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  1. dumbcritic

    The Vegan Agenda

    Plants aren't as they lack a brain, CNS and sensory organs. But if we assume (for the sake of discussion) they are then a non-vegan consumes more plants indirectly than a vegan does directly.
  2. dumbcritic

    Sacred Medicine

    Is it any wonder why his 'work' has been dismissed? The overwhelming majority of cancer-associated deaths (about 90%) are caused by metastatic disease rather than the primary tumour. Yet Hamer, claims that there is no such thing as cancer metastasis. He also claims that cancer does not spread through the bloodstream despite the fact that the presence of circulating tumour cells are a strong prognostic factor for overall survival in patients with a wide range of metastatic cancers. In addition, you can test for the presence of circulating tumour DNA in patients who have undergone potentially curative treatments. This paper showed that those who were post-op positive all relapsed within two years. For those negative the majority (over 80-85%) had not had any relapses at over four years https://stm.sciencemag.org/content/8/346/346ra92
  3. dumbcritic

    Alternative rip off.

    Ah, the Daily Fail. The less said about it the better!
  4. dumbcritic

    Sacred Medicine

    Some more info on GNM can be found here https://anaximperator.wordpress.com/2009/11/04/debunkinghamer-on-cancermetastasis-slam-dunk/ https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/the-iron-rule-of-cancer-the-new-german-medicine-and-cancer-quackery/
  5. dumbcritic

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    The original (now deleted) Tweet Now
  6. dumbcritic

    Cannabis Cures Cancer

    A video by Dr. Greger (NutritionFacts)
  7. dumbcritic

    How poor people survive in the USA

    Larken Rose briefly talks about the ''free market'' in this
  8. dumbcritic

    Why Voting Labour is a vote for Personal Slavery

    Even though Larken Rose is across the pond you can change some of what he says and it still applies to 'us.'
  9. dumbcritic

    Miracle Mineral Supplement?

    Stay well clear of it
  10. dumbcritic

    Why Voting Labour is a vote for Personal Slavery

    Hayek was a Nobel laureate and both Austrian and Chicago are ''free market schools of thought.'' There is no such thing as 'trickle down' https://fee.org/articles/there-is-no-such-thing-as-trickle-down-economics/ and the ''Chicago Boys'' helped to transform Chile into Latin America's best performing economy (inflation was brought under control, fewer Chileans lived below the poverty line and much, much more). As the late Prof. Friedman (another Nobel laureate) once said: ''The Chilean economy did very well, but more importantly, in the end the central government, the military junta, was replaced by a democratic society. So the really important thing about the Chilean business is that free markets did work their way in bringing about a free society.''
  11. dumbcritic

    Conservatives are part of Rothschild Communism

    They will increase taxes* and it is highly likely that future generations will be paying for what Labour want as well. (* When 'government' ''taxes,'' what this means is that 'government' demands money from each individual, under threat of force: if you do not pay, thugs hired by 'government' will possibly assault you in order to kidnap you and then throw you away in a cell. This is about as clear a case as any of taking people's property without their consent. So 'government' is a thief. This conclusion is not changed by the fact that 'government' may use some of the money for what you might think is a good cause.)
  12. dumbcritic

    Why we should support the Queen not the Monarchy

    ''As a head of state the Queen has consistently protected free speech.'' I take it you are unaware of the police arresting people for 'offensive' social media posts?
  13. dumbcritic

    London Bridge Incident

    Let me guess... the religion of peace?
  14. dumbcritic

    over taxation

    Sure, the U.S. can do better, but adopting a Medicare for All plan would make things much worse in terms of costs as well as quality of healthcare.