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  1. i mentioned to someone that gates foundation carried out a simulation for this exact virus 4 months ago. it didn't register with them, glazed look, move on.
  2. bamboozooka

    NBA star Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash

    lets have some grammy symbolism tributes
  3. bamboozooka

    NBA star Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash

    yep, ritual or he was starting to not play along anymore.
  4. well i've got a clark zapper and a rife machine ready to blast any nasties in my body
  5. they are not going to kill the kids (future slaves) old people that regularly queue up for the flu jab is no1 target
  6. awesome thread. most news outlets have comments sections moderated. don't want the sheep finding out.
  7. bamboozooka

    Danny Tetley - Prison for Paedophile Pop Pervert

    nothing good has come out of shit factor and bgt in 19years i dont think cowell is squeaky clean. hes prolly had his fair share of kids sexually and ritually.
  8. bamboozooka

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    all case investigated in the uk are not bat flu
  9. bamboozooka

    Trump Impeachment Thread

    so the demoncrats say trump witheld aid unless the ukraines investigated biden meanwhile what really happened
  10. bamboozooka

    The "Q" Phenomena

  11. bamboozooka

    The "Q" Phenomena

    you need to use a different information source