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  1. peter

    Notice to everyone

    I went and had an M.R.I. today on my prostrate, I got up in the morning ,went to the loo had a shower and shave, got down the hospital and had to have an enema . I said I had already been , it doesn't matter was the answer. Afterwards I came to the very stark and uncomfortable realization that I'm full of shit. Don't believe a word I say
  2. peter

    Humor Thread

    Why did prince Charles get corona Because he was chewing on an old bat
  3. peter

    Real Protection from 5G

    Maybe from an anonymous Russian scientist, it shouldn't be to long before they hit the market here in the west, then we can all go back to the late 60's early 70's loose women and serious drugs ,ah the good old days 🤣
  4. peter

    Real Protection from 5G

    or a FLUX capacitor
  5. peter

    Word association thread.

  6. peter

    Word association thread.

  7. peter

    Word association thread.

  8. peter

    Word association thread.

  9. peter

    Word association thread.

  10. peter

    Word association thread.

  11. peter

    Humor Thread

    Americans buy guns to protect themselves Australians buy toilet paper. When Indonesia comes to kick our ass we will be safe in the knowledge we can always wipe it
  12. peter

    Credo Mutwa has passed.

    The chitahurie (I know that's not how it is spelt) will be the only ones smiling RIP
  13. peter

    Word association thread.

  14. peter

    coronavirus mega thread

    Went shopping at target for some shoes as I walked in this woman came up to us in gloves and a spray bottle and said would like some hand sanitizer , my answer was behave your bloody yourself and just laughed and kept walking I copped an elbow in the ribs from the misses . Lining up to get out of the shop was great ,I let this woman go in front of me ,she was in here 80's and she said to me we are not allowed to stand close to each other as they had crosses marked on the ground 1.5 meters apart and people policing the distance ,she said rather loudly ,how long is this bullshit going to continue, to which I had a bit of a chuckle. Anyway when I got to the checkout I put the shoes on the counter ,there stood a young bloke in gloves and he said you have to scan your own items .The first pair were ok as they had a barcode the second lot didn't so I couldn't scan it, you have to understand buying shoes is one of the curses of my life, my feet are so wide I usually go home in disgust with nothing , we had been to four shops already and went to target as a last resort ,as I have never been able to find shoes that fit me there before in my life and to my amazement I found two pairs,sorry I digress. As I said the first scanned ok but the second didn't have a barcode, and thinking I would have to put them back I said rather loudly while looking in his eyes , that's got you fucked well what are you going to do now ,he gingerly grabbed my new runners and manually put in a product code ,the way he carried on anyone would think he was handling fresh dog shit, I payed for the item and had to get my own receipt,he wouldn't even hand that to me and as soon I moved off this young girl ran over and sprayed the whole screen and bench top and wiped it all down I just bust out laughing and walked off shaking my head. I would love to give them an ear full but I was with the wife and I would have been in the shit
  15. peter

    Word association thread.