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    New Forum Desires.

    Interview 5 was released 2014, I still remember when it came. From the top of my head - I recall the interview 3 and 4 was released 2000 - 2003. It can be checked. Honestly, I don't know if they were from 1997 or if they took place at all. . . there is a sense of mystery around the Wingmakers materials. I guess the information is what is key. I remember there were some (Anu) censors they had to pass in the early stages, therefore some of the things were purposely misleading so the censors wouldn't react or something along those lines. . . But they "hacked" the "back-door" open thus allowing the rest of the information. There is also the Ancient Arrow Project (AAP) ... if you are interested to read that story (or more about Neruda). I think there are 21 chapters or something.

    Take the Knee

    The other day I watched on the telly (mostly by accident or chance) the beggining of TERMINATOR: GENISYS ... it is the year 2029 - the enslaving robotarmy is fighting the "last stand" humans... hmm... I've never watched a whole Terminator movie, actually... I happened to notice that Arnold took the knee at Skynet, and Time Traveled to LA 1984 ... Just saw this the other day also, as seen in the Take the knee video by Mithochondrial Eve. . . I got sad... this was crazy. COMEDIAN ASKS WHITE WOMAN TO GET ON HER KNEES AND APOLOGIZE FOR HER “WHITE PRIVILEGE" https://www.bitchute.com/video/crGLC2YHNBA4/ Also from the Lord of the Rings... they take the knee... This was in the Movie version. It was a while ago I read the book but I don't think they did the masonic kneeling. . . I'll come back and correct myself when I have checked this up.. unless someone else does.

    altercations with the true covidiots, minor or major

    Thanks! I wasn't logged on here yesterday. And today, I was actually feeling down , for an unknown reason (maybe some problems from a past concussion ?)... So when I saw this, it cheered me up - instantly. Let's try to keep our moods strong, it is not easy always, and maybe not required always . . . but I promise that I personally from now on will always try to re-establish the positive mood ASAP. I'll try to stay extra strong because of the love. Bless you. All of you. P.S. Special message to the 77th brigade, Swedish FRA and other Sheepie morons. . . I have NO respect for you. In the end you will have to forgive yourselves - go stab your masters or something. True love with a touch of honor, feels better than to be a bribed or a scared slave.

    New Forum Desires.

    Interesting. What's NEOM? as for the wingmakers... let's see who makes it first at the new forum. It was your idea, but I have no problem against starting it.

    altercations with the true covidiots, minor or major

    AAH! This thread makes me laugh... the stories... You people are great - I love you! I wish we would all live in the same village, I would like to surround myself with authentic, living, loving, valorous people, like found here. I live in a small village, pretty much everybody knows everybody... I haven't seen any locals wear a mask because it is a little village or because it is Sweden, I don't know which one is the reason. My guess is that villagers are harder to scare... while City dwellers will comply easier... but both can be and are brainwashed. I don't really have a good story, but I've seen some occasional social distancing heroes. We got tourists here and they have masks. I've seen a great increase in Germans also... they have been moving into Sweden for a long time now... I don't know if the Germans coming here are awake or not but the looks are often like rave party hippies / off grid folk - they live outside the village in their vans, trucks, tents etc. They have like communities outside of villages (throughout Sweden), they "hang" there and shop in the village... they are not integrating either, just buying some pieces of land and then coming " en masse " to hide or something. I bet they secretly want this place for themselves. The only thing I can say is that when I pay cash, people look uneasy, both the shoppers in the que and the store worker - which tells me they believe the lies. I've tried to tell them a couple things here and there over the counter, and encouraged them to tell it to the ones they love. . . but I don't think they have. I try to be polite at all times, I don't engage in verbal battles - I suck at them too (but I get better). . . I am a big guy, so if someone tries to physically hurt me - I will slam them with the Earth - throw them on their arse. Luckily I haven't found myself in that situation ever in my adulthood.
  6. Ok, that was "weird". . . the experience, I mean. Concept of Interdimensional entity is not really that weird it is what we used to be / can still be (are). But there are different interdimensional beings and entities, I'm sure. We were interdimensional beings while we were the Atlanteans, before the "hijack" or the deception by the Anunaki to trap us in our own human instruments that we created (the Neanderthal type?) to further explore this Earth. The bodies they then modified (together with the Sirians and the Serpents) - now we are trapped, or have been for a long time - soon it is all over, I believe. We will be free again, just a matter of time (but I believe we must represent truth to achieve this). Your story inspired me to write this now. My grandfather was able to see spirits (that's seeing into (after life) the Astral Plane ? I guess, (death realm = a part of the "hologram of deception" to recycle us in re-incarnation). My grandfather also remembered that he died onboard of a ship - being the captain of it. It went under in a mighty storm on the ocean. When he was a little child in the 1930's he told everybody about a ship, and named correctly all the "parts"... the grown ups at the time concluded that he was talking about an old ship, from 16th or 17th century. I've heard we get (recycled / re-incarnated) with 10 generations apart (roughly 160 - 300 years ) new bodies. We don't die - we "go to death realm", and it is a trap ? I'm trying to be humble and open for different possibilities, but at the same time I must admit - this is what I believe at the moment and have for a little less than a decade. I am open to the possibility that I might have got it wrong, altogether or parts of it, but also I don't feel right now that I have been led astray. . . in the past I KNOW I HAVE been led astray, different wacky beliefs. . . like the (old) Yoga stuff, I can't even remember the book any more really was it pravaha gita or something the hare-krishna stuff, and various "New Age" stuff. I believe they are only half-truths - like the bible. Jesus wasn't son of the Biblical God (Biblical God = Allah = The leader of the Anunaki - the selfproclaimed one - not real God = Creator ) ... that's one lie. I know the existence of Jesus is doubted... but he came here without the birth process - just manifested. I'm not trying to convince you... just got the writing fever, and laying it out how I see it, based on what I've "learned" throughout the years now. Regarding shapeshifting, spirits and interdimensional beings - I haven't seen them in person. I might "lack" the ability to do so. But I once saw a strange woman (looking like in the 30's), with a little child that looked possessed. I reacted to the eyes looking really weird, and she/he SCREEAMED! the whole time in an odd suffering way. It was in the subway, she was sitting across me and holding the child in her lap, even she had weird eyes - an empty (dark) gaze of some sort... she did nothing "loving" to the child either, just held her. This was when I was a teen, and had not yet came into contact with anything "weird" (like conspiracies & corruption).

    Another message from a spirit guide

    Skilled group of musicians.


    Here's a great group from Sweden ... They are a "ploy" but they are deep with their lyrics, and GOOD music. So check this if you like to listen to a song in Swedish, live from Stockholm 2014... and some Swedish girls Ha! Electric Banana Band

    Royal Navy veteran, microwave weapons.

    Well I don't know actually... but as Joe Imbriano said ... they'll claim they have been upgrading the Airconditioning system (AC) in schools ... so ask them at the school if they have "upgraded" their AC. Then you'll know.

    Man City 3 Arsenal 0 BLM 5 .... Demons

    Yeah, I'm not watching the Swedish football either... I did watch some sports show about the first round of football... I didn't see them kneel, but they had the silent minute... and the sports show was fake because they acted like they did some questions "live" or they did but it was pre-planned the whole show, but they acted like it was not... nothing was authentic - it was so stupid to watch. Everything is so stupid right now.

    Royal Navy veteran, microwave weapons.

    Wow, really profound and deep comments for sure. I feel like I am alone . . . but I might be wrong... at least I am not noticing anyone talking about these things in my local areas... I live in a small village in Sweden. I have tried to talk about this, but folk don't get it really. Maybe we will succeed. But I also feel the same as you, that it doesn't feel like that we are enough at the moment. In Sweden we are behind the nastiness that you have in UK... but I've seen four baby towers (smaller 5g towers) already, not in my area but not far from it. I've seen telecommunication companies at the local school... by autumn children on this world will get killed by the oxygen absorbing properties of WiFi ? Parents need to wake up... NOW! I'll go fucking tell them tomorrow, or within this month at least. Maybe they'll all believe when they've heard it first and then it happens... I don't really know what to do other than speak the truth... Icke said we all have our unique ways to contribute (tell the truth)... and that we need to SPEAK our truth, or we won't have any freedom.

    Nuclear war

    This topic, as is the custom of many of the topics on this forum - is deep down the rabbit hole. I would not be aware of this if I wouldn't have checked this thread. . .

    Royal Navy veteran, microwave weapons.

    Shit . . . Why is it that bright? do you have a hypothesis? Joe Imbriano said that the oxygen absorbing "beams" don't come from street LED lamps unless they have a. . . can't remember the exact words... some (white) device on top of it.

    Royal Navy veteran, microwave weapons.

    I found this now... Title is horrible. He seems to be into everything that we on this forum are into... anyway title is: The second wave-the planned 60GHz millimeter wave attack in schools

    Royal Navy veteran, microwave weapons.

    Joe Imbriano seems to know much about the LED lights... and he is also aware of the millimeter waves, and the microwave weapons. He talks about the oxygen absorbing effects of 5G.