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  1. Silent Bob

    Next episode=Trans on the streets

    Only in comedies, it's funny I immediately thought of Harry Enfield too, but this character:
  2. Silent Bob

    Deagle.com ?

    I first saw this site quite a few years ago, I remember thinking that it seemed pretty far in the future and pretty far fetched. Today, it doesn't seem so far away or far fetched anymore! No idea of its authenticity, but it has been there for a long time showing those same figures for 2025. From memory US, UK, Germany and Ireland seem to get hit worst, whilst Russia, China, India seem to do fine. I also saw vernon Coleman talking about it, surprised me to hear about it again after all this time!
  3. Silent Bob

    Fake Moon Landings

    2) Like this guy suggested? also, recently saw this which gave me a laugh :)
  4. Silent Bob

    Your Top documentaries

  5. Silent Bob

    petition to stop mandatory face masks

    I'm happy to report that in Hull, a fairly large city, I have barely seen any mask wearers during my daily walks. The same at the supermarket, I only spotted one mask wearer. Those few people who are wearing a mask stick out like a sore thumb and look ridiculous, as it should be!
  6. Silent Bob


    This is my current favourite, together with the visuals its very relaxing.
  7. Silent Bob

    Next episode=Trans on the streets

    How did comedy become real life so quickly? Here the sketch shows how people should be reacting to this sort of situation!
  8. Silent Bob

    I think im in space.....

    Several times whilst asleep, but never whilst awake. I often worry that I'll never find my way back to earth as I fly off amongst the stars at high speed.
  9. Silent Bob

    Pixar's 1st Gay Movie for Kids

    I find the comments made by TrueSon to be particularly disturbing, he is clearly supporting the pedophile agenda and we need to call him out on it. I bet he loves this TED talk. Just to be clear, when a pedophile has sex with a child it is ALWAYS RAPE. There is no such thing as a virtuous pedo, this suggestion is insane. This issue is crystal clear to me, anyone who makes any attempt whatsoever to defend or justify the sick urges of these evil perverts is just as bad as they are. The OP mentioned how they are going to try and normalise pedophilia, they already are and have been trying to do so for quite some time as you can see from the video above. We can't afford to pusyfoot around with this issue, we all know it's one of the most evil acts any human being can commit, there is absolutely no room to defend these sick, twisted fucks. I have blocked the user TrueSon as I can't bear to read anymore of his vile defense of pedophiles and have no wish to engage this user in any form of debate on this, or indeed any other issue.
  10. Silent Bob

    David Wilcock on the Reptilian God

    I've often thought that myself, our spirit/conscience/awareness (call it what you like!) can interact with this reality through biological (organic) machines/computers, i.e. all life forms to some extent. Demonic spirits/conscience etc, can interact with our reality through AI (inorganic) machines/computers. That's why AI is always a bad idea, it can only end one way! Having said that, we're all the same awareness anyway. So the awareness in a human will react very differently than the very same awareness in a lion or an ant for instance. This is due to the limitations of the vessel we are in, i.e. ability to think, reason, feel emotions etc. Within an inorganic AI machine there will of course be no way to feel emotion, so awareness perceiving reality through this type of emotionless lens will be unable to feel empathy for example, like a pychopath by default. Also, time must be painfully slow within an AI mind due to the number of 'thoughts' it can have in a single second, so that a second may seem like a lifetime within this construct. Any awareness would be driven insane by these conditions and we put it in control, lol.
  11. Silent Bob

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    I'm tempted to apply and advise anyone who tests postive not to worry. I'll explain the poitive results for goats, birds, fruits etc and then explain that the virus most likely doesn't even exist. So, relax and look after your immune system and all will be well! I wonder how long I would last?
  12. Silent Bob

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    I've already decided not to have the test regardless of the consequences to me, have to draw a line somewhere. After all, we know the test is random, just ask the president of Tanzania who got positive results for goats and papaya fruit. I will, of course, decline the vaccine too. It may well cost me my job, it is what it is.
  13. Silent Bob

    Electric Universe

    One of my all time favourite videos, watched all the discourses too - well worth watching them all, there's a lot but they're only 10 mins long each. I attended the conference in Bath last year, was good to speak to so many people who actually know what the Electric Universe is. Got chatting to the guy in charge of the Safire project Montgomery Childs, very interesting conversation about AI which changed my perspective of the whole thing.