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  1. How the English Bible has been falsified... How one publication of a New Testament translation exposes and corrects the falsifications. In 1997, knowing there were serious errors in English Bibles, Christopher Sparkes set about making a translation to correct everything he understood was wrong. Over the 22 years since then, after many tens of thousands of hours labour and "mind-blowing research", Christopher has discovered how English and European translations of the Bible have been corrupted over 16 centuries, affecting almost every major theme and teaching, including creation, who God is, who Christ is, the death and resurrection of Christ, the New Covenant, our structural identity, our eternal destiny, our true enemy, and even the gospel promise. In the English Bibles, passages have been paraphrased; words and phrases altered from their grammatical forms and structures; some words and phrases have never been translated correctly; and internal harmonies of themes are broken. In Christopher’s translation, “The Eonian Life Bible New Testament”, all the errors of tradition are exposed. And he has set out to make Bible reading – at last! – clear and helpful, so everybody can understand everything. This Earth-shaking work will rock the Christian world. All this is the mightiest and heaviest threat to the political powers, because most Christian teaching mistakenly finishes everything up in Heaven, causing a distraction from the coming action here on Earth... Video Here
  2. throughout recent history, Manchester in England has been a massively important place for the Satanic Cabal controlling this 'Negative Energy-Extraction Matrix'... what better place for them to practise their 'revelation of the method' and show Living-Souls how, if they awaken, they can return to source and their true home... until then we will remain as nothing more than batteries powering our own enslavement! This video is a mere whisper and nudge to living Souls... the rest is up to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jwy9ojr9K2M please research the following topics to help you on your journey: flat earth paradise living souls & organic portals janet g - the war on living souls twin black hole sun hyperborea blood over intent 144,000 living souls saturnalia don't go to the light! matrix reality
  3. Game of Frequency... the war on Living Spirits of Divine Consciousness... Fresh from finishing a popular four part video series which is now available on YouTube, entitled ‘A Game of Frequency’. Janet G brings aspects of that series plus new perspectives to her latest presentation for New Horizons Saint Annes. This 3D reality is made of dimensions, waves, vibrations and frequencies... it is a Satanic Matrix... an illusionary Dream-state, Soul-entrapment world that is harnessing the negative, base-energy from Living Souls to Power itself and to keep Living Souls from ever finding their true purpose and divinity...The attacks on Living Souls start in the womb, one example being the bombardment of ultra sound waves on the unborn child during pregnancy scans... there is something a lot more sinister going on with these types procedures, akin to the sound of a train going through a tunnel, which the child in the womb has to endure... and yet, we are told, is completely harmless!?! What a way for us to begin our journey into this Matrix!?!Janet G will take us through many aspects of this ‘Soul-Trap’, Control-Matrix... some very dark and not for the faint hearted...Yet all is NOT lost for trapped ‘Living-Souls... there is hope if we can awaken and connect with our higher self and ultimately our Creator...and there are ways to do this that have been deliberatly hidden by the Satanic forces that control this realm... Janet reopens these paths to a divine connection to your higher self and ultimately, your Creator. The name of the game is to EXIT this Matrix once and for all... but to do this we have to start to open our eyes, ears and other senses... God is telling you how to get out of here... but will you take heed?
  4. Eating Animal Flesh TRAPS LIVING-SOULS!
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sugHpYZpq5Y&list=PL_g_G7BZtISQ6Ur3XSpLvty96ctNwC_pu