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  1. zArk

    xstreams taken down

    https://torrentfreak.com/xtream-codes-iptv-system-targeted-in-massive-police-operation/ what makes this worrying/disgrace/illegal is that xstream is a registered business, providing software xstream codes do nothing illegal the implication is anything the corporate controlled police want to seize, on behalf of a 3rd party, they will regardless of any illegality as with many programs and real. life tools, they could be used for a crime. due to EU law i do not see xstream codes coming out of this well. if the company was uk or us based it would have a solid case for loss
  2. capitalism and communism are unreal both based upon ownership ownership occurs through a form of payment payment is dominately in the form of money all money is debt debt is negative usury adds money onto the debt there will never be a 0 balance for money a negative figure is a theorectical premise all things created through this system of theory is theorectical itself, although it is also material, it is hyperreal it is tainted, dirty, infected. it is an unliving representation. it is a completely separate reality mimicking perfectly the real
  3. @The Apprentice its =a= uppaside down --- and wronga way around - the Atenist Cult which led people into the new age of pisces distorted mans psyche mans relationship with nature (earth, space, sun, stars) was flipped man became subject . the pantheonic majesty became a uni-star scape the above is the sun, saturn, uranus, planets and stars, the below is man , a twisted philosophy to control man the internal zodiac is being manipulated and man is ignorant
  4. the new world order are those following precession , the age of Aquarius << the flower power new agers of the 60's and 70's are heads of industry and business now the old world order are those stuck-in-the-muds, the age of Pisces of course its a complete swizz . not precession but that the NWO goes naturally with aquarius but implements technological control mechanisms, eradicates rights of man, whereas the old world order becomes stagnant holding onto Pisces while also protecting rights of man its a con job, either way the world is being corrupted , tainted , the ways are dangerous now its all about the psyche of man. as it is above so it is below
  5. zArk

    Parliament should Legislate to Block Prorogation

    self determining? i dont think so. power comes from the people, parliaments actions are rooted in people people are sovereign parliament is a proxy in recent times one sees parliament attempting to break free of its strings alas a mess ensue blacks law 4th edition Sovereignity a body in which independent and supreme power is vested.
  6. the MO of all conspiracy theories is that an alternate history exists, hidden deliberately from the public the implication is 1. that a deceivious group controlled elements of society (the media especially) 2. history is deceiving 3. history is partial 4. history is directed at the individual 5. history is , like memories of the real, the bread and butter of the 'self' the evolution of history in the political sense is one that represents the power base and following this political sense we can appreciate how the assumed power relationship between Government and the People is not secure as it was prior to the 'education of the masses' through libraries and now the internet the evolution of history is a philosophical sense would be another layer of controlling history to a partial narrow others viewpoint, regardless of politics or ultimate ruler of the state. the dependancy upon social history to define oneself is a sickness , a trick , the simulacra. it appears as bound to ones own personal experience, with no gaps or separation i see the newbies to conspiracy theories being in a state of mental breakdown, as the social self is being eroded -- as social history is questioned, the breakdown can either result in a clean break with the contaminated social self or a electromagnetic response drawing one back into the social fold. the poltical desire to maintain the mental break down in order to exploit the weak self for nefarious means i do not see the social history as an attack upon myself i see the social history as itself, separate from who i am of course in a community i am at the mercy of the group as to how they define me as well
  7. zArk

    Parliament should Legislate to Block Prorogation

    how about Parliament dishonouring a Referendum ? People are above Parliament, without People, Parliament is nothing, it would have no power. and Parliament is not being prevented from doing anything. The session ended and its quite normal for a new PM to close parliament for a Queens Speech basedupon the new Pm's direction
  8. zArk

    World’s first gender neutral penguin unveiled in London

    i see the stages of the steps into madness 1. forms require the applicant to state Male or Female -- Sex 2. equal opportunities erases the declaration of Sex due to bias so Sex is changed to Gender 3. Gender is written and the choices become M OR F --- discretely Masculine / Feminine (due to space on the paper form??) 4. the Initials are latched upon in later years and changed to Male or Female leaving Gender as the question 5. forms spring up everywhere online, sign ups, more than ever known before 6. the new speak of Gender being Male Female become embedded in minds 7. software comes with pre-written sign up forms , Gender --- Male or Female (convenience) 8. social justice groups pushing for inclusiveness notice this and exploit the fluidity of Gender 9. Gender is undoubtedly cultural, fluid and can be personal and is supported by professionals as correct 10. the world moves into madness
  9. zArk

    How to wake up the masses?

    those people are not the same. they would have got it already if that way inclined. if you try to 'wake em up' youll end up being the command controller, sad really. best foot forward, support those researching
  10. zArk

    A top button at the bottom of the page

    home button works for me and end takes me to bottom, unless youre on a smart phone then forget it
  11. zArk

    Predictions prior to 9/11

    well actually its called the Simulacra, the hyperreal
  12. zArk

    World’s first gender neutral penguin unveiled in London

    gender is gender sex is sex hence the different words male is xy chromosomes female is xx cant change chromosomes, every cell of the body. if, as you assert, male and female is gender then gender is fixed but there remains tomboy or girlie. cultural expression of something exists to create the tomboy and girlie so gender must be separate from male/female. wearing certain clothes and acting in a certain way is culturally specific and culturally noticeable. it changes through time and cultures xx and xy doesnt change
  13. hmmm a minority group, largely scoffed at with plenty of farm land i wonder how quickly they will be served a compulsory purchase order when the city folk scream like needy children to their governors in the ivory towers
  14. zArk

    World’s first gender neutral penguin unveiled in London

    @Golden Retriever sam smith is a musician apparently Male or female or hermaphrodite is Sex Gender is Masculinity or Feminitiy Sex is fixed Gender is fluid and culturally specific the loonies are playing a game calling male a gender, thus attempting to argue Sex is fluid
  15. zArk

    World’s first gender neutral penguin unveiled in London

    heh sam smith is in on the act also