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  1. zArk

    The British occupation of Ireland.

    for godness sake, british, catholic church, islam, judaism are all forms of the same solar cult with the same god, Akhenaten. A monotheistic religious cult, perverting the minds of all their subjects throughout the centuries and millenia. the petty 'family' squabbles result, in most part, in the death of people subjected to the family crap it the lunatic family arguments that people have deal with why, even on this forum, it is not the basis for all discussion is a sad indictment of the poor knowledge being disseminated
  2. zArk

    The British occupation of Ireland.

    is it the time period that throws you or the shape /design that you refuse to acknowledge? it is a temple but i guess you are not agreeing with the 'masonic' attachment
  3. zArk

    The British occupation of Ireland.

    newgrange is a masonic temple so what gives with the history lesson at this point?
  4. zArk

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    like it makes any difference
  5. zArk

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    common sense has nothing to do with politics. common sense is not a worldly thing common sense is of the people mixing it into a discussion regarding government regulation is misguided at best
  6. zArk

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    ERMMM now its the government that wants to enact ? it was regulation lobbists last post i think it is entirely healthy to have great suspicion and resistance regarding any attempted regulation of peoples choices the government, anywhere, wants to enact.
  7. zArk

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    hang on, now this is about deep state proxies??? you are off on one fella .... how is regulating weapons going to stop or dissuade people from becoming death squads? lol, i cant imagine the Hillary 30 September Movement happening in the US lol Vancity the links between national groups, 'deep state' (funny term really) , the government and the world system is pretty simple. Its a solar cult, Atenism. It is masonic. It permeates throughout all top organisations (countries, corporations, companies, charities, councils) Its function is to dominate and subjugate. Even the 'founding fathers' were worshipers of Ahkenaten. I am all for the removal of all weapons, all guns, all missiles, all bombs but the regulation lobby is not interested in peace, it is interested in following orders from the ivory towers
  8. zArk

    Madeleine McCann - The Story Continues

    Columbo couldnt sort this mess out. If the mccanns did kill maddie -- how did the police fail to find a body ?-- without a body you aint got shit Wheres the murder weapon? Noone heard any screams. Noone reports any violence by either parent As it stands i am in the court of 'she was abducted'
  9. zArk

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    i forgot the Chinese really enjoyed the Japanese 'visitors' during WW2... i know this because i watched IP MAN ;)
  10. zArk

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    surely you realise that your perspective and agenda is that of the State over the individual. not once, ever, have i heard the anti-gun lobby groups talk about removing soldiers guns, military weapons or the money being made by companies out of nation wars , interventions or 'defence'. you see? the agenda you push has nothing to do with preventing killing or stopping companies making money out of death. it is all to do with the supporting 'insert worldly entity' 's dominance over people
  11. zArk

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    NZ PM has called Tarrant -- nameless .... she wont utter his name. lol, maniacs. Is 'they' going to erase the name from all news websites ... rewrite history immediately. this will be an interesting watch
  12. zArk

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    yeah, you dont want 5000 years imprisonment
  13. zArk

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    i mentioned Gladio especially as this killer was 'in and out' of Syria and Turkey Turkey was a key operations base for Gladio AND more recently a key operations base in the EU (receiving £9 billion) for overseeing unrecorded migration to and from 'the west' to 'the middle east'
  14. zArk

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    going back centuries British helping create the Muslim Brotherhood -- al-banna and lord cromer more recently Operation Gladio establishing European underground for Fascists which are still be used to organise fascists of all religious backgrounds
  15. zArk

    allopathic or homeopathic remedies?

    well, i was trying to point out that 'greed' and 'lust' are derivatives of desire. Desire has been wrote about by many philosophers and psychologists in different ways even the want to change things one way or another is desire voting is an allopathic approach and one which doesnt suprise me has and is failing removing ones person from the electoral register could be done .. the idea that if the non-registered people out numbers those people on the register the power shifts but then is that allopathic? how would the non-participation in the political system spread through society?