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  1. Stride

    Music You Like

    Can't beat a bit of duran duran.
  2. Stride

    Which news channel do you trust the most

    I mean, which is the least worst one, I think.
  3. Stride

    Which news channel do you trust the most

    Yes I agree with you there, although I would not beleive the things they say about russian affairs.
  4. Stride

    Quentin Tarantino movies

    His films are all over rated sh1t in my opinion. Stanley Kubrick is much better in every single way.
  5. By news channel I mean main tv one, which one seems more 'real' to you and why?
  6. Stride


    Apparently they are not working anymore, people piss it out, and the germs get used to it in the drains.
  7. Stride


    It feels like a complete rip off at holland and barret to be honest, 40 knicker for a bottle.
  8. Stride


    Tried it for a bit and you do feel something. Felt wrong to drive after taking it. Also at work was feeling too relaxed, got nothing done.
  9. It keeps being used in all the new videos, it would be good if he had a strange new exciting fact each week.
  10. IT's getting old now wish he would use another starter for his videos!
  11. You see that chair you're sitting on now... it's not even solid!
  12. Stride

    Donald Trump and Big Bird - The Double Headed Eagle

    It's also representing the male organs, two balls and a willy.
  13. Stride

    How’s big is this Epstein case?

    Because it is a sub question , don't be so ignorant.
  14. Stride

    Yet another John Leslie case

    Do you have a link of this; for research purposes.. a friend of mine is writing a book...
  15. Stride

    Yet another John Leslie case

    Does anyone have a record of each case? So far I have found: In October 2002, Ulrika Jonsson had written in her autobiography, Honest, that "an acquaintance" had raped her when she was 19. Television presenter Matthew Wright said on The Wright Stuff that Leslie was the alleged perpetrator. Other women made accusations of indecent assault against Leslie, and he was arrested in December 2002 on one count of rape and two concerning indecent assault. Leslie was charged in June 2003 with assaulting a woman twice between 25 and 28 May 1997. In June 2019, Leslie was charged with sexually assaulting a then 30-year-old woman in Westminster during December 2008