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  1. Reinold

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  2. Reinold

    Is it too late ?

    Another poster here says that 200,000,000 citizens of the USA will be exterminated by 2025. That will be mainly under the Trump Administration. I think that's a load of poo-poo but HE believes it.
  3. Reinold

    Is it too late ?

    The phrase he uses is "divide and conquer".
  4. Reinold

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  5. Reinold

    Music You Like

    Morrisey's new album, and its advertising poster, has been banned in ... Liverpool! I wonder if it's because he is a Manc? The album is called California Sons and it is a load of covers of people like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. The reviewers have been harsh. One of them described it as piffle.
  6. Reinold

    Space Moon Men

    So you're saying that NASA faked the moon missions so as to get more funding for research into further moon missions and space travel?
  7. Reinold

    Post A Poem Thread

    There was a young lady called Mike, A transhuman who liked David Icke, Who became a Grand Wizard In the Lodge of the Lizard, But still went around on a bike.