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  1. Stride

    Dont go in to the tunnel of light?

    The “light” is just a doorway. Nothing to fear from a doorway. It’s just a doorway. Has nothing to do with why we choose to come here, or where we choose to incarnate. That’s entirely up to us. You don’t have to go through the doorway, that’s entirely up to you. Use it, don’t use it - it’s still just a door. What people consistently say is that we “choose to incarnate.” That we choose to come here. That we choose to “take the elevator” down to this planet, and when we’re done, we “head back home.”
  2. Stride

    Dont go in to the tunnel of light?

    And this could be a trick too, the circle of eternity can only be broken by taking the unexpected turn.
  3. Stride

    Dont go in to the tunnel of light?

    When the moment comes, you will know what is right. The light.. is the lights of the theatre room as your soul is caged in a baby's body emerging into a hospital from the mother.
  4. Stride

    Dont go in to the tunnel of light?

    The tunnel of light leads to the soul vaccum, the light is just like bait on a fisherman's line. Do not, I repeat DO NOT go into the light. Turn around and go the other way.
  5. Stride

    What happened to Charlie

    10 yr Love Police Anniversary - Message for Danny
  6. Stride


    Can't stand the bloke.
  7. It's just a glorified letter opener. Would not want that to be around if I was trying to land in a parachute.
  8. Stride

    What happened to Charlie

    Does he deserve a second chance though, maybe he has changed his mind?
  9. Stride

    What happened to Charlie

    Yes but he's back posting on his channel, sharing his thoughts on the universe albeit in a lower kew than before.
  10. Stride

    What happened to Charlie

    Is this true? How do we know?
  11. Stride

    What happened to Charlie

    As above, what happened to Charlie Veitch? Picked up on his videos, but a lot of posters seem to dislike him.. why is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXrZSGNgeBM&list=LLz4lgua4sudTsLqWHz1hIBw&index=2&t=528s
  12. Stride

    Freemasonry in UK

    Why not join and make a difference? What about the charity work surely this is of great help to humanity.
  13. Stride

    Pubs and Beer - Social Control

    Going to the pub and getting pissed really is obsolete these days. You are more likely to score at home, looking online chatting to ladies on Facebook and eventually arranging a meet up.
  14. Stride

    I like the new format and layout of the forum

    It's nice and clean. What is important is the content, not the coat of paint.