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    Music You Like

    Recently uploaded and will be more hilarious to readers of the why can't I find a woman threads.
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    Word association thread.

  3. hayed joe

    A Medley of my YouTube Music Videos

    I'm turning the amp up and yeah, am reliant of the limits of Lenovo Tablet tech. Have saw a few Go Pro and that's a very good option. I miss the old days of tape recorders, despite the limited sharability of cassettes! Thanks for listening and suggesting go pro!
  4. Contains no covers and has crafted with heart compositions side by side with more experimental stuff. Just under twenty five minutes. Have it playing in another tab. No swearing just music. However saddened you feel watching the video, I agree I should have washed hair and my Tablet camera is cutting out notes. (Any suggestions on that?) Please enjoy!
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    Duffy kidnap

    An industry of wankstains but if it happened after her first hit. It's disturbing anyway. No idea how much she'll admit to.
  6. I don't buy papers but this is Daily Star headline for Thursday 27/02 No idea who Gemma Collins is, but David is back on the front page, allbeit in name only.
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    Forum Of Old

    If Wake Up Bomb had the Catch 22 Avatar, last saw him at the Sanctum Zone I looked at but thought "Nah, I'll stick with the DIf." It's a shame Anders isn't around to see how his Savile thread seemingly still goes on after all this time.
  8. As the Wankstein headlines attract from another country, a sword fall in the UK over news, and this will come as a shock to those who have read the old forum that Westminster TURNED A BLIND EYE and swept under the carpet the abuse allegations! "Go back to your constituents and prepare to cover up child abuses!". Tasteless joke, I'm sorry. https://news.sky.com/story/westminster-turned-a-blind-eye-to-child-sexual-abuse-damning-report-says-11942866?fbclid=IwAR3rtM8XQdJyjLZ8I5iHWetzRu3RXHsjRX-37Jm9e1E4zR3LiZxoB0x-fas Such a precedent in designing that nobody else will follow suit or face charges. It was all historical go back under, governmetpnt in contrl
  9. hayed joe

    German Carnival Parade Hit By Car

    https://news.sky.com/story/germany-several-injured-as-car-drives-into-carnival-parade-11942314 With other things about Germany being posted, here's something from Germany today. "Not being fit for questioning" could be drunk drugged driving, or MK wearing off? Nobody reported killed. But for the injured they don't have to be killed. They have to live with it. So wouldn't surprise me if driver played video games, was known (nobody told, they just backchecked his browser history!) for browsing the Internet etc Or could just be a drunk prick of no consequence who had no regard for children? No kids and don't even drive but just driving at a child, let alone a children's carnival? And to be speeding up? I freak about hitting insects when in a car, let alone animals and humans! Another thread to prove we're not them. If you get more details, post them here please!
  10. hayed joe

    How do you deal with the bullshit?

    I write stuff down. It isn't living a lie as the words are my explanations and reactions to outside life. There is also that. Read and Write your way out of the bullshit. But again that's bullshit as that's how I found I could deal. All we can do is make suggestions until the true falls backwards.
  11. hayed joe

    Caroline Flack DEAD at 40

    There is that but it has taken wind out of sails before. "Aww, but why?" and another moment lost etc! Nothing to add to the Flack (I never watched the show but what sort of person, how insane are television networks to keep doing this?) My only shame was used to watch Jeremy Kyle. Reality TV is no longer and never was Reality because it's Controlled Situations For Preprogramming TV. Maybe always was. CSFPTV! The lie any ordinary can be successful if on one of those shows. The bullshit of "People just like us" is "Types we'd be easier to manipulate if you'd be'. Elsewhere I've saw moans about Daily Mail and Media coverage. But I'm just waiting for the final glossed report. Going from before properly reading, Caroline should have been taken off the show earlier.
  12. hayed joe

    Crisis Actor for Corona Virus

    Shit getting in early with making people who have never heard of crisis actors in the first place, now associating it with Corona Ac-Torrr! If only they made this trick earlier. It's not the end of days that never comes, but it's the endgame now.
  13. hayed joe

    Alan Partridge Thread

    This Time Part 1 Up on YouTube is the first episode of the new Alan Partridge series on Monday BBC1 at 9.30pm. It's as different to Mid Morning Matters as that show was to I"m Alan Partridge as THAT series was different to Knowing Me Knowing You and so on. While there's no Armando Iannucci element it's still a good set up for the next following episodes. And because it's on YouTube (Hopefully will stay up or that's my thread fucked) you don't have to worry about supporting the BBC!
  14. hayed joe

    No war with Iran

    Not with bombs (yet) but with good old destabilisation under the desk. Or at least postponed until after the American Election.
  15. hayed joe

    Labour is part of Rothschild communism

    They seem to be going through their "Jo Swinson" phase. It didn't work for Jo! Giving the fuck up on this.
  16. hayed joe

    Was Caroline Flack Transgender?

    This is why I never get laid reason 545: I feel and see for myself a lot of men and women have both male and feminine features in the face anyway. Some really go out their way to avoid this, some don't. Some are comfortable with this as long as it never gets mentioned. I don't feel Caroline was trans. She seemed aggressive and a case of "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" by flipping a table over during Police questioning (according to the Daily (she) Mail), but that's not a masculine characteristic. It is possible for women to be aggressive. She seemed to be nuts off camera. I used to laugh at women who "found love and my boyfriend wants me to cut off every other friend of the opposite sex and for some reason this is healthy, byeeee!!" but that's not a male pattern as I first thought. And this isn't a "women should behave more like women" post. That shit has been moaned about since 1910 and is yet more control bullshit. Caroline Flack was a woman. That's my reckoning. If any feel different, post away.
  17. hayed joe

    Word association thread.

  18. hayed joe

    Does Boris Johnson have ADHD/Autism?

    On the subject of water, how's this for out of his depth? Shit, Cobra are cobblers but even then they've got more of a clue! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/18/pms-refusal-to-call-cobra-meeting-hampering-storm-recovery
  19. hayed joe

    Word association thread.

  20. Smile you miserable cunt! You're making money. Grin you fuckwit! Can't wait until she's spat out. That's the process. Got used to proper talent being overlooked. But they sure love their puppet show.
  21. hayed joe

    Does Boris Johnson have ADHD/Autism?

    Well while I'm here, the fuck is up with Cummings' jaw? Same expression in every picture.
  22. hayed joe

    The 4 word game

    And Savile's expose scrapped
  23. If a Labour member said this, there would be thread after thread about them. Thought at least the ones who abhor prescription medicine would be all over this? Or has it already been posted? Andrew Sabisky. Modafinil. Names to watch out for. Of course there'll be others and more different drugs etc. But considering we got our "country" back from the EU, we aren't half falling asleep on the job of making it a better place!
  24. hayed joe

    Eugenics? No, It's More You Mentalist!

    And look at that! He's gone! Still not accepting any responsibility or apologising. What a psycho! I like to think it was this thread that did him in. Once Golden Retriever linked him to the Jesuits, there he went. One down, another box of cranks who shouldn't be allowed anywhere a traffic beacon let alone the so called "gears" of parliament to get exposed. https://news.sky.com/story/number-10-adviser-andrew-sabisky-quits-after-controversial-comments-unearthed-11936738
  25. hayed joe


    Again if she was a nobody (well who weren't ITV2 level of "fame") charged with assaulting her boyfriend, or even other way round, this shit wouldn't be attempted to be imposed. The more restrictions the more they get away with it. One rule for them etc. Plus would David Icke be covered by whatever bullshit law comes in or would it be open season as usual?