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  1. hayed joe

    Danny Tetley - Prison for Paedophile Pop Pervert

    Lost contact with the show, last person I remember winning was Steve Brookstein. And even he got dropped like a stone by Cowell by donating his winnings to the tsunami fund. From the show it seems: Good egg with a conscience? Well you can win but the second you colour over the lines YER OUT!! But Tetley? From what I read he didn't even win! As for modern Savile, I clearly missed the photographs of Tetley with members of the Royal family and government ministers! I see him as an Ian Watkins type figure. Should never have been allowed near but somehow was able to. And best of luck to the other members of the lostprophets for carrying on under a different name. And seemingly folding due to the "So... You had Ian singing with you for ages, and you didn't suspect a thing?" questions. Oh well, more where Tetley came from.
  2. Well who needs Gitmo (Drinking water is probably better quality there) when you've got the content in the above post? THAT should be the big issue. But it won't. It'll be a huge rally, flag kissing and empty platitudes.
  3. Found it in a store. Didn't buy, but budgeting for it! Did have a flick through. Did like the picture of Bin Laden's stunt double watching TV with the remote in wrong hand. "Well sometimes people use different hands! Proves nothing!" And the side by side comparison showing different facial structure of him. "Well... He was probably injured and required surgery!". Yeah, people like that just keep putting obstacle and obstacle up! But do hope to be getting stuck into it next month. Will update when purchased. Yes, online might be cheaper. But the ritual of traveling, finding it on the shelves, staring assistant in the eye, collecting change and traveling home. I like doing stuff like that more if it can be helped. But back to the book, can't wait to really immerse myself in it. From the odd pages it's evidence put together as opposed to opinion. Opinion seems to be given in the odd sentence. But a lot of what I glimpsed was "This happened but wasn't reported. This happened and declassified but wasn't reported".
  4. hayed joe

    will brexit happen on the 31th of jan?

    Disgusting habit etc, but I love rolling tobacco. I can see we're being screwed over. But the fireworks and church bell ringing are drowning me out. Maybe Boris and the Tories are thinking "Well if the plebs didn't riot over the directives, think how placid they'll be when we fuck them up!." In the same way criticism of Labour (when they were in power) was met with "Well... At least it's better than the Torrries!!" will criticism of our new found freedoms (What? You want choice to put into your bodies what you want? Traitor! Unpatriotic!!) be met with the lazy "Well it's better than the EU!"? So far, EU membership in all but name will be how I see the future. Look forward to being proved wrong!
  5. hayed joe

    Music You Like

    Well Ozzy Osbourne has confirmed he has Parkinson's. So here's the final track from the final Black Sabbath album. Ending is nice. Brings it all the way back.
  6. hayed joe

    My life as a Gargolan species on Earth

    But is that Za-rood or Zar-ood? Or Zaro-od? Well look, shouting names six times can summon the wrong thing if you get the pronouncement wrong. It's the "Decus/Dick suck" all over again. You sure there's no silent letters in there?
  7. hayed joe

    Labour is part of Rothschild communism

    Farewell Jess Philips! Labour can only get back in with a massive deception. Really. But then what doesn't? And then there were four. You saw that Month Python sketch with people dropping by a window and John Cleese and Eric Idle take gets on who jumps next? Go on Nandy! There's nowhere else to go! Anyone want to post "Don't be a fool, Nandy! Push Thornberry out instead!"? https://news.sky.com/story/labour-leadership-jess-phillips-drops-out-of-contest-11914263
  8. hayed joe

    Smart Phone Obsession with so many people

    Well I use a Tablet. Not for Games, just to read forums, apply for stuff. Type things up. I have saw them on the Bus. There's an absolute gorgeous sunset. Fantastic view of distant towns, railway tracks and fields. Saw better on the top deck of a Bus going over a bypass. But again, nobody cares. I did have the option of getting a smartphone but nah! I prefer pay as you go.
  9. hayed joe

    will brexit happen on the 31th of jan?

    File next to believe it when see it. There's EU tobacco laws coming in banning rolling tobacco and menthol cigarettes. To come into effect in May 2020. "BUT WE VOTED TO LEAVE!! THESE LAWS DON'T APPLY TO US!!" Hahahaha. So we did. What are the odds, eh? https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/major-changes-coming-cigarette-laws-21200956?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar&fbclid=IwAR3zHguS1Td6ZhCN2nCQRXfm1lmMpoMq7AxsXTmfBgZGvDsxB9NN9LEvLK8
  10. hayed joe

    Prince Andrew is back

    I'm reading it as they just really don't give a shit and glad this inconvenience is "over" as far as reporting goes.u
  11. hayed joe


    Oh is it on tonight? Washing my hair... Watching Sky News coverage of their Liverpool husting things, I decided to play a game of how many times they said "I""? My findings were Rebecca Long-Bailey didn't say "I" but still found a way to talk about her achievements. Emily Thornberry only said "I" once. Keir Starmer (Mike from The Young Ones mode) oh SIR Keir Starmer dropped the "I" word three times. Jess Philips didn't say "I" but looked on the verge of tears so buyer beware on that one. Bet you her teary eyes dried up quickly! And the other one. The Nandy one. She didn't say "I" but instead said "My" which is... better? Should you find yourself watching it, do play The Game Of I! And not just for Labour, but for all of them. *= I typed the word "I" in conversation but as I'd run a mile if ever offered to lead, I don't really count. So it's almost as if they're in power already! ;)
  12. hayed joe

    Ginger Harry and Meghan Markle

    Well Daily Mail, pinch of salt but the headline of the couple who of course want a normal life. Apparently setting up a TV and Film company. Which of course is a completely normal thing to dooohha haha hahaha hahahaha HAHAHAHAHA!! Even though I've done a few jobs here and there I've still paid more tax than Netflix! Now where's my ghastly controller?
  13. hayed joe

    Ginger Harry and Meghan Markle

    Prince Andrew's guilt. Nothing British actually left for when Brexit happens. Huge black cube in space sucking light and energy from the sun. Prick black cube cultists above the law destabilising captive ants who weren't fit for "recruit". Distraction while the date gets initialed after the signatures for WW3. Royal family being shapeshifters ("Urgh! Is it in?" Feminine sigh:No... "How about now? Ee nay Chuck!" *Filmation sound effect. Feminine sigh: Can't you just shapeshift into a bigger cunt than you are and go fuck yourself?) Any or none of the above and I wasn't insulting you @Seeker! The feminine sigh was Meghan, or Diana, take your pick!
  14. hayed joe

    Music You Like

    I tried TRIED getting into this band for sometime. Nothing clicking apart from this. If you know where I'm going wrong with this band, then you know the thread to educate me!
  15. hayed joe

    Paedophile-Protectorate Cities.

    And nearer Manchester, Chester, Ellesmere Port and Cheshire isn't as safe for children. The campaigner Tom Dobbie has created an interesting site. And "We NEVER present things without evidence" is the claim which means the BBC etc won't go near! http://www.moralpropositions.com/