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  1. hayed joe

    The NEW 4 Word Game

    Goodbye I've got nothing
  2. hayed joe

    The NEW 4 Word Game

    For own good honest
  3. hayed joe

    The NEW 4 Word Game

    but behind bulletproof glass
  4. hayed joe

    Pixar's 1st Gay Movie for Kids

    Well I at least put my money where my mouth is and didn't bring kids into this world. My "prime" was around the 90's, 2000's if lucky. "Well the world is in a mess! I know! Let's conceive!". Yeah, no. Remember when there was that fuss about Bugs Bunny BUGS. FUCKING. BUNNY encouraging homosexuality? Are Christians into S&M by looking at Jesus on the cross? They must do, right? It's an image that's everywhere. That big bearded man with a body all helpless nailed and tied to a cross. As for the clip. Are you kidding me? There doesn't seem to be anything that wrong from it. Tastefully done from the trailer. The FUCK Pixar are going to show animated sodomy! If anything the clip suggests killing your pet dog before they reveal every dirty secret. Shut it down and something else will come up. Then another thing. And another. If you really want to come down hard on homosexual propaganda, ever thought of relocating to Iran? It's some piece of shit animation. File next to Alex Jones's ahem "research" into transgender porn. I've come to terms with not getting any. If the world moved on from what may or may not be between their legs, and who belongs in what box, you never know! We might actually get somewhere.
  5. hayed joe

    Pixar's 1st Gay Movie for Kids

    Trouble with trying to see from their point of view is a lot of paedophile's "conquests" turn out to be damaged individuals who then go on to have really shitty relationships (If they ever get the chance). Nobody is there to pick up the pieces. And the bigger problem is mentioning them in a thread about homosexuality by muddying the waters. They spent so much time going "Oh they thought I was a paedophile!" then going on and on about it. As opposed to the main issue. There's a difference between them. I'm sick of seeing the P word thrown at Gays. Full on apple's and oranges. Why talk about fly fishing in a thread about football? Muddy the waters. Keep them at their throats and divided.
  6. hayed joe

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Sky News reports the biological passport will only be good for six months! https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-study-suggests-covid-19-immunity-could-last-just-six-months-11993391 Scientists at a University in Amsterdam have been working on coronavirus cures since 1985. Business is NOT going to be going back to normal any time soon then.
  7. hayed joe

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-founder-wants-politicised-clap-for-carers-to-end-next-week-11992911 Oh NEXT week we stop clapping? I think some of us might have been ahead of the curve on that one.
  8. hayed joe

    "Manchester: The Night Of The Bang"

    Will watch the video, but it was an explosion in the foyer of the building, not the arena seating part. Wasn't it? He was unable to make it into the arena so blew (or remote control detonated) himself up. I can see how Grande was targeted. Young people there. Perfect target. Huge security at a Noel Gallagher gig though? Grandad bollocks, waste of ammo!
  9. hayed joe

    You or somebody you know

    The elderly cousin of an elderly friend had died from it. As he told me. That's as close as I've got. Although a runny nose and the odd cough, I'd rather keep the fuck away from hospitals. Seriously, I once applied for a job in the 90's as a Hospital worker. During the interview I was told "You should be a patient!". *Huge ho ho ho laughter to invoke memories if you have any of 1980's Filmation cartoon series. As I obviously left and thought "OK... Fuck hospital work then".
  10. hayed joe

    The NEW 4 Word Game

    Yet who controls knowledge
  11. hayed joe

    The NEW 4 Word Game

    Where's the opt out?
  12. hayed joe

    The NEW 4 Word Game

    Mean it this time
  13. hayed joe

    Opted out of Organ Donation Uk

    Why use Facebook when you can go direct? https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/register-your-decision/refuse-to-donate/refuse-donation-form/ I'll be going up in smoke anyway, good chance they won't even bother following the opt out choice. EDIT: Unless it's more data harvesting in that link.
  14. hayed joe

    The NEW 4 Word Game

    Oh... Might be yeah. Well the user who created the first thread didn't make a new one so... We could carry it on if you want?
  15. hayed joe

    The NEW 4 Word Game

    Couldn't get it right