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    totalitarian tiptoe---a tiptoe so noticeable

    I agree with ink about David Wilcox, I really got into his stuff back in 2011 - found it very interesting at first. Then all the drama started, grand diclosures of a massive take down of the PTB coming, mass arrests etc. I remember the 'Dragon' family being mentioned as the rival gang about to take over, and they were supposed to be nicer. He had Benjamin Fulford backing him up, also talking mass arrests, liens being served etc, etc. Again, this was 2011 - total bollocks of course. It sounds like he's still singing the same song, how does he get away with it after at least 9 years of saying this is imminent? This guy is a total fraud in my opinion, he knows some interesting info to draw you in but his claims have never materialised and same with Fulford. What I do agree with is that the time for stealthy tip toe-ing is well and truly over. It's like they've been spotted by too many people so they're making a run for it, try and get to the end now before everyone see's them. This is a huge year, no doubt, how it well end I don't know. It feels like we need a miracle.....
  3. Silent Bob

    Orgasm trapping for enlightenment

    You made me think of this Christopher Lee clip - I believe him and won't be arguing with his advice!
  4. Silent Bob

    Orgasm trapping for enlightenment

    I've heard about similar ideas from different cultures, always spiritual. The occult also refer to sex magik, so I guess that can be used either to enlighten or the opposite. I'm sure it does work for those able to carry it off, never tried it myself though.
  5. Silent Bob

    Orgasm trapping for enlightenment

    I read a book on this subject by Wilhelm Reich called 'The function of the orgasm' - well worth a read. He seemed to think that releasing energy in the right way (he called it orgone) was important to your overall well being and psyche. His main issue back then (1930's) was people being being repressed sexually, convinced that there was something wrong or 'seedy' about having sex full stop. He also warned about the other extreme, perverse sex to release energy. So the PTB went from repressing us, which worked well for a while, but we then started to be become more liberated sexually. So, they pushed us the other way using our own momentum to help into the perverse realms, i.e. most porn, music videos etc. Overall I think his message is that good, healthy sex with a loving partner is a good way to release energy, but emotionless or negative emotion sex was generally bad. I guess that's why the PTB have divided us in our relationships, as discussed on other threads, to prevent us from choosing this option. Mass marketing definately promotes the more perverse side that Reich warned about. My instincts tell me that we do need to release accumulated energy on a regular basis otherwise we get overloaded, maybe causing energetic blockages and even 'dis' ease. It may be possible to store and use this energy non sexually, but I think you would have to really know what you are doing and be very disciplined for this to be successful. For me, that would explain why the human sex drive is so strong, just a natural reaction. Also, unfortunately, this makes it easy for TPB to manipulate us too!
  6. So many to choose from, but Utopia has to be the most accurate and chilling one for me. A fake flu virus, called Russian flu, is used to scare people into taking the vaccine which in turn is designed to sterlise 95% of us and hence solve the 'population crisis'. The fake virus didn't work, not scary enough, so they decide to release a real virus which will kill millions - that should scare the rest into taking the vaccine.
  7. Silent Bob

    Full lock soon

    I'll be watching the quiz broadcast....
  8. Silent Bob

    The Elite - Those who know the secret

    I heard an explanation of what your saying here a few years ago, it really stuck with me so I'll share it here. Free will vs fate was described using an egg. The egg exists, you have no control over that. It will exist whether you acknowledge it or not. However, you have free will to do different things with it. You could cook it and eat it, decorate it, smash it, etc...
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  10. Silent Bob

    Why do we have to lock down

    I'm surprised to see this question still being asked - this is it. The big one. The lock down on human society we've been reading about for 30 years. It has nothing to do with the virus, this is just the excuse they have selected to implament their long planned lock down. Terrorists weren't convincing enough, not quite scary enough for us to accept being locked down like this. It started with 14 days isolation for those who tested postive. Then for those with symptoms, now its everyone. Then it went from 14 days to 12 weeks, then 1 year, then the law is passed for 2 years. 20,000 troops already on the streets. This isn't temporary, this is our new way of life. We will see universal basic income introduced (UBI) for everyone, as long as you do as your told and take your vaccines. You will only be able to spend your UBI on government approved purchases, as is currently the case with some benefits paid in vouchers. This used to be funny......
  11. Silent Bob

    coronavirus mega thread

    You mean like this one that appeared in my you tube recommended list today,
  12. Silent Bob

    The Elite - Those who know the secret

    I think this is worth pondering on a little, as it's a real positive. As you say, every NDE we've ever heard about is positive, happy, peaceful etc. This should really fill us all with joy, can you imagine if every NDE was negative? Now that would be depressing! I see how that backs up your argument too, otherwise surely we would have reports of negative NDE's from people who had led rotten lives.
  13. Silent Bob

    The Elite - Those who know the secret

    It depends on what role you are supposed to be playing, I'll try and explain what I mean but I always find it hard to get across what I'm thinking with stuff like this! So, a lion isn't bad for killing and eating a human child that it stumbles across, that's just a lion being a lion and eating it's prey. However, if another human were to do such a thing we would be horrified, as that isn't natural behaviour for a human being. The lion would get no bad karma, it's done nothing wrong from it's own perspective and has no concept of the anguish it has caused. The elite fall into two categories for me, those in overall control and their followers. Indeed, elite means disciple of El or an El-Ite. Those in control, many refer to them as entities of some sort, are like the lions just being themselves and performing their 'role'. They have no empathy and their purpose is to corrupt us and distort out thoughts. The human followers have been duped into helping them, either through self interest (money/dodgy sex/power etc) or genuinely duped into believing they're doing a good thing. Those serving themselves, selling out they're own for personal gain, will suffer bad karma in my opinion. Those who thought they were doing good will be ok, and they'll learn from it. I might be totally wrong, this is just my current view! Finally to answer your question directly, why would you regret it in a future life? I guess one reason is you might have to repeat the life as you didn't learn the right lessons, you allowed the 'entities' to corrupt you through selfish and unnatural desires. I imagine feeling almost 'grossed out' at the fact you allowed yourself to be manipulated and used by these things, a wasted life with nothing of any value gained. Again, I just get the feeling that we've all been conned by this one (selfish material desires) countless times and there's nothing new to learn by being caught out yet again! Just to add, nothing wrong with striving for a good life with nice material things, some of it is really good. It's the just the price you're paying that you have to watch out for, especially if its at the blatant expense of others who suffer as a result of your small gain. Consider how it feels when you get something you really want and you worked hard for it and deserve it, then compare that to the feeling of getting something you didn't deserve at someone else's expense - which feeling do you naturally prefer and strive for?
  14. Silent Bob

    coronavirus mega thread

    Me too, usually shop online but no delivery slots available so had to go down there. Not a single toilet roll in the store..... Everything else I wanted was there, just the toilet rolls missing from the shelves. What the hell is wrong with people? Can you eat toilet roll?
  15. Silent Bob

    What do y'all do for work?

    I earn a small fortune teaching monkeys how to play table tennis. It's very easy, anyone can do it - if you want to join me and earn ££££££££s then click the link for info! http://viz.co.uk/2014/09/25/teach-monkeys-table-tennis/ or if that's not your thing, here's another great way to make money: