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  1. Reinold

    The "Q" Phenomena

    If you read my post again carefully you'll see that it is a quote from Marshall Gittler, FX strategist & financial commentator @ marshallgittler.com
  2. Reinold

    The "Q" Phenomena

    That guy is a founder of the Bank of Joy. I think that says everything.
  3. Reinold

    Answers required...

    Concealing what?
  4. Reinold

    The "Q" Phenomena

    Marshall Gittler, FX strategist & financial commentator @ marshallgittler.com Updated Oct 31, 2019 · Author has 4.1k answers and 4.6m answer views The Rothschilds don’t own any central banks at all. This is just an antisemitic myth spread by people who like to claim that Jews control world finance, etc. It should be obvious to any reasonable, thinking person that no person or family controls any major central bank, although maybe in some emerging markets there could be a local family with a lot of influence — I don’t know about every central bank in the world. All central banks are controlled by their governments to one degree or another. The usual way is that they have the independence to set policy as they see fit within guidelines set by the government. Almost all central banks are owned by their government. There are a few exceptions, though. Several — like the Fed — have hybrid ownership structures. Three — Bank of Japan, Swiss National Bank, and Bank of Greece — are listed companies. But don’t confuse ownership with control. At the end of the day, every central bank is controlled by their government; the only difference is how much independence they have in making policy. And forget about the Rothschilds. They’re old hat.
  5. Reinold

    Answers required...

    Welcome, BTW. Watch out for the censorship at this site, which is the most stringent and selective of any forum of which I am a member.
  6. Reinold

    Answers required...

    @awareness_ You have been given the correct answer. I wish you the best of luck in finding the answer that fits your Weltanschauung.
  7. The Georgia Guidestones were not commissioned by Ted Turner.
  8. Reinold

    Answers required...

    That is not happening. See answer to question 1.
  9. Reinold

    9/11 - Simulacra Vs Simulation - What's What?

    Wilco! You have raised some interesting points.
  10. Reinold

    9/11 - Simulacra Vs Simulation - What's What?

    A very interesting post. It covers a lot of interesting points.
  11. Reinold

    Answers required...

    It is fascinating to know exactly how this was done. Members of the elite Cabal who are also script writers for the Simpsons would place a reference to the forthcoming 911 terror attack in an episode. The scriptwriters would then telephone other members of the elite cabal all over the world saying, "You'd better watch next Sunday's episode of the Simpsons." "Why?" "I can't tell you over the phone. Just watch it!" "Cant you tell me now?" "NO! Someone might be listening in. So the member of the elite cabal watches the Simpsons. He watches it a few times, and eventually he notices this: "Oh, I get it now!" says the member of the elite cabal. "It's obvious. We have to go to New York on the 9th of November in four year's time so as to win big bucks! Honey, get your coat!"
  12. Reinold

    How to wake up the masses?

    There is a very interesting comment by Myles Power in this good video. It is at 23:00.
  13. Veterans from World War 1. That I've GOTTA see.
  14. It’s odd how the moderators at this Forum enjoy abusing members of this forum. For example, calling someone a Is unusual on other forums. Moderaters don’t normally abuse forum members.