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  1. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    I read the cards cost £4.99 each, are the British government gonna benefit financially from the sale of these cards ? I think the cards should be free if your 18 and over .
  2. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    July 15th days after king Billy orange walk nonsense. I read that you buy a card from a newsagent and punch in a number when visiting a site, is the card porn pass a one off or do you have to buy multiple cards? Can you imagine if you're wife, girlfriend found your porn pass card.
  3. Dinoman

    Who Burnt Down Notre Damme?

    No doubt millions will be donated to rebuild the cathedral, as a Christian you don't need to find God in a church you will find him in trees the sound of the ocean on the beach, the sound of birds whistling in the morning, millions have been donated quickly for bricks but what about the poor , homeless human beings ?
  4. Watching the Israeli moon landing was like watching a 70s episode of Doctor Who and The Clangers , as for the photo of the moon surface it looked like wood chip wallpaper in a pub toilet .
  5. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    The wankers in government have put it on hold until Brexit is sorted out.
  6. Dinoman

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    That little Prick John Bercow followed his orders from his master's and it now looks like May will probably get more than a 12 month extension i can see it being 2 years probably more .
  7. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    Would you recommend Nord VPN ? It's cheap but it's a 3 year plan
  8. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    What about the free VPN add on's are they any good and how do you stop the block when using a Oculus Go VR as it's not a computer? It has a search browser.
  9. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    The UK government don't give a toss about morals it's all bullshit to monitor, censor and control the UK population, this is worrying as what will be next for censorship?
  10. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    It's like the 70s again , what idiot in the Tory party came up with this shit especially the part where you have to go into a newsagent to buy a porn pass from the shopkeeper or give your personal details online ie passport, bank card and driving license, i also read that the following porn will be banned Female egactulation and female face sitting as it is classed as dangerous , anyway the day after no Brexit there will be millions of pissed off horny UK citizens who have to ask the UK government for permission to have a wank !
  11. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    Your correct it is a government tax, regarding using a VPN you have to pay monthly i don't think there is a free VPN?
  12. Dinoman

    The new UK online Porn Licence

    April 1 2019 anyone in the UK who wants to watch adult porn websites will have to verify their age by signing up to a age ID Mindgeek where they will have to prove their age with a credit card, email address and mobile telephone number or go to a newsagent and buy a porn pass 12 digit verification code. Take about Big Brother ! The UK Puritan Government are controlling people's sex lives what next ?
  13. Will the UK being leaving the EU on March 29th 2019 ? I don't think they will leave , they will vote down Mays deal tomorrow, then vote down a no Deal , then they will ask the EU to extend article 50 which could go on for months maybe years, it's all total bollocks what a bunch of bastard's !
  14. Dinoman

    Bye bye women's sport ... transgenders taking over

    Why don't they have a separate Olympics for Trans like they do for special and Paralympics? It's all bollocks anyway pardon the pun, most female athletes are on steroids and are pumped full of testosterone.