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  1. gregory-peccary

    Disturbing David Nordahl painting

    No. The child on his right is black as is the one with his pants half down. It is dark, owls are nocturnal so of course there is an owl.
  2. gregory-peccary

    Polio epidemic: anybody old enough to remember?

    An anecdote - a woman I know now nearly 70 had polio as a child, she is still disabled. Her mother had already lost one child, and then to have another with polio she was distraught and close to a nervous breakdown. The GP recommended she have another child. and so my mate John was born.
  3. gregory-peccary

    Any flat earthers about?

    Explain how how eclipses and different stars in the Northen and Southern hemisphere, and different day lengths in Northern and Southern hemispheres work in the flat earth model. That's al you have to do. And if we are being picky, explain tides too...
  4. gregory-peccary

    Let's revive monarchy !

    No. Monarchy is evil. I name Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Prime Parasite and her brood as Secondary Parasites.
  5. gregory-peccary

    The Handmaid's Tale

    No. Think of it as any heavy-duty religious bullshit expanded into the nutter religious right wing in America. Read the book. NOTHING in there has anything to do with family values. Think Islam at its worst or judaism at its worst.
  6. gregory-peccary

    The Handmaid's Tale

    Read the book seen the film watched the series listened to 'The Testaments'. Start by reading the book. The series builds on the book and then moves on beyond it - sometimes in quite irritating ways!
  7. If you can guarantee the 5G death rays will kill christians and conservatives in the way he promises I am all for it!
  8. gregory-peccary

    Do jobs matter ?

    Latin? What's wrong with latin? Did us good to learn it! Learning coding won't harm but they can out-source your job overseas in a matter of hours. The company I work for now out-sources a lot of coding to the Czech Republic and India. Installation and maintenance cannot be out-sourced. Fancy being a plumber or electrician? Train driver - very well paid if you can get in. The NHS will get you a job for life with added hassles - choose what you do for them wisely! The NHS have quite a few number-crunching jobs using SQL and Excel if you fancy it.
  9. gregory-peccary


    Don't believe anything. Accept only what is demonstrably true. The latter is a bit hardcore so instead you can go along with what sounds reasonable. A bit of thought and a bit of research will easily identify the twaddle. Never trust an adult with an imaginary friend. That alone will save you from the God-Botherers no matter which God they bother.
  10. gregory-peccary

    Do jobs matter ?

    If you don't want to work for someone you get to be self-employed. First thing you will need to do is to learn a bit of accountancy - cash flow is king, knowing what is making money knowing what is losing money is very useful info. Learn a bit of contract law too so you don't get shafted by whoever you are doing business with. And then... What to do you want to be self employed at? You could learn to make guitars and be a luthier. You could be a currency trader. You could be an actor. etc etc etc. Fancy your chances as a novelist? You could decide not to work hard for a living but to stay poor with a minimum of possessions. I know people that made that choice and they do not regret it. I got a BSc in Electronic Engineering and worked at various places in Europe and Asia, did very well thank you and I am now winding down ready for retirement. Would I make the same choice if I was young now? Probably not.
  11. gregory-peccary

    Friday the 13th ​🐈

    It is all bollocks. There are many black cats in the world. I have lived with one of them, nice friendly furry-purry cat he was. Died of old age. Friday 13th supposedly goes back to when Peter the Fair king of France rounded up the Templars. Does anybody remember when having the third light from a match to light your cigarette was bad luck? Supposedly dates back to World War 1. First light the sniper spots you. Second light he's getting ready. Third light BANG you're dead.
  12. gregory-peccary

    The Hz sound question and healing a disabled child

    Google 'Harry Partch' for more than you wanted to know about Just Intonation and why 43-tone per octave tuning is best. You might even find some mp3 files. One of my favourite composers.
  13. gregory-peccary

    The Hz sound question and healing a disabled child

    Jimbo, the 528Hz Miracle Tone stuff sounds nice and relaxing so that alone might be good for your daughter. However for the best audio quality don't use YouTube, they use some heavy duty compression. The $0.99 mp3 download from Amazon should be better. However, even mp3 is not ideal. It uses some really clever methods to hide noise but it does create artifacts - sounds that were never present in the original. If you want to hear it for yourself rig up a system to convert a pure sinewave to mp3. Listen to the result. You can hear the added distortion. You can do it on your laptop with the right software. I did a quick search for the CDs but all I could find were mp3 downloads. IF Meditative Mind are as good as they think they are I would expect them to know not to use mp3 and to sell real CDs. Then we get onto tuning and musical scales... Equal Temperament is what you are used to. Every song, tune, orchestral work you have ever heard is Equal Temperament. The 'Perfect Fifth' is not a perfect fifth in equal temperament. For the simple relaxing sound-scape you want for your daughter and no matter what tuning they use 'A 440Hz', 432 Hz, 528Hz the scale used should be one of the Just Temperaments. There are many of them! For the relaxing background the 528Hz gives I would be looking at a pure Pythagorean tuning. Your Chakras will thank you for it, they were around for millenia before Equal Temperament came on the scene. The right software will let you create never-ending 528Hz Pythagorean Scale soundscapes. You might want to ask a musician friend to help. Starting from scratch on your own will take a while... You can get a nice sound system for your laptop for a £100 or less. It will be mains powered, have 2 small speakers and a subwoofer to handle the low frequencies. My Yamaha system is 20 years old and still works fine. For serious listening I have a proper big HiFi - and yes it will be better! Not cheap though.
  14. gregory-peccary

    Jeremy Corbyn

    Yes, but that is because you are corrupt Italians! One of many reasons why we voted to leave the EU.
  15. gregory-peccary

    Are there any genuine Flat Earth believers here?

    the reply from oz93666 is good enough. Try this:- https://earthsky.org/earth/what-keeps-earths-atmosphere-on-earth and I suppose you agree with -KITN- KittilsVogel , or is that you?