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  1. hayed joe

    Music You Like

    Elvis got his voice from HIM!
  2. hayed joe

    Music You Like

    Too poor and too young to have visited America in 1984. You certainly won't be able to do this in September!
  3. hayed joe

    coronavirus mega thread

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/30/police-powers-shopping-bags-searched-ban-fishing-scope-new-laws/?fbclid=IwAR3BFsgu4JtKrPOrk7sFeNFJJwpCgD3rwbcKcTZlZ36jN9Qm12ue9D6NWEU Never was one for fishing anyway but that's gone. Sorry if link already posted. @Jack I am so sorry, that is just a coldness from the Hospital you'd never think they were capable of until it happens and they do it. Really horrified people I know are going to have the same thing happen. And now the handclaps make sense. Clap for the NHS...because in a few months they'll be complicit in your slaughter. Sorry if my humour offended. The right things to say nobody away from here wants to listen to.
  4. hayed joe

    coronavirus mega thread

    Can you walk up to the thing? My big concern doing that is Dog walkers getting near to it and the acid being discovered by dogs licking it. Missed a few pages to reply to this but I think the Telegraph has a story about Police now searching bags of people out! Because don't we all carry a virus in bag which we release into the faces of predators when threatened? The confused garbled message from number 10 (for all the good that shit does) has given the Police the right to go even further than they'd ever wished they could. Good eggs etc but you just know they've been waiting for this fucking glorious day. Will try and find story if not already posted.
  5. hayed joe

    Word association thread.

  6. hayed joe

    One hand up, one hand down

    Wasn't there an old Nursery Rhyme? "one foot up, one foot down, This is the way to London Town"?
  7. hayed joe

    Word association thread.

  8. hayed joe

    Global meditation! It's time to take action!

    On the old forum there used to be a thread that had an image of light we focused on. It was very relaxing and seemed to unlock strength. They've nicked our idea! But yes, why not? I'm in. Feast away on.
  9. hayed joe

    coronavirus mega thread

    https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-government-cracks-down-on-fake-advice-on-social-media-and-whatsapp-11965510 A crackdown on false stories, but in the examples there's nothing that's in the other thread about the virus! So perhaps "Internet rationing" could be a thing but I don't think this place will be shut down. But yes, clearly that threat still there.
  10. hayed joe

    Coronavirus is BORING

    Suppose if the electricity supply isn't fucked about with I can either go back to books, PlayStation, Bass noise abasements etc rather than wait for News updates. They've got me in my home unable to see anyone just yet (and isolate? Already a shut in but made more effort since Tuesday to stay in. How do they work out how long people have been isolating from?) on a street where far from community, they've closed me off and think I'm a prick! It really is a matter of only yourself can be true into not buying into it. Not climbed walls yet. But not watching and getting further sucked in. I'm doing all I can dot gov, fuck off!
  11. hayed joe

    Post A Poem Thread

    Took a Theme Park being commandeered for NHS Staff experiments and the report of China locking down so Coronavirus your problem matey to write this. I love this subforum by the way. Some great stuff in these threads! HEAL PARK The skeletal frame of a Rollercoaster Onto which fitted wheels, seating Garish moulded plastic coloured Inert silence no power from running current Except for birds in the sky theme park Abandoned except for giant tent building The envelope opened up hand around throat Sent to every house in town And from source iron doors Air conditioning to breathe out The arms of cranes that whirled Hardened styrofoam two seat carriages Not again to bring pleasure Commandeered premises managed A cure or a shield for those nearest The race to defeat infected endangered And from source number letter code Brings compliance of superstitious hold Whatever mouths created in theme park From perspective of trolley bound Does it look attractions screaming? Their job so gallows must Driven to laboratory where tent built Then frontline but do they pass travelling Past Rollercoaster grounded? Out into conquered motorway? And from source block from Earth Gauntlet slapped to challenge others here The dust blown looks dancing If considering generators are the music.
  12. hayed joe

    Chat Room

    You don't need to guess what I look like and I've missed the momentum of Bold Street Liverpool as I can reach that street. Bit late now though.
  13. hayed joe

    coronavirus mega thread

    Who will question anything if played on "end of days" mindset? Perfect to design so the letters add up like that.
  14. hayed joe

    coronavirus mega thread

    Well this is off topic and perhaps deserves another thread but I think Vera Lynn is being kept alive beyond her will as she's this symbol of resistance that's been coopted. Doubles? I don't know. Would have to look at pictures. But wow, that's some good genetics she's got! Return to coronavirus megathread
  15. hayed joe

    Music You Like

    Ten years ago this great album with my FAVOURITE SONG OF ALL TIME was released. There isn't much I enjoy from modern music, but at least from the limited stuff from now I do like, it at least influences my writing. Spent a good decade trying to top these lyrics. Now matter what progression made, the world still falls apart. SIX SIX FIVE FIVE RED BATTLESHIPS 40 EARTHLIKE PLANETS 3 HOLES 2 TITS 1 FORK IN IT'S SIDE ZERO TEARS IN THEIR EYES