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  1. Lorraine

    Me an my opinion

    I am known for having an opinion that differs from the rest I question everything and fall out with most because I’m not a sheep .. it started with climate change and now this so called pandemic so while I am under house arrest sorry working from home I’ve been looking at David’s videos and others he’s posted all I’ve been saying is what I’m hearing David so if I’m thinking it with what I find out and It seems I’m not the only one then there is a lot of truth in it I’ve always believed that we get told what they want us to hear I’ve studied how Hitler came to power very easily over a period of time by subtle means and if you look into his master plan after the war and relate all that into what’s happening now it’s very scary I suppose 30 years ago I was one who thought David was a nutter well that’s what we were told but now at 63 and seeing what’s been going on over the last 30 years what he say becomes more credible by the second people just don’t want to know anymore it’s so obvious when those who speak out against anything loose jobs become the new Jew to be hounded by society so if all these people are nutters and conspiracy lunatics then why are they so scared shutting them down what are they frightened of perhaps that people may take notice? Funny all those who speak out about climate change loose jobs threatened with taking away funding or like poor David Bellamy never work again same now especially as since the 20th March covid-19 is no longer an. HCID even though SARS MERS AND EBOLA still are the criteria for an HCID is what’s been happening but as it’s no longer the Why yes it’s it’s a nasty flu virus but can’t be worse than the 2017/18 flu that had a additional 50,000 deaths 45.5% higher than normal and not a peep out of anyone . I remember the AIDS campaign too put fear into everyone gay people. Beaten up kicked out of home due to the scaremongers in the media and the dramatic TV government adverts 777,000 died of it world wide 2018 it’s still there but not again a peep out of anyone and all the scary forecasting never happened no wonder Covid-19 is being dubbed the hoax of the century