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  1. Mitochondrial Eve

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Good point and perhaps Prince Andrew played his part well in the interview after all and had me fooled. But what occurred to me is that I don't think he is a big fish in all of this but rather seems to be a mere pawn being played - perhaps knowingly, perhaps not. The interview was, on the face of it, a PR exercise with the supposed intention of quelling the concerns of the general public. However, it instead came across as poorly thought out and had the opposite effect - rather than allaying concerns, it has drawn more even attention to the Epstein matter. I wonder if this was the real intent behind it as I find it really hard to believe that such a car crash of an interview could take place through any means other than by deliberate design. When Epstein was found "dead" in suspicious circumstances, this also drew more attention to the matter. I wondered then what the purpose was behind having Epstein so publically suicided (if he is even dead at all). If even the MSM are questionning things, it makes me suspicious as they are one of the most powerful tools shaping our perception of events towards the goals of the agenda. Part of me wonders if the reason behind the Epstein exposure is to bring down existing power structures like the royal family, particularly if this is a Mossad operation, with a view to installing something else. Although I would be happy to see the back of the royal family, I think we would need to be very concerned as to what it is replaced with.
  2. Mitochondrial Eve

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    The Prince Andrew interview has, in my opinion, exposed how out of touch and naive he really is, combined with a lack of emotional intelligence. The lack of empathy for Epstein's victims was suggestive to me that the victims are not even on Prince Andrew's radar and worthy of consideration - perhaps they don't come from the requisite social standing to warrant his concern. He also doesn't regret his friendship with Epstein... whilst this is no doubt true, it doesn't make for good PR which was the whole point of this exercise and thus smacks of naivety. It was daft to say that he doesn't do parties and public displays of affection - anyone within the public eye with any nouse knows that pictures that contradict anything that you say will be on Twitter etc within minutes. Why would he make such a patently false statement? What he said about his medical condition which means he does not sweat is just lame. He tried to arouse some empathy from viewers by explaining that this was because he was shot at during the Falklands War but, if anything, this has angered people and has brought ridicule down on him. I don't think anyone believes that members of the royal family who serve in the armed forces nowadays are in any real peril. I have tried searching online for reduced sweating associated with trauma and, from what I have found, PTSD / adrenal fatigue sufferers seem to experience increased sweating rather than a lack of it. He was distancing himself from Epstein claiming that his association with him was due to his closer friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell. I think this will backfire on him as it seems pretty clear that Maxwell was in on anything and could have been Epstein's handler. For Prince Andrew to not know this, nor foresee the potential ramifications of more strongly associating with Maxwell, is baffling. He should have been distancing himself from both of them and supporting the victims instead. And to think that people will buy it that he only visited Epstein in 2010 to break up their friendship is taking the general populace for mugs. He had no need to visit him in person to do this, have dinner with Epstein, nor walk with him in the park to have the break up conversation. It only serves to create more anger in people when you appear to be taking them for fools. There are some clear untruths that were said during the interview. Having said that, I didn't detect real malice in him, more a predilection towards making grave errors of judgment, lack of foresight, ignorance and a complete lack of understanding of the real world having grown up within the bubble of the royal family followed by the isolation of serving in the navy. It's like he is living in a timewarp where he thinks that the plebs will still believe anything that comes from the mouths of the royal family and/or anything touted by the BBC and won't bother to fact check. Those days are gone and his team of advisers should know this, even if Prince Andrew doesn't. Like Lui said on another thread, it would appear Prince Andrew is being offered up like a sacrifical lamb with the full force of the MSM behind this. He is easy prey and has been set up in my opinion. Is this to quell the appetite of the baying masses or is there even more behind this? Why hasn't his team of staff advised him better? Is Prince Andrew cooperating with this set up or is he genuinely oblivious?
  3. Mitochondrial Eve

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Even if he was at Pizza Express in Woking for his daughter's party at 4pm, there would surely still have been plenty of time afterwards to travel to London and Ghislaine Maxwell's house where the photo was taken with Virginia Roberts some time that night. Woking is not far from London and surely he could have been chaufferred straight there.
  4. Mitochondrial Eve

    Why Magnesium is so good for you

    There were threads on the old DIF about magnesium - here is one of them: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=318447 In terms of my own experience taking magnesium, I tried it in the past in supplement form but found it quite upsetting to my stomach which is often the case with it. I then learned on the old forum about transdermal application of magnesium which bypasses the digestive system leading to greater absorption. I followed Grimstock's recommendations for making up my own magnesium spray using magnesium chloride flakes (of Zechstein rather than Dead Sea origin) - essentially slowly heating and melting a quantity of the flakes in distilled water (I cheat and use spring water) and then place it in a spray bottle. I have noticed a number of benefits, most notably thicker hair, softened skin and probably lowered anxiety too. I had been experiencing some mild but itchy eczema which has now been eradicated. The main thing to watch with the spray is that it can cause a skin reaction - in my case, I had massive outbreaks of whiteheads in my chest and back areas. I have now stopped spraying those areas and just stick to feet, legs, torso and arms. Also, contrary to most people, I have to spray in the morning as it seems to impact my sleep rather than promote it.
  5. Mitochondrial Eve

    Secret Space Program

    I was reading Lloyd Pye's book 'Everything you Know is Still Wrong' around the time I signed up for this forum and took my inspiration for my screen name from there. I find the possibilities of our human origins, and the search for our 'Mitochondrial Eve', fascinating.
  6. Mitochondrial Eve

    Council Members

    This is what I get when I search for Tealady's posts: The posts are ordered from most recent first. This suggests that her last post was made on 24th Oct 2018 which was way before any announcement was made about the new forum... I have searched the threads about the new forum but cannot find anything there either...
  7. Mitochondrial Eve

    Council Members

    You might be able to PM her still on the old forum?
  8. Mitochondrial Eve

    Council Members

    I have tried searching for Tealady's warning on the old forum but had no joy - it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Does anyone know how to find her post or, even better, post the link?
  9. Mitochondrial Eve

    Out of Place Artifacts (OOPARTS)

    On the subject of the red-haired skeletal remains, I have skimmed through the old thread but didn't see anything about the Paracas skulls. (Also, many of the images have fallen off the old thread so may be worth restoring to this one - please feel free to help). The Paracas Skulls https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/breaking-new-dna-testing-2000-year-old-elongated-paracas-skulls-changes-020914 https://www.gaia.com/article/what-are-paracas-skulls The Paracas skulls were discovered in 1928 in the Paracas desert in Peru. They are elongated, have red hair and mysterious unknown DNA. Whilst elongated skulls have been discovered before, they have usually been explained by the ancient practice of head binding. However, the Paracas skulls are structurally different from other human skulls as they lack the sagittal crease, have different eye sockets and because of the position of the foramen magnum (which is the hole in the skulls where the spinal cord passes through). They are also 25% larger and 60% heavier than a normal human skull. One of the skulls has been dated to 800 years ago and another to 2000 years ago. It has been shown that the red hair is not the result of bleaching and is genetic. This is curious as red hair originates in the Middle East and Europe and is not thought to be native to South America. DNA testing suggests genetic mutation which has never been seen before which could have caused the skulls to become elongated. Another possibility which has been suggested is that the skulls belonged to the nephilim or some other unknown human-like creature. The DNA also showed a haplogroup of H2A which is found most frequently in Eastern Europe with bone sample from the most elongated skull showing as T2B which originates from the Mesopotamian fertile crescent region.
  10. Mitochondrial Eve

    Things Ickelets need to fight:

    It seems we spend most of our time fighting each other...
  11. Mitochondrial Eve

    Council Members

    I think a modified version of the rant room could be the answer to these issues. The main issue with the rant room on the old DIF was that entire threads, which had often started out with the best intentions, could easily be hijacked and end up in the rant room. The less inflammatory contributions went with it. If threads start to turn abusive or turn into a catfight which divert from the topic at hand, should not the members responsible be placed in the rant room rather than the entire thread? There will of course then be disputes from members as to why they have been placed in 'quarantine'...
  12. Mitochondrial Eve

    Council Members

    I think this is a good idea and, like the old rant room, the 'quarantine' should only be visible to members of the forum and not the public at large. There are concerns that there are infiltrators looking to discredit the forum and deliberately stirring up trouble - if such posts were moved to a less visible area of the forum, the reputational implications could be minimised.
  13. Mitochondrial Eve

    The 4 word game

    Some light relief was
  14. Mitochondrial Eve

    Council Members

    I don't think Vancity or Berten60 should have been banned outright.
  15. Mitochondrial Eve

    Out of Place Artifacts (OOPARTS)

    Thanks for posting this video - I have now watched it and found it fascinating. I haven't read Andrew Collins' work yet but will no doubt order some of his stuff soon. I am currently working my way through Graham Hancock's book 'America Before,' referred to in the video, and which is what gave me the inspiration for reviving this thread. I wasn't aware that the Denisovans were so large in stature. This has huge significance in terms of piecing our origins together due to, as I am sure most readers of this thread are aware, the so called myths about the giants and nephilim. Were the Denisovans the nephilim? The discovery of the Denisovans certainly goes a long way to explain the giant skeletons which have been found, many of which have been uncovered in the Americas where the native inhabitants have a larger amount of Denisovan DNA. The fact that Denisovan DNA is found spread out from Siberia to the Americas and Australasia, combined with the artifacts found in the cave, is suggestive of a considerably advanced species with artistic sensibility and, quite possibly, the ability to sail and navigate the oceans. The Adena Elite hypothesis part was interesting too in that the giant skeletons were buried surrounded by smaller, human skeletons. It is believed that the giants were the "Adena elite" and were the keepers of knowledge and shamans. This has obvious parallels with the legends of the natives about Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan, the deities who arrived from the sea with their superior knowledge in order to teach the natives skills including written language, agriculture and mathematics etc. These deities were reported to have been fair skinned and red haired and are associated with serpents.