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  1. masonfreeparty

    Why are British New-Build homes so crap?

    most large houses will be unlivable in the coming grand solar minimum..proper log cabin is what you want
  2. Nice to see Derby give the yorkshire Leeds cheating bastards a damn good thrashing tonight..brian clough would have loved that
  3. same year ,same month 29th May...hillsborough was 1989..3 disasters in space of 4 years...all designed for all seater stadiums and SKY football
  4. yorkshire masonic scum! DT The book says one of the key-holders was told about the fire and told to unlock the doors at 3.30pm, which is before the fire happened. That leaves the question: how was someone told before it happened and told to unlock the doors? OP The doors were locked. Whether they were all locked we don’t know, because some people undoubtedly got out. It doesn’t mean anything. DT It strikes me as incredibly strange. (no reply) DT No? (no reply) DT The book also says three of the four doors were unlocked yet the policy at Bradford at that time, in keeping with the rest of football, was that gates weren’t unlocked until, say, 10 minutes before the end. There is an entire chapter about this unanswered question of why on this day, never before, were they unlocked at that time?
  5. yorkshire masonic scum! Hillsborough safety officer Graham Mackrell fined £6,500 over turnstile arrangements Play Video Former Sheffield Wednesday club secretary Graham Mackrell has been fined for a health and safety offence relating to the day of the Hillsborough disaster Mr Mackrell was safety officer for the club at the time of the 1989 FA Cup semi-final. During an 11 week trial, the court heard that Mr Mackrell failed to make sure there were enough turnstiles to prevent large crowds building up outside the ground. He has been fined £6,500 and ordered to pay £5,000 towards prosecution costs. Graham Mackrell Graham Mackrell was safety officer for the club at the time of the 1989 FA Cup semi-final. Credit: PA During the trial, stadium safety expert John Cutlack told the court there were not sufficient turnstiles for fans on the day. But Jason Beer QC, defending Mackrell, argued the build-up outside was caused by other factors, including a lack of police cordons and the unusual arrival pattern of fans. Edit or delete this Like · Reply · 2m Steve Collier notice how QC Jason Beer defends the yorkshire vermin
  6. Hillsborough..the yorkshire masonic mafia also fixed the turnstiles that day but closed a few to cause the rush and mayhem https://www.itv.com/news/granada/2019-05-13/hillsborough-former-club-secretary-graham-mackrell-fined-over-health-and-safety-breach/
  7. masonfreeparty

    i now know what 911 was all about..fall of mankind

    firstly there were no planes and secondly no arabs or muslims and thirdly no god
  8. yes he is a masonic CUNT...read this https://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/apr/27/bradford-fire-inquiry-oliver-popplewell-interview pretty damn obvious when 4 of the turnstiles were left unlocked during the game..any judge who cant see through that scam is either a fuckin imbecile or in with the cover up
  9. judge oliver popplewell...now there is a masonic cunt if ever i saw one
  10. masonfreeparty

    i now know what 911 was all about..fall of mankind

    since when have freemasons/zionists become gods? we know they like to play at gods but they are just flesh and blood like us so not immortal
  11. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/bradford-city-stadium-fire-claims-the-disaster-was-started-deliberately-nonsense-according-to-high-10183156.html Lets not forget 56 died in the bradford stadium fire on May 11th 1985..evidence suggests it was deliberately contrived by the chairman at the time even though a judge says its nonsense..but the masonic vermin would do wouldnt they..the bradford chairman had 8 other businesses invloved in fire and insurance claims..but yorkshire has a history of sick things happening from hillsborough to jimmy savile to jo cox to 7/7 bombers..most if not all contrived by the twisted masonic yorkshire mafia
  12. IXXI ..AS ABOVE AS BELOW...the symbolism of the event was done for a reason...even the hurricaine Erin just off New York whether true or not was done for a symbolic reason.The falling towers,the falling man ..all highly symbolic and i now believe it was done because the powers that be know a sun cycle will happen very soon that will bring in the grand solar minimum and will bring about economic and social collapse that we havent seen since the 1600's.Massive crop losses world wide,extreme cold will lead to shifts in population and many deaths..vast cities will become uninhabitable and this is the reason why i think they dustified the twin towers.In the future they will disinegrate cities using directed energy..wiping the map clean again so society can begin again many centuries later after the catastrophic changes in climate...this is why in ancient cultures they built the giant monoliths to remind man that great cosmic cycles happen.
  13. masonfreeparty

    Heading for coldest May on record..Europe to get heavy snow

    no reports of snow on the BBC weather tonight yet this in scotland...D notice? https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/video-heavy-may-snow-turns-village-50-miles-from-dundee-into-winter-wonderland/
  14. masonfreeparty

    Luddites against 5G..would you join us?

    has anyone got a smart meter they dont want? want to do a sacfrificial smashing of one in a public place..get the ball rolling