candy .
  3. Animal cruelty and child abuse seems to be allowed by the British justice system, Paul Oliver was secretly filmed feeding live fox cubs to dogs then when they were killed he was filmed dumping the fox cubs in a wheelie bin, the judge gave Paul Oliver and his partner Rose suspended sentences meaning they are free and what's worse the bastards will still be allowed to look after their dogs , What kind of message does this send ? Obviously the judge thinks it's okay to murder young defenceless animals . Fucking sick bastard's !
  4. Dinoman

    Tommy Robinson deleted from Facebook

    Is Tommy Robinson a millionaire ? He likes to wear designer clothes and his new teeth must have been expensive.
  5. Dinoman

    Nigel Farage New Brexit Party?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post, i agree with everything you said, i thought it was strange how Farage disappeared quickly along with Boris Johnson and Gove as soon as the UK voted to leave, instead of enjoying the victory at times he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Regarding UKIPs association with Tommy Robinson i think he has been put there to give UKIP negative attention and discredit them. I agree Farage doesn't care about Brexit and he will be set up for life with his EU pension, we will still not be leaving the EU and Farage will still appear on Question time and GMTV talking bollocks .
  6. Dinoman

    Nigel Farage New Brexit Party?

    Can Nigel Farage be trusted? He has recently set up his new Brexit Party so now it will be stealing votes from his old party UKIP, Farage left UKIP saying it had become too far right, I'm wondering if Farage wants Brexit to fail or is he only there in the EU for his pension, is Farage a insider working for the government ?
  7. Dinoman

    Jordan Maxwell | Aliens, UFOs & The Kingdom of Heaven

    I can't believe someone has posted a video of Pine talking more bollocks, Bill Cooper exposed Maxwell years ago, don't listen to Maxwell he is a deciever and a fraud !
  8. Dinoman

    Who Burnt Down Notre Damme?

    Why? because they don't give a toss and never have and it will always be like this, nothing will change!
  9. Dinoman

    sri lanka easter bombing

    Notre Dame Sri Lanka Yes dodgy as fuck
  10. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    I read the cards cost £4.99 each, are the British government gonna benefit financially from the sale of these cards ? I think the cards should be free if your 18 and over .
  11. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    July 15th days after king Billy orange walk nonsense. I read that you buy a card from a newsagent and punch in a number when visiting a site, is the card porn pass a one off or do you have to buy multiple cards? Can you imagine if you're wife, girlfriend found your porn pass card.
  12. Dinoman

    Who Burnt Down Notre Damme?

    No doubt millions will be donated to rebuild the cathedral, as a Christian you don't need to find God in a church you will find him in trees the sound of the ocean on the beach, the sound of birds whistling in the morning, millions have been donated quickly for bricks but what about the poor , homeless human beings ?
  13. Watching the Israeli moon landing was like watching a 70s episode of Doctor Who and The Clangers , as for the photo of the moon surface it looked like wood chip wallpaper in a pub toilet .
  14. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    The wankers in government have put it on hold until Brexit is sorted out.
  15. Dinoman

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    That little Prick John Bercow followed his orders from his master's and it now looks like May will probably get more than a 12 month extension i can see it being 2 years probably more .