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  1. Stride

    Forum meet up

    What about a virtual meet up using Microsoft Teams?
  2. It won't fit through the letterbox.
  3. Stride

    Is sport a waste of time

    Prove it!
  4. Stride

    Did reptillians evolve from dinosaurs?

    Are they a little shorter than a human? Kind of makes sense, wish more people would look into this theory..
  5. Stride

    The Globalist War on the NHS

    Anyone else feel like they are trying to run it into the ground on purpose?
  6. Stride

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    Imagine catching it and getting 2 weeks off work.. luxary.
  7. Stride

    Prince Andrew is back

  8. Will never be able to look at them the same way again.
  9. Stride

    Child Abuse & Paedophilia By The Elite

    No chance for Danny Tetley then.
  10. Stride

    Ginger Harry and Meghan Markle

    Interesting, never heard of him before. Maybe they wanted Barry Manilow out the way because of how terrible his music was but there was a typo in the email.
  11. Stride

    Ginger Harry and Meghan Markle

    Friend of mine had an interesting view yesterday, what if she is leaving the county to escape a princess di ending??
  12. Stride

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    Corona virus sounds strange..
  13. It really is a shame that these people turn out to be monsters.. why can they not just be happy with the fame and wealth?
  14. Some of his statements are very telling.. like "I'm great in bed.... I can sleep for hours". Hiding in plain sight as usual. Also the amerillo music at the start like the Saville vid.