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  1. Rich Planet does appear inaccessible on BT at least. An easy fix is to use Opera with its in-built VPN option. Once enabled Rich Planet is present.
  2. Pre-Raphaelite

    The truth about cancer

    The pharmaceutical and medical establishments love cancer. It's a real money maker, and Cancer Research in the UK spends around £100 million per annum in fundraising, £500 million in "research", and employs thousands of staff earning over £60k+ pa and more than 20 staff on £100k+ pa. Also, factually, is a man formerly involved researching prostate and breast cancer for many years, who states uneqivocally that once a potential cure becomes apparent the pharmaceutical companies place a patent block on it. The charity Cancer Research is fraudulent, although a great many of its employees are innocent victims said to be working towards a cure (which will never happen via this organisation). Medical treatments make a lot of money to be shared around so there is no incentive to halt the millions being made out of cancer patients. A pity that people Running For Cancer fail to delve deeper to discover the plain truth. Perhaps with more awareness spread the evil empires that some charities are will be toppled and fall. Here is just one video well worth watching.
  3. Pre-Raphaelite

    What the climate change hoax is all about

    I watch very little TV but just recently having caught a few snippets from the BBC over coffee I soon switched off. In two days we had 'Climate Change' nonsense and propaganda on Victoria Derbyshire, The main news and (at some length) Winter Watch. The planet has undergone climate changes throughout milennia. I imagine the only thing the planet need worry about is the pompous conceit and sheer arrogance of the human race.
  4. Pre-Raphaelite

    Is sport a waste of time

    I don't think sport is a waste of time. It's like Orwell said, plus in many cases gives the youth something to aspire to. I have no issue with men ogling cheerleaders and find it questionable why Formula 1 sanctimoniously ditched grid girls. One of my friends could have been one!
  5. Pre-Raphaelite

    message from Pleiadeans

    Where to begin about Marciniak? I'll start with the above. "This year, on Jan 11/12th, the start of the breakdown of many vital institutions." Similar claims were made 2008-12. Same old. "From 2020 to 2029 is the turning point for humanity." Last time the 'big year' was 2012. And? "Larger plan to eliminate freedom and population." No prizes for guessing where that was extracted from. "Repo market crisis is from banks falling apart, but foreign banks may collapse first, before US banks. Will take a decade for financial system to be restored." The Pleiadeans brought us this?? "Years 2022, 2023 and 2024 will be most intense for U.S." Pretty much the same as cited for the years circa 2012. "High probability Trump will be reelected." A meritless statement designed to sound knowledgeable and reel in newbies. "Some of the world's wealthiest people are not even human, they have been replaced." Any evidence? No, none. Classic copyist stuff. Barbara Marciniak has been spouting the same and similar old stuff for years, formerly under the Pleiadean Times. It's sad, pitiful that people are taken in by this money-making scam, and even today she is asking $5 to hear her latest musing. What she said in 2012 (all quotes word for word):- "The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012.” and “Enormous changes are occurring everywhere on Earth, as well as within and beyond your solar system. The sun has demonstrated increasingly high levels of solar storm and electrical activity, as well as a distinct increase in brightness; an increase in brightness can also be seen throughout the system as some of the planets and their moons appear to be glowing….” and “As noted by many astronomers, magnetic pole shifts, huge changes in atmospheric pressures and temperatures, and unusual fluctuations in magnetic fields are taking place throughout the solar system. Something very big is obviously occurring and once again, the controlled media is doing their best to create another shell game of diversions and distractions away from the looming issues of massive systemic changes.” Condescending, patronising nonsense. Is this sounding familiar yet? How about this:- “When the planet Venus entered your solar system ages ago, it was captivated by the sun. Celestial objects that enter the system are not merely balls of ice or pieces of matter accidentally falling through space; consciousness permeates every aspect of the field of existence.” It's an old form of trickery. Found a 'spiritual' periodical, sprinkle it with human catastrophe and point to some interstellar saviour/s. Add a few fundamental heath and lifestyle philosophies peppered with a 'dawn of a new age' angle and they're hooked (and will pay for the privelege of being misled in the fatal belief the person is a celestial contact bringing you good tidings from the dark light years). The new age of consciousness is actually unconsciousness in many ways, i.e. a willing gullibility to believe patent nonsense without a shred of evidence. And it is so easy to do, as many have shown and continue to do so because people are looking for answers. Think on it. Why would some far off alien species purportedly here to help mankind solely channel through a person who is charging you for the information? It is complete bunkum, utter nonsense. These charalatans operate in deception and self-delusion, and any claim of their 'research' is merely derived from other fraudsters and wishful thinking. Religious and contactee cults need exposing for the nonsense they trade in.
  6. Pre-Raphaelite


    Geller: Confidence fraudster, egomaniacal self-publicist and a proven fake. Yet tell people something enough times and many will believe it...poor dears. Who is the sadder - Geller, or those who believe him? Bending metal with his mind? No, the only thing he is bending is the truth.
  7. Pre-Raphaelite

    Time to Arrest Blair For War Crimes.

    THE KILLING$ OF TONY BLAIR Documentary by George Galloway https://www6.123movies.st/watch/the-killing-of-tony-blair.pry64/ww8nk4
  8. Pre-Raphaelite

    Cats 🐈🐈🐈🐈

    I love cats. I bought a cat board game a month ago from didagames via ebay.co.uk/itm/202666782556 I am thinking of getting a companion for my semi-longhaired tabby & white but need a friendly, docile breed...maybe a ragdoll, manx or ragamuffin. Anyone experience of any of these?
  9. Pre-Raphaelite

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    I see this new Ikoninc platform is not unlike the notion of The People’s Voice – laudable in concept but questionable in implementation. It is being advertised as an alternative - much like its predecessor - yet it is asking for money up front - like its predecessor. It appears the platform is looking to win subscriptions purely on faith since (as far as I can establish) there is no example content to view or detailed information on what one is buying other than old videos and a YouTube-like presentation from the USA. Thus, Ikonic presents a very unusual form of marketing, a type in general that is only successful given a captive audience, i.e. think religious institutions, MLM, etc. But I am not knocking the concept, and good luck with the venture. However, if it is to avoid all the disasters of TPV (and there were many) it already needs some re-thinking in my humble view. Already there is a complaint, I presume valid, that after subscribing it costs extra to view some of the content. If this is the case it does not bode well and people may rightly feel they have been hoodwinked into paying a £99 subscription on the false basis that they will have full access. Well, truth or not, time will tell. It is to be hoped that there won't be issues over staff egos, the me-me-me mentality and petty in-house squabbling that was apparently detrimental to TPV. Also, as I saw it The People's Voice actually gave very little voice to the 'people'. It may be that submitted content was deemed too poor to air, so what will be the difference this time around? Ikonic will be judged on its output and, in my opinion, this output will need to be superior generally to what was offered by TPV. It's a tough nut to crack no doubt and I offer my best wishes.
  10. Pre-Raphaelite

    Requesting a meeting with Reptilians

    The idea, yes! But there's no clear evidence. As people have said many times, anyone can say anything online for attention but they always avoid providing details because their notions are vacuous. Thay are found out by their silence.
  11. Pre-Raphaelite

    Requesting a meeting with Reptilians

    Well let's have some evidence of your alleged contact then. Names, places, dates, reasons, and what transpired.
  12. Pre-Raphaelite

    Requesting a meeting with Reptilians

    I mentioned this post to the reptilians in my pond. The head newt dismissed the idea and would not escalate it. Meanwhile, feeling usurped, the mice were furious.
  13. Pre-Raphaelite

    the big racism push in football

    I wouldn't stand for it!
  14. Pre-Raphaelite

    39 Dead in Lorry in Grays

    Unfortunately reality has hit particularly hard in countries like Sweden and Germany: Who could have predicted 20 years ago that Sweden would have a rape crisis and numerous no go zones where police, fire and medical services refuse to enter. There is inter-gang warfare between ethnic and national African groups and factions. Towns and regions are literally being destroyed. But the politicians are at pains to continue welcoming new arrivals while ignoring the desolation they are causing. Some of the YouTube videos put out by Swedes and Germans only show half the story. The crux is that instead of spending fortunes supporting waves of immigrants the money would be better invested at origin. I am not at all racist. I just know people abroad who are adversely affected by unchecked immigration while their liberal overlords are too frightened to face the truth of this disaster. No doubt they all live a very comfortable distance from unsafe streets, burning cars and rapist gangs. Such things were completely unthinkable just a few years back. Communities are being destroyed and there is no hope for them. Multiculturalism is a fanciful idea but one that ultimately fails when you import tribal mindsets that have zero tolerance of other creeds, skin colours and religions. Once, immigrants the world over tended to adapt and unify but today things are out of control. Underlying socio-political problems in a country cannot be fixed by repatriating hordes of young men, many of whom actually despise the West and make no secret of it. Talk about biting the hand that feeds…