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  1. Patric Moore ex president of green peace
  2. peter

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    My bullshit meter is off the scale right now
  3. peter

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    Those dastardly Mexicans ,creating Corona and blaming China for it
  4. peter

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    zika virus springs to mind, that was all bullshit and the w.h.o. had to admit it eventually
  5. peter

    Humor Thread

    I went to the local bottle shop on the way home yesterday,the misses said what do you want ,just a couple of beers as it was hot. As I walked up to the door I saw this hand written sign that was down low on the glass that said no dogs allowed. As I was getting served by the manager ,I couldn't resist, I said to him with a serious look, how do you get away with a sign like that?. With a quizzical look he said what do you mean, mate no dogs allowed I said ,I know that some people are as ugly as a hat full of shit but to ban them from the bottle shop is out right discrimination. thinking I was serious he went on to explain that there was a dog fight in the shop which broke a couple of wine bottles . I said, oh yeah in my best serious voice to which he replied that's why the sign is down low so only dogs can read it ,to try and lighten up the situation, my reply was so in actual fact you are having a go at ugly dwarfs so I picked up my two bottles of beer and backed out the door with a stern look shaking my head. I closed the door turned around and walked back to the car and burst out laughing . The misses said what are you laughing about ,so I told her, she said typical and started laughing also
  6. peter

    My life as a Gargolan species on Earth

    I can't believe that people are still entertaining this dip stick, I'm finished
  7. EXACTLY ! The Rio earth summit in 82 where agenda 21 was first introduced, coincided closely with the time that hazard reduction burning was stopped by the greens here in Australia. This funny old world is just full of these interesting little coincidences , just like when there is a terrorist attack, they always seem to be running exercises for the very same thing
  8. peter

    My life as a Gargolan species on Earth

    In this dimension we refer to them as a mental asylum
  9. peter

    My life as a Gargolan species on Earth

    Ha, we have finally found someone that lives up to your name sake, let me know if you score the DMT ,just hedging my bets🍄
  10. peter

    My life as a Gargolan species on Earth

    What is the name of your white horse kemosubie
  11. peter

    Where is the creepiest place you've ever been?

    Looks can be deceiving,went there years ago with my wife and detoured to take a look . We pulled up at this lovely little park, when we got out of the car I looked at her and said do you feel that and she said yes there is something not right here so we left . I know it doesn't sound much but I've lived in places where no one would stay in the house alone and we ended paying the lease out and left ,now that was creepy but nothing compared to the feeling when we got out of the car a Mt Wilson
  12. peter

    Where is the creepiest place you've ever been?

    Mt Wilson NSW
  13. peter

    Cybernetic Alien Drone?

    These are insects ,usually moths ,I saw a doco many years ago about the same thing. The show explained that the forward motion of the insect couples with the correct speed of the wings gives this effect. I'm not going to comment on the validity of this assumption ,as I just don't know ,however this was the explanation given
  14. peter

    Iran situation theory

    yes I know that it wouldn't be a good idea, I was just looking at it with regards to the oil producing countries and their position on a map. If I could think of it ,no doubt that this scenario as already been factored in with regards to military operations on both sides of the coin