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  1. masonic temples built upon older temples, literally
  2. Walt Heyer is someone to reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYvkiq8EEJc
  3. zArk

    went to a Catholic 1st Communion

    bless you, written as a true christian with the belief that mr ugo may change his behaviour and clean up the urination OR go quietly out the sacristy however i think that one day he'll get bored of his current behaviour and burn the entire place down
  4. Dunno if any of you grew up in a church community or are in a freemason club or a golf club but on saturday, FA CUP day, i took the family to my neices 1st communion i spent quite a bit of time explaining to my little uns what was going on, why we didnt go up for the Eucharist etc etc i even mentioned to them about the ritual, the whole community follow the rules and proceedure of the service, how we are invited here to witness the ceremony and take little part but we are not part of the church or its community so we must show respect while we are here imagine one fella standing up when the priest invites everyone to kneel down one fella walking around the altar during the lords prayer one fella spitting on everyone and laughing at them when they are extending their hands and saying 'peace be with you' then i thought of this place :D imagine one fella running around pissing everyone off, clearly not inline with the majority of the members, basically pissing all over a forum that really, really should be a haven for people to sit back and discuss with like-minded people issues of the day i said to my lad, dont kick the kneeler cause its attached to that pew in front of us and those 10 people will feel your kick, imagine a fella running around this forum --kick --- kick ---- kick ffs,
  5. ahem, 'transgender' is a misnomer, its a con job to confuse and soften the issue its transsexualism and transvestism transgenderism is normal state for children and vital to the development of their psyche facing an sick tainted world sex education was instigated to young teenagers in an attempt to reduce teenage pregnancy....the morning after pill was more available at the same time now sex education is changed to what paedos love....sexualisation of children
  6. seriously did that fella pick his nose when saying "think, feel , do" ermm taking the piss? was he unable to rerecord that scene without picking his nose...? hes barely off his mums tit and trying to address a complex structure called the psyche hes a moron
  7. zArk

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    @mishy atm you may find this Rupert discussion stimulating or challenging but in the end the emotional vampire has endless energy of denial and provocation. he gets a kick out it , normal people watch September Clues and know its all fubar. normal people do not spend this inordinate amount of time in denial even if people dont agree exactly or mostly with others they do not argue like this, most are quite laid back and ponderous
  8. zArk

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    the creators of 9/11 overreached or 'jumped the shark' people werent and arent expected to become beyond tv, politics, /// beyond official guidance petitioning for Judicial review or Congressional review is the expectation ... the vampiric sucking of lives over decades is expected, dragging people through bureaucratic bollocks for years and years instead there is a spiritual and emotional break with the world. everything in the world is imminent. financial decisions are no longer long term everything is day by day. 9/11 is part of that world which headed for catastrophe
  9. i think the symbolic, the mirror - the monitor image -the tv - the book , has been hijacked and is the hyper-reality. horror films took this on george a romero --- day of the dead -- end scene with bub and the hands sam raimi - evil dead --- the studio light clearly seen in the middle of the woods, the mirror scene for ash aja -- mirrors -- it was a bit shit really but exploited the nuance the intriguing relationship with mirrors (reflections ) is that it allows oneself to view the existing unseeable self: 1. i can view my face (as an image not in the real) 2. i can view my back i would use this as an entry into a criticism of existing theory and launch development of a structured concept of identity through discussion of desire
  10. zArk

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    @David Stevenson everytime i see these videos they all scream "highly controlled area".
  11. zArk

    abortion news

    A couple of months ago New York state voted to legalise the killing of 'upto birth' babies as a choice of the mother in certain circumstances i did not see, hear or read any of this in a newspaper, uk tv news channel or radio station yesterday i was flooded with stories about a new abortion bill in Alabama, making illegal all abortions. tv, radio and newspapers have this reported everywhere. so why is one reported everywhere as evil and abhorrent but the other is ignored? Hector Bellerin (a footballer) has thrown his hat in the ring https://talksport.com/football/545687/arsenal-hector-bellerin-alabama-abortion-ban/ screaming "womans choice" --- ahem what about the choice of the baby?
  12. zArk


    i would always separate the real from the world. imo existence in the world is preordained, it is always/already. as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end my real however is upto me
  13. zArk

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    those groups that petitioned government for revisit of 9/11 were pathetically fpcussing upon issues perceived as 'palatable' for congressmen . clearly political sub groups the real issue for people was/is tv fakery and the planes its not going away and more and more people are coming to the position that 9/11 is all bullshit and the 5th column has suddenly and immediately become powerless all the rhetoric in the world now cannot alter facts