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  1. bamboozooka

    xstreams taken down

    every one they take down another 50 pop up. its legal to watch illegal streams. its illegal to stream illegal streams for others to view
  2. bamboozooka

    The satanic conspiracy

    Met police's facial recognition technology '96% inaccurate' https://inews.co.uk/news/technology/met-polices-facial-recognition-technology-96-inaccurate-502791
  3. bamboozooka

    Escalation with Iran

    look carefully where the central bankers want to nuke
  4. bamboozooka

    Trudeau black face

    the uk's no.1 racist has crawled out from under his rock. 'I am Justin Trudeau', jokes Sir Lenny Henry https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49769178
  5. 2020 the choice will be trump or bumbling biden with Alzheimers. tough decision if you have only 1 brian cell. soros and the royal privvy council own the electronic voting machines.
  6. my local petrol station has just reduced the price by 4p/litre. looks like it never had the intended effect. add to that trump adding sanctions to iran than bombing them. the fking nwo stooge
  7. bamboozooka

    The illuminati

    worship your handlers
  8. bamboozooka

    Is Boris Johnson dodging Scrutiny?

    Boris Johnson horror: Mercury Prize rapper brandishes ‘decapitated’ head of PM https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1180262/boris-johnson-mercury-prize-2019-slowthai-rapper-brexit-news yet noone is allowed to comment on this terror extremist act/ extreme hate act by a jumped up illuminati puppet. he should be jailed
  9. why is the fake news media so silent on the isreally elections? normally they force nettyyahoo down our throats.
  10. there should be an international "ask alexa if jeff bezos is gay" day. and see his face when hes told the top trending question asked to alexa
  11. bamboozooka

    Parliament should Legislate to Block Prorogation

    were you silent while may had 3 years to shackle the uk to the eu and failed then jesuit? the louder the remoaners squeal the better it is to leave obviously. i'd be more concerned if remoaners were silent.
  12. bamboozooka

    Gun Violence myth....

    if theres a gun problem and everyone carries for protection why have no scumbag antifa been shot yet?
  13. bamboozooka

    Iranian government arrests more foreign spies

    cia flying drones from iran to saudi then.