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  1. Stride

    Freemasonry in UK

    Why not join and make a difference? What about the charity work surely this is of great help to humanity.
  2. Stride

    Pubs and Beer - Social Control

    Going to the pub and getting pissed really is obsolete these days. You are more likely to score at home, looking online chatting to ladies on Facebook and eventually arranging a meet up.
  3. Stride

    I like the new format and layout of the forum

    It's nice and clean. What is important is the content, not the coat of paint.
  4. Stride

    Why are breakups so painful

    Very hard when it happened yesterday though.. but true.
  5. Stride

    Why are breakups so painful

    It's the worst feeling in the world.
  6. Stride

    Why are breakups so painful

    Imo sleeping around causes the less hurt, its finding someone you think is decent and then they screw you over which is painful. How on earth is one to establish and keep a family in this day and age?
  7. Stride

    Why are breakups so painful

    As above, is there a spiritual reason for this?
  8. Stride

    Too long since the last war

    The car logo?
  9. Stride

    Too long since the last war

    When was the last 'big' war? It was probably the invasion of iraq, but this was a walkover and over in a few weeks.
  10. Stride


    I am suprised no one else has tried it.. its an oil taken orally.
  11. Stride

    Freemasonry in UK

    You can't change anything for the better unless you take part. Who's to say the lodge you join would be like the ones in the research?
  12. Stride

    Freemasonry in UK

    In this case you should join the blue lodge, then apply to take some of the higher degrees. Blue lodge is not interesting at all. In for a penny, in for a pound.
  13. Has anyone else seen this? Interesting to watch in hindsight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBZ8M0G0FRQ&t=417s To quote one poster "He's a psychopath. He's evasive and cleverly turns round any criticism. When something's in praise of him he laps it up."
  14. Stride


    Has anyone else tried this? It does seem to relax you.. but I found it can give mild withdrawl symptoms, a large dose one evening will have you feeling like you have a soft hangover the next day (tiredness and sluggishness). Also it brought on panic attacks, I poured it away.
  15. Also, if you tell someone he looks like a pig, can you really blame him for cracking you one round the head? We are not free to speak our minds.