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  1. zArk

    Is society being sabotaged?

    i was seeing a girl, many years ago, who had a graduate position at Porten Down. She was fit. Just saying
  2. zArk

    Jesus Christ: The SUN of God

    i do hope you are well versed on the work of Ralph Ellis and his sources and references regarding Jesus, the bible, the old testament, talmud etc etc
  3. now this fella shows a bit as to where one gathers the cognition to adapt meaning to language the world or the real
  4. the sovereign's nation (the UK ) or the nation for sovereigns (the US) i think an area in Cornwall still speaks the old tongue, the last remaining local language. At the UK the sovereign's language has dominated and people forgot to use their old tongue people in private still play with language because people are able to think-on-their-feet, make decisions by themself.# here are two examples of people playing with language , they are not owned by the language. it is their tool. they break conventions and rules to portray their individual meaning
  5. thats fine but a clan/tribe/nation aint sovereign. clan/tribe/nation is a collective, as you say a sovereign is independent
  6. using people as a plural would follow: a people can be sovereigns people grant limited power to a corporation to perform a limited function a corporation cannot in any sense be sovereign as it is not independent , it is subject to people that empower it. a corporation, tribe, council, the world requires the mandate of people to exist a supreme power cannot be subject to anyone, the world /tribe/council/nation is subject to the people of course the goal of socialism and communism is to convince people to forgo their sovereignty and give their consent to being subject to the corporation they mandated however history shows how that kind of governance is smashed by people who refuse to be subject to the man made machine Mary Shelley wrote a book about it. the monster
  7. only a living entity can be sovereign a body in which independent and supreme power is vested a nation or a government cannot claim to have independent power as it is corporation comprising of multiple influences
  8. world powers are not and cannot be Sovereign people are Sovereign,
  9. dunno why its astounding. he tells you whats going on, openly and the interviewers just nod. its society over people he is mindless. a social entity dependent upon society for existence and has no knowledge of being real the 65m is societies wishful projection based upon 1. the poisoned water it supplies 2. the poisoned food it supplies 3. the immune suppressing environment it creates 4. crumbled economy creating more poverty all in all, if 65m dont get killed by this virus, it proves that people are more canny than society writes us up as
  10. zArk

    greatest kickboxing fight ever

    the beast had 110lbs on that poor fucker kimo could of destroyed beasts legs but beast was WTF! how can that be legal? like throwing a 50kg weight at someone eventually its gonna hit, the end
  11. i was crying with laughter
  12. immediately i thought of Invaders from Mars did he dig down and open a sink hole, fall in, the ground filled in again and thats that?