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  1. zArk

    War with Iran Confirmed

    Think it's crystal clear who is taking the international piss
  2. Everyones lungs have been cleaned out over the past 10 years.. The smoke on you causes the body to cough to remove the poison. Like a first cig, cough cough.. Then no cough. Decades of smoke neutralised everyone I feckin h8 these vapes. It's still nicotine N. B I did Allen car easy way to stop smoking. Was one of my great things of life
  3. zArk

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Common law, magna carta and court of record make UK and US law systems tolerable however the downside especially with these paedos and child killers is where is the : A. Accuser B. Witness C. Evidence ???? Without one of these the legal system attempts to move the court but is always overruled by the law. These fuckers know the law and hide behind it. As technology has moved on so have they. Evidence is bought and hidden See Cook report and Cameron and Ken clarke No evidence, no witnesses. Foooooooooooked Best we can hope for is more eyes watching these in ivory towers but they are building battlements
  4. zArk

    What water is best to drink?

    Silicea in homeopathy is easily available Fluoride not added to water here but no I don't add the pfe. I was thinking of a double system, using ceramic to get all the metals 3 tubs, top the berkey black, middle ceramic then the water capture at bottom. Farming run off and chemical treatment is my big removal plus the heavy metals from industry.
  5. zArk

    War with Iran Confirmed

    Sorry missed a page of this HOW CAN THE MAP BE TAKEN AS FACTUAL? if the US UK want public support any old crap will be portrayed The facts are known by the military and we are merely here for mandating personages to vote on war
  6. zArk

    What water is best to drink?

    Berkey black for me. Water memory is something I also consider
  7. zArk

    Fake greens and who one is

    @muir have you seen the fluoride deception by Chris Bryson, he says the modern environmental movement is based upon deception the donora smog killing livestock was infact caused by fluoride
  8. i have regular eye test for glaucoma and the eye drops they give ... wow.... pupil dilation massively ... wife says i look freaky but thats not the whole eye... still have white bits
  9. Man 1 --- "i have the cure for cancer and its free" Man 2 -- "hes shot and crippled a woman 15 years ago and did 8 years for it. Shes still in a wheelchair" END OF STORY
  10. these are the kinds of jobs i seek out O_0
  11. Warrington Borough Council bought the replacements posts and led's combined with leafnut tech have costed it at £20 million but the reduced costs of identifying broken bulbs and lower energy use has said the savings will balance the cost. there was a big stink about the change and the cost outlay LEAFNUT tech is used by Warrington Borough Council and i suspect most other councils for controlling the LEDs the leafnut tech has all lamposts communicating with a central point and i think each can 'speak' to one another. chester west council are the funniest though LOL ... you see the people at the council left to their own devices of thinking are morons with zero knowledge of anything SEE... IDIOTS IN THE COMMUNITY ..ITS bright white -- says so on the sticker , not blue light because blue light is blue LMAO ... thickooos
  12. Layers upon layers Such is the mysteries Threads to be picked and traced