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  1. gregory-peccary

    What are statins all about?

    What?!? What is the name of this section? 'Health and Medical' Have you read any of the other posts in this section? 50% at least needs that stern warning! And what I wrote cannot be construed as medical advice by anybody. All I did was what Seeker asked, I gave a short reply with the barest of info on statins.
  2. gregory-peccary

    What are statins all about?

    If you have a high chance of having a heart attack then statins are worth taking despite the side effects. Tomorrow you could have a heart attack that will kill you but the statins will take years to kill you. If you don't have a family history of your relatives dying young from heart attacks and you eat a healthy diet and take exercise and all that good stuff then don't bother with the statins. Many people are in between those two extremes and the statistics show that in the long run taking statins is better. Then it becomes your choice. 50:50. Heads or Tails? Mod edit: Remove my comment as it is covered by the terms and conditions and I didn't need to make it .... my bad
  3. What she said. It's bollocks. And cheaply made.
  4. gregory-peccary

    ThIs Isn't The Awakening

    Mr A, that is just nasty. I hope the god-botherers pray for you.
  5. gregory-peccary

    Living in the Age of Anything Goes

    I actually watched all 20 minutes of that god-botherer wittering on. What is the problem with The Human League apart from their music being crap? I knew Martin Ware and Phil Oakey. ELP and Roxy Music etc fans for the most part along with Velvet Underground and their ilk of course. Phil Oakey had a very nice custom Laverda Jota motorcycle. The hair and make up and stuff was just ShowBiz and shock value. I sold Martin Ware a gold shirt I bought, he coveted it and wore it on stage. Heavens, my mother made me remove black nail varnish ala Brian Eno before I went to school when I was 14. Oh, and The Human League were NOT glam rock! Synth Pop is what they were. And so to clothes. I like flares. A friend of mine to this day still makes his wife sew side panels into ordinary jeans to make them flares just like in the good old days. Then we get right down to it. What precisely is wrong with gay rights? Or transexual rights for that matter. I agree there is too much transgender stuff around now, mainly people unable to cope with being gay if you ask me. But a bloke I knew waited until his parents were dead before going in for gender re-assignment surgery. She is now in her early 70s and quite happy. Would YOU deny her the happiness of being what she was meant to be? Obviously the god-botherers in here would. Body modification? Why not? Mainly I'm happy with my body. I quite fancy a penis extension op of course, but equally, if it is working you don't want to risk messing with it!
  6. I can't be doing with god-botherers no matter which god they bother. You always end up with little bits of 'truth' drowned in religious bollocks. It's Karma. And I'll leave it at that.
  7. gregory-peccary

    Modern music is shocking

    Yes, that's true. Chart music has ALWAYS been shit. The odd good song makes it through, but mainly chart music is and always has been shit. Is there good new music? Yes! From modern classical to jazz to indie to downright weird - there is some excellent new stuff out there.
  8. gregory-peccary

    Stop watching TV

    Please, do explain exactly how that happens. Star Trek is full of Satanists? Jean-Luc Picard? Patrick Stewart is from Huddersfield! Not your average occult hotspot...