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  1. the all powerful 5g cant pass through trees. thats why they were chopping all the trees down in gateshead. i got dab radio in my car, plays fine until i come to a street lined with trees on both sides lose the signal.
  2. bamboozooka


    just get a plane radar app and when it flys over spraying point your phone at it and you will see whether it is commercial or unlisted. 9 times out of 10 theres no record of the flight passing overhead
  3. bamboozooka

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    TRUMP GIVES ATTORNEY GENERAL AUTHORITY TO DECLASSIFY RUSSIA PROBE DOCUMENTS https://dailycaller.com/2019/05/23/trump-william-barr-authority-declassify/
  4. bamboozooka

    UK EU Elections 2019

    pens would get tea leafed by the chavvies just like argos
  5. bamboozooka

    UK EU Elections 2019

    did the eu elections happen? all of the lame stream is silent the day after. well theres 3 days to switch all the ballots.
  6. bamboozooka


    all planes must be grounded today
  7. bamboozooka

    Tommy Robinson deleted from Facebook

    sapfo they are all bad actors doing as they are told
  8. bamboozooka

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    amazing how a plane crashing at floor 85 causes the foyet windows at ground level to explode
  9. bamboozooka

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    who remembers the bbc saying wtc7 fell yet it was standing behind the bbc reporter at the time.
  10. ee and vodafone are rolling it out in cities now https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-48363462
  11. bamboozooka

    Im new here and want to learn about things

    oneupmanship at an early age. not entirely true. we are in a snowflake "everyones a winner" culture. the establishment dont want oneupmanship but parents on the other hand do. icke explains being awake well with the postage stamp example. you step off and you will think the masses are bonkers and they will of you. there is no hope for the unwoke, cognitive dissonance sees to that. question everything, does what you observe tie in with what you hear.
  12. bamboozooka


    we can go a couple of days of spotless clear blue skies then its chemtrail central for a few days
  13. bamboozooka

    Renegade film

    anyone else think campus zuckerberg was killed and replaced with a souless organic robotoid?
  14. https://emfscientist.org/index.php/emf-scientist-appeal http://www.defenddemocracy.press/scientists-warn-of-potential-serious-health-effects-of-5g/
  15. bamboozooka

    Renegade film

    found this Q drop. maybe renegade was not the ideal title for the film Why Did Obama Assign "Renegade" as His US Secret Service Codename? Q!!mG7VJxZNCI26 Apr 2019 - 2:20:28 AM Why would a President of the United States [HUSSEIN] assign 'RENEGADE' as his USSS codename? Define 'Renegade'. noun 1. a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles. synonyms: traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, betrayer; adjective: renegade 1. having treacherously changed allegiance.