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  1. masonfreeparty

    The ideas of Dave icke

    if you research what happened during the last grand solar minimum during the 1600's its pretty horrific reading http://joannenova.com.au/2011/05/the-brutal-cold-of-the-maunder-minimum-and-the-great-irish-frost/
  2. masonfreeparty

    The ideas of Dave icke

    99% of books are generally waffle..people read garbage just like they eat garbage..i'd rather get my info from educated people word of mouth like via youtube if i cant attend a meeting in person... adapt 2015-30 and ice age farmer are doing a good job educating people ..they get straight to the point
  3. masonfreeparty

    The ideas of Dave icke

    what does david icke think of the 'grand solar minimum'? Millions will probably die of starvation next 10 years due to catastrophic weather..colder and snowier with record flooding in spring which destroys crops and prevents planting..this aint an illusion its bloody damn real...reading bloody books wont do you any good..preparation will
  4. "Potentially historic" flooding threatens Southern states MARCH 21, 2019 / 10:53 AM / CBS/AP Scientists are warning that historic flooding could soon deluge parts of several Southern states along the lower Mississippi River, where floodwaters could persist for several weeks. The flood threat in the South will be discussed Thursday, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration releases its 2019 spring outlook. Experts plan a briefing on their flood forecast at the National Water Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Thursday's report is aimed at helping emergency managers and other safety officials to prepare for flooding. Flooding in Southern states this spring will be "potentially historic," NOAA said in an advisory. Rapidly melting snow in the upper Midwest is contributing to flooding that will eventually make its way downstream to the Gulf Coast, forecasters have said. The expected surge of water from the north is unwelcome news in parts of Mississippi. In the western part of that state, the Mississippi River is already swollen and has been flooding some communities unprotected by levees since last month. One Mississippi region protected by levees is also flooding. That's because smaller rivers can't drain into the Mississippi River as normal because a floodgate that protects the region from even worse flooding by the big river has been closed since Feb. 15. Around Rolling Fork, Mississippi, townspeople first noticed water rising from swamps near the Mississippi River in late February. The water eventually invaded some homes in that community, about 40 miles north of Vicksburg. Major flooding is already occurring this week on the Mississippi River near several Southern cities including Arkansas City, Arkansas; Natchez, Mississippi; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according to river gauges and data from NOAA. The specter of major flooding on the Mississippi River upstream from New Orleans is a more perilous situation now than in years past, some researchers believe. That's partly because the river floor has risen significantly higher over the years as sediment has collected in the river bottom, Louisiana State University hydrologist Yi-Jun Xu found. The situation is so serious that Xu believes a "mega flood" could overpower a giant flood control structure north of New Orleans and send the Mississippi River rushing down another path entirely and creating a new route to the Gulf of Mexico. That would allow the Gulf to push saltwater upstream into the river, ruining the drinking water supply for metropolitan New Orleans, according to a summary of Xu's 2017 presentation to the American Geophysical Union. Last month, a massive storm dropped an "incredible" amount of rain in the South, dropping as much as one foot to 1.5 feet of rain in some areas of northern Mississippi, Alabama and into Tennessee. NOAA's forecast comes as rampaging rivers continue to rise in the upper Midwest, destroying bridges and roads and isolating farming communities. Experts say the cost of the flooding will likely top $1 billion.
  5. masonfreeparty

    Grand solar minimum storm 15th MARCH..soon be spring yet?

  6. masonfreeparty

    Grand solar minimum storm 15th MARCH..soon be spring yet?

    The proof will be in the southern hemisphere this winter and the northern hemisphere next winter..if records are broken again you will know GSM is happening bigtime..not long to wait is it ?
  7. shoequeen41 blantyre glasgow 2755 Reviewed 30 September 2013 bizarre! Had a gorgeous lunch, lovely seafood. Did, however, had a strange experience in the bar whilst chatting to the bar staff, bizarre would probably describe it best.... as the lady had an accent and we had been told it was under newish management with the owners being from Belgium we asked where she was from only to be asked "Why is it important for you to know?" and the lady in question abruptly told us she had no interest in having the conversation. Had we known that she was employed by MI5 we wouldn't have asked. We certainly felt put in our place" https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g551969-d1494559-r180230332-The_Old_Forge-Knoydart_Peninsula_Lochaber_Scottish_Highlands_Scotland.html#
  8. what evidence? thats daft who has two wedding celebrations..please tell me where the other one was?
  9. GR..IF u believe that bollocks you'll believe anything..time to take a walk down reality street mate
  10. Pretty much proves it was a fake wedding...gotcha!
  11. strange..two pictures of the cox's on their wedding day but brendan wearing different ties .. The Mirror Jo and Brendan Cox on their wedding day (Image: Raworth and Raworth Photography