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  1. Mitochondrial Eve

    Are we being told the truth about the past?

    Great point. The cheetah is one example of genetic engineering as it is, according to Lloyd Pye, a blend of cat and dog, all of which are clones that are genetically the same. Shorter video this time where he also talks about evidence of genetic tinkering in plants: Here is a link to a thread on the Stolen History forum for further reading: https://www.stolenhistory.org/threads/are-cheetahs-the-result-of-ancient-genetic-engineering.74/ If certain plants and animals have been genetically engineered, this supports the case that humans may have been too and that there is more to our past than we are being told.
  2. Mitochondrial Eve


    It has been said a number of times on this forum recently that women are more aggressive and violent in intimate relationships than men. I will have to beg to differ having worked in the past for a domestic abuse service - the overwhelming majority of victims were female and, where there were male victims, this was not necessarily because there was a female perpetrator. There were quite often cases where a male perpetrator posed as a victim. The official statistics from the latest Crime Survey for England and Wales (2019) can be found on the following link: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/crimeandjustice/articles/domesticabusevictimcharacteristicsenglandandwales/yearendingmarch2019 Here are some of the conclusions of the survey regarding the gender of victims: GR is correct and I agree that this is a very important fact. Should we also go into the male vs female ratio of prisoners? And then break it down into violent crime? It seems to me that some of these beliefs come from Jordan Peterson which makes me question his intentions. I would like to know on what evidence he has based his findings about levels of aggression in women compared to men.
  3. Mitochondrial Eve

    The 4 word game

    "Pull it", "pull it"
  4. Mitochondrial Eve

    Do you remember your dreams?

    I remember most of my dreams during that semi-awake state just before properly waking up but the memory quickly fades. Like Grumpy Owl, sometimes reminders come up during the next day and the memory comes flooding back to me. I have very strange and vivid dreams - I dream in colour and hear music etc. There are a few dreams in particular, however, that have stayed with me. And there are some themes also that tend to recur too. Of the dreams I can remember, two particularly stand out. 1) When I was a teenager, I had a dream about being at school and that it was under the sea. You could look up through the glass ceiling and see all the sea creatures swimming around. On this particular day at the school, I was wearing very high heels. I had just come out of assembly and was joking around with some friends, one of which gave me a playful shove. Due to wearing heels, I was off balance and therefore lost control of my psychokinetic powers and blasted the glass ceiling. All the water came flooding in and after that I was running around the school, pursued by the PE teacher, who wanted to expel me. 2) During my student days (in Brighton), I had a dream about catching a big, red bus with a friend but the bus caught fire and there was pandemonium. I woke from the dream, got up and turned on the TV. The first thing that came on the screen was the big, red bus that was blown up during 7/7 - I was astonished as it was exactly like the bus that had caught on fire in my dream that I had literally just woken from! I wouldn't say I am prone to premonitions but I think I definitely tuned into something that day.
  5. I posted a little bit previously in the Max Igan thread about some of the powerful astrology currently taking place. It is certainly worth a thread of its own. On 12th January, Saturn and Pluto were finally in exact conjunction in Capricorn (in tropical astrology) at 22.45 degrees. The Sun, Mercury, Ceres and Chariklo also joined this conjunction forming a powerful stellium which also coincided with a lunar eclipse in direct opposition. Jupiter and the South Node were also in Capricorn (around 7-8 degrees) and Uranus started to go direct again. Saturn and Pluto are both heavy weight planets and so too is the sign of Capricorn which is the sign associated with Saturn and thus providing a double whammy of Saturnian energy. This has been a massive event in the astrological world and no such line up has apparently happened since 1285 AD. It is thought by some that the alignment could be the prelude to the collapse of old power structures, volatility, dissolution and the revelation of secrets and corruption - a societal reset perhaps. Chariklo is causing a stir in the astrology world at the moment and is said to be calling to be integrated into our consciousness. She is said to have a deeply feminine energy operating from a loving connection to source and is thought to be the antidote to the heavy Saturn / Pluto transit, helping to dispel the polarity and assisting with the death of the old and making way for the new. Later this year, the outer planets will start moving away from the dense and slow earth energy of Capricorn associated with territorialism, excess, materialism, possessiveness, division and polarity. Saturn and Jupiter (in conjunction) will move into Aquarius in December 2020 - a very different energy which is thought will bring a change of values such as humanitarianism, innovation and a futuristic outlook - the downside of Aquarius being that it is an intellectual, technological and head-based energy and not necessarily in touch with the heart. https://www.astrology.com/article/2020-astrology-predictions
  6. Mitochondrial Eve

    Somethings in your thoughts, THEN its in your newsfeed.

    Welcome to the forum Livingthedreamhoney123. We have had a couple of similar threads recently - maybe you might want to take a look:
  7. Mitochondrial Eve

    Are we being told the truth about the past?

    I have come across this conundrum too when researching my family tree. Apparently everyone with European ancestry is supposed to be descended from Charlemagne and half the population of European men share Tutankhamen's DNA. An explanation is offered on this link: http://nautil.us/issue/56/perspective/youre-descended-from-royalty-and-so-is-everybody-else
  8. Mitochondrial Eve


    I would highly recommend Zero Point - there are 4 parts to it which I have embedded below:
  9. He was probably drawing similarities between the security guard and a Nazi - nothing deeper than that IMO. Perhaps drink was involved too.
  10. Mitochondrial Eve

    Why I lean towards the right wing

    Thanks for the link to the test - I took it and also came out as "left libertarian" which wasn't a surprise. I don't have much interest in politics though as it is all just pantomime as far as I'm concerned - as DI says, "the government always gets in". It's an illusion of choice. So I agree with you that the labels "left wing" and "right wing" are another way to divide us - to get us arguing amongst ourselves over surface issues and distracted from what is really going on behind all the smoke and mirrors. I think it's also a con into making people think that they are either one side of the spectrum or the other and that they can't have a mixture of views from different "wings" depending on what they feel is right and what makes sense.
  11. Mitochondrial Eve

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    The Eyes of Darkness is a thriller novel by American writer Dean Koontz which was released in 1981 and predicts a virus, like the Coronavirus, originating in the Wuhan region. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/wuhan-400-coronavirus-1981-novel-predicts-virus-origin
  12. Mitochondrial Eve

    Are we being told the truth about the past?

    Great thread muir :)! This calls for some input from the late Lloyd Pye who believed in the interventionalist theory for the creation of humankind - that we were genetically engineered as a slave race. He argues against the theory of evolution distinguishing between macro and microevolution. Among the evidence he presents to support his claims include: The fused chromosome 2 making mankind the only primate with 46 chromosomes rather than 48 which all others have (apes and monkeys). He states that it is not possible for chromosome 2 to have fused naturally. Over 4000 genetic disorders. Lack of body hair which he did not consider to provide any evolutionary benefit. Speech capability. Different and lighter bone structure including the feet which are poorly designed compared to our supposed ancestors giving an uneconomical style of walking. Who better to explain it that the man himself:
  13. Mitochondrial Eve

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    I remember Pound's black death thread on the old DIF - in fact, it's what made my buy 'Gods of Eden' by William Bramley and I wasn't disappointed. The black death chapter is one of the most compelling of the book alongside, IMO, the origins of the Brotherhood of the Snake and the Exodus. For those not familiar with the book, it makes the case that the black death was caused by biological agents which were deliberately released by ancient Custodial 'gods' to cause a pandemic and depopulation - the onset of which was accompanied by unusual celestial and aerial phenomena, mists, figures dressed in black holding scythes and UFO activity. Here is the video below from the old DIF thread where William Bramley was interviewed on the black death chapter.
  14. Mitochondrial Eve

    The 4 word game

    Don't suffer in silence
  15. Mitochondrial Eve

    Intuition: friend or foe?

    The Perception Deception by David Icke is quite a tome packed full of aspects of the conspiracy and the bit about the heart chakra is just a small part of the book. David Icke was filmed live at Wembley in 2012 and his 10 hour presentation was based on the Perception Deception - you can find this on Youtube. The video below is part 1 of the presentation. He starts speaking about the heart chakra from 1:05:00 into the video - perhaps you may want to take a look.