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  1. I find this post very interesting, what you are describing is the fractal nature of reality and how you can have an infinite amount of energy (information) inside a defined boundary. Fractals are a system embedded into a larger system then a larger etc, all the way up to the infinitely large and down to the infinitely small and any part of that system has all the information to create the whole , the only difference being the order of magnitude or boundary of each embedded system . For arguments sake ,if you divided the coast line using miles and then using nano meters ,the the complexity and therefore information gathered using the smaller distance is going to be far greater ,even though the distance hasn't changed,not withstanding tidal and erosion effects,therefore if you use an infinitely small distance,you get an infinite amount of information and the same applies inside the boundary. Just like with pictures ,large pixels less information small pixels more information. Some might say that you can't go to infinitely small as the Planck distance is the smallest thing the universe dose, but if you take the the speed of light the size of the universe and the Planck distance as simply boundaries of the order of magnitude we all exist, in an infinite fractal system, the skies the limit
  2. peter

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    it will be interesting to see if the charges will be heard in open court, if they are I wonder how long Epstein will be on this planet
  3. peter

    Escalation with Iran

    Blackbeard would be a prime candidate I find it rather hypocritical when the poms and the yanks can confiscate an oil tanker belonging to Iran, but if Iran dose the same to one of theirs in return, then the west is outraged PS, that is of course if Iran did indeed commandeer the pommies tanker, because the US and UK have demonstrated time and time again they are somewhat lax when it comes to the truth( bugger me the pricks couldn't even lie straight in bed
  4. Time and time again we have seen the gutless Australian government do absolutely nothing for Australians overseas that need help and now in my opinion they have reached a new low ( the festering underbelly of a snake,you cant get too much lower than that). Here is an Ausi that needs help ,whats his crime? ,telling the truth, and what has our illustrious morally superior government done ,FUCKING NOTHING!!!!!!!!!
  5. I have been called a tinfoil hatter on more than one occasion, because generally my opinions do not follow mainstream sentiment, but I arrive at these conclusions through research and not through my dislike for obligatory general consensuses , so if you equate the possession of a tin foil hat with brains ,it's obviously better to have one than go without
  6. More like (my favorite martian) ,bugger I'm showing my age now
  7. peter

    Flu scare mongering has begun in the media today

    Yes we have had the most deadly flu outbreak this summer and winter (all year round apparently) ,this is a recorded message as the entire population of Australia is now dead. I only know 4 people that had the flu shot and all of them got the flu, my doctor included,when I saw him I said Christ you look crook, he said he had a flu shot 4 days ago , my comment ,serves you fucking right ,I told you not to get one As far as I'm concerned it's typical media bullshit, I may be wrong, just my opinion.
  8. peter

    meet up

    just a suggestion ,but personally I find talking face to face more preferable, I like to look into somebodies eyes when I'm interacting with them . I maybe what's termed as old school, but there are nuances and subtleties that are not evident when conversing via a forum, so I live on the sunshine coast of Queensland Australia, so if there is anyone wanting a catch up and have a face to face I would be more than happy to do so . Maybe forum members from different parts of the globe could do the same, as like many I suspect ,during my short time on this forum I have formed opinions about certain prominent members and their motives,maybe a sit down and a quiet chat over a cup of coffee is whats needed for a whole new perspective from both parties if agreeable
  9. peter

    nassim haramein

    Yes , no such thing as the strong force, no such thing as colored force and no such thing as dark matter no wonder he has pissed a lot of people off that have reputations to uphold.He was the first to suggest that there was a singularity in the center of every galaxy ,for this he was laughed at ,now it is fundamentally accepted . There are plenty more but this video explains his theory and goes over the relevant mathematics to support it
  10. peter

    nassim haramein

    I've been following the work of this person for over 20 years, he is self taught and was as popular as a hat full with others in his field, but now his theories are being accepted
  11. this happened early on in school for me, the teacher was explaining sound waves and speech, the fact that the vocal cords vibrate and your ears turn that vibration into electrical signals then your brain decodes those signals into words .Then she said that the eyes do the same ,turn light into electrical signals and the brain decodes these into objects, so I thought what the hell am I actually looking at . Is the object that I see the same as my brain decodes it or is it something something entirely different just appearing as that object. That is a fairly unique concept for a kid that was still in primary school.
  12. peter

    Intuition: friend or foe?

    Many years ago I had an accident at work that required major surgery on my back, any way to cut a long story short I had to see a barrister on the 32 floor of the Australia square building in Sydney,I thought I would leave early just in case and wait in his very comfortable leather chairs if need be . As it was I had a great run into the city and was about an hour early,I jumped into the lift and pressed floor 32 and as I did I immediately felt that sick I thought I would throw up. I hit the stop button and decided to get out and walk it off around the city. I returned after about 50 min and jumped into a different bank of lifts and went up to his office ,we had a 1/2 hour meeting I said good by as he had his head down writing notes on a pad,he was still writing as I said ,you know I got here early and when I got in the lift I felt so sick I had to get out and go for a walk. It was at this moment he looked up and as the color was draining out of his face he said that the original lit I was in dropped 3 floors and some of the people had spinal injuries. Intuition, I don't know what happened ,with me it is definitely a feeling ,this has happened on two other occasions where I have quickly left an area but I have no personal evidence that anything untoward did happened unlike the occurrence mentioned above. Who trusts that ,I haven't a clue what it is ,but I'm dam glad I did trust it
  13. peter

    dumb shits save the world

    I had an interesting conversation with a mate the other day on the way to flying. I was lamenting the fact that our kids would be probably the last generation that has the ability to demonstrate a logical progression of analytical thought,because unfortunately this ability is no longer taught in schools or university and the public at large are being dumb-ed down more and more. These days there is no need to really know anything as people are carrying around their brain in their pocket( it's probably fitting that it's close to their ass) . It was at this moment he made the statement ,dumb C.......ts will save the planet. Let me explain. With more and more reliance on mobile phones to do everything for you people are getting dumber and dumber and even though they have more information at their finger tips their attention span is diminishing at an exponential rate with regards to the availability of technology. Given the people that are introducing this technology are cleaver, its the dumb general end user that can't think for them selves that will save the planet in the end, with regards to over population and pollution. His argument, with the expected increase of world population by 2050 this will only increase the already large burden on the planets resources and if you have an intelligent population that aspires to better themselves , they want to get out in the world and experience things within the limits of their financial capability, you will have increased consumerism and therefore pollution and these switched on consumers want healthy organic food, where is the land coming from to produce it? ,we are running out of forests to decimate. Here's the rub ,if we can dumb the majority of the population down using cell phones, crappy education, additives in the water supply and get them interested in virtual reality and games they will not want a big house ,caravan , car etc all they would need is a couple of containers shoved together in which to live in, hence the consumerism is reduced and therefore pollution, they wouldn't want to go outside and experience the world as it is perceived, as the virtual reality one they mostly inhabit is much better to them. Therefore they are not thinking about healthy food either ,just a quick Macker's with fries , so not only are they increasing consumerism and therefore pollution, they are contributing to there own early demise thus reducing the population problem, it's a win win for the smart people and the planet. Given the absence of a world wide catastrophic event it will be the dumb c....ts that save the world. I can see a few holes in this argument , but it is a great perspective on a rather pressing problem, talk about laugh
  14. I would put is to you that she is doing exactly what she was placed there to do, it is happening with all media across the board and if it's not, as with some independents , then censorship is the only option ,as we have all seen come to the fore in recent years
  15. after I thought about it for awhile ,that's what I thought it must be . I'm not a clubber so I guess I'm safe Kind regards Peter