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  1. That’s brilliant! ”According to Mark Steele, Mark Steele is an expert and engineer on EMF and GSM! 😄🤮😀
  2. Fair enough. Scots don't wear kilts. Whatever you say.
  3. Reinold

    merkel wtf

    Very unfair and snidey. She is a 65 year old woman.
  4. Reinold

    Brexit and the BBC

    There’s a prediction that can easily be checked. No Brexit. We will know the answer to that by the 1st January 2020 so we will see how you make out.
  5. Reinold

    The next Tory leader & Prime Minister

    Tories were the party of the Hillsborough cover-up.
  6. Reinold

    Brexit and the BBC

    There is a prediction that can easily be checked at the end of this year. If the EU is still surviving on 1st January 2020, two months after Brexit, then your prediction will have FAILED.
  7. Reinold

    Brexit and the BBC

    Wares? What century are you from?
  8. Although he was born in Hong King, Rory Stewart is a Scot. A Scot wearing a kilt is hardy earth-shattering.
  9. Reinold

    tyson fury wakes up

    Behind Tyson Fury is the entrepreneur Frank Warren. Once, someone tried to kill him. Here is a question: Q Who shot Frank Warren?
  10. Reinold

    Alex Jones Face Morphing? :)

    I can't believe that people refuse to see the truth. Take the Red Pill people ( to understand that reference see the accompanying video). It is from a film called Maytrix or something. Alex Jones is hidden in plain sight. He is collapsing at freefall speed into his own footprints! What more proof do you need?
  11. Reinold

    LGBTQIA Fans of David Icke and others

    I have heard about this. Men masturbate backwards to frontwards but women masturbate left to right.
  12. Sadly, five people have now died from contaminated hospital food in the UK. Ironically, the guilty supplier is called The Good Food Chain. At the same time, American tourists to San Domingo are dropping like twin towers at a troofers drive-in. The President of Santa Dominica, Mr Paul Wiggins, has decided to get to the bottom of this problem. ”I will deal with It myself,” he said, scratching his bollocks.
  13. Reinold

    The Noahide World Order

    Here is a quote from that web page: Sorry, no.
  14. Reinold

    911 - the collapse of the building

    This a a very good series of statements. I'd like to see some serious responses.