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  1. David Stevenson

    The Hand Skills Thread

  2. David Stevenson

    608 Members Why do you not post? Only approx 25 do!

    Cannot get it in my region.
  3. How about a wet cameleon, can they be seen then, dripping.
  4. David Stevenson

    608 Members Why do you not post? Only approx 25 do!

    It keeps the distractions alive though, it is know as counter intelligence, disguised as truth.
  5. David Stevenson

    608 Members Why do you not post? Only approx 25 do!

    I have noticed this many times, and, there is normally a silence, when no mater how bizzare it might seem, it is probably true, like they always thought that the city of Troy was a myth, and yet they used mythology to guide them directly to its ruins.
  6. If TPTB had this much of an advantage they would not need the survailance state and all the tech.
  7. David Stevenson

    608 Members Why do you not post? Only approx 25 do!

    You tend to concentrate on subjects that cannot be proven, why do you do this, I think we all know why.
  8. David Stevenson

    608 Members Why do you not post? Only approx 25 do!

    It won't work, it does not matter how many you get to start the ball rolling, say you get some cohesion and then those group of individuals needs something doing so as they can survive in a post protestant paradigm, most will fall by the wayside and be unable to function once they all go home again with stomach ache from the buger at the fast food giant inside them, the very corporations who are talking everything from them and blaming them for shopping with them online. One of the very best ways is to begin creating as much of what you need to survive on your own dint and of your own volition, then one has a bargining chip to use as collateral in a world without money, and your cheques for free as long as you tow the original part protest line and verse. We have to be able to walk the walk not just shout the talk, otherwise your easy prey for the cabal who his currently de-skilling you so you cannot function unless its on their terms. https://youtu.be/ftxnr28LDXc
  9. I can and have seen it myself, I can make my arm go and come back again by a single blink of the eye, light is a trickster to an inquisitive mind, ones own mind that is.
  10. I see something else/reasons for chopping trees down, it goes like this They are removing the best habitats, IE hedges as well as bushes and trees, here is where the birds and the fauna live in them at this time of year and what lives in them the birds eat, they are doing this because they already know of the potential of harm the tech does to the more fragile echo systems and how they will eventually be effected by the new/old technology, thus nobody will notice what is going on until its too late to cross reference the possible ailments of the end users of the technology itself. Remember nature is normally the first to show trauma, but we need the real evidence to thwart those who will try to block conjecture and or truths. The people who are rolling out this tech already know how it performs believe me, but the very reason why they have not given the results is because we would reject it outright. I wish Mr Steele had a more intuitive mind and was able to project things in a more organized pattern, he is not very clever and should employ the correct people to gather the evidence as it arrives after the tech is unleashed, I hope your reading this Mark and Ian Crane, because your both going about it in the totally the wrong way.
  11. David Stevenson


    Did I say passenger planes?, nope. If the shoe fits dude.
  12. Never had the pleasure of witnessing any of our pets growling etc at nothing, however, try this one, when your in bed and the light is out, hold your arm outstretched in front of you and fix your gaze with whatever ambient light there is upon your hand and eventually your hand will dissapear in front of your eyes, and not re-appear again unless you move it. So the suit of the camoflaged soldier cannot hide unless its standing perfectly still, if it moves it will give off an orate signature, but if you have the correct tools to look through you will see the person wearing it, because light is heat and thus cannot be made the same temprature as the backdrop behind the person or object. A trained eye like a colour blind person would easily be able to spot it, this is why they used them in spotter aircraaft during the second world war to spot camoflaged enemy positions on the ground, sitting ducks to a black and white see'er.
  13. David Stevenson

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    What about the dozens of fire engines and street water hydrants, air dousing and many more routes, listen if they wanted that fire out it would have been put out. But they never wanted to put it out, they risked rigging it during the flames is what they want us to think, I think it was planned and rigged years before. The explosives could have been hidden snug as a bug in a barn fire, inside the sealed box columns in all buildings brought down on that day. Thermite can withstand high temp's and all it needs is a donkey charge to get it going, and slowly it does its trick, or faster depending on the type used. Lastly, you keep asking people to proove things, when you know we cannot, we are all simply adding our ideas to how they did it, get a grip please, no more questions from now on I'm done with you on this subject.
  14. How about the body odour that a dogs nose can smell, can this tech stop this as well, and like a chameleon he is gone, but not relly gone as Bob the dog will tell you.
  15. I remember him well right there in the mirror and in post number 3. .? (https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=245366 )