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  1. peter

    Meeting women

    Ah ,for the bloke that is a total dick
  2. peter

    "Peace" is Slavery

    There you go again ,I never said that. How the hell did you come to that conclusion, that eating food is against your gods will from my last example , I guess where even as I find that a ridiculous statement. However I do agree we should stop now
  3. peter

    "Peace" is Slavery

    I don't remember Mr ride stating might is right, also I missed where he implied it was wrong to eat carrots, as far as I can see he used the carrots as an an-allergy with no implications of right or wrong. Then you tell us that not eating carrots goes against nature and that many plants want to be eaten to spread their seeds. So lets have a look at what part of the plant is eaten by animals to spread their seeds, berries, fruits and flowers not the entire plant, so it is able to grow and keep propagating year in and year out provided the seasons are agreeable . In the case of carrots they are ripped out of the ground and consumed before they have a chance to go to seed, if propagation is the carrots sol purpose ,I'm sure given the chance it would prefer to stay in the ground and therefore not be eaten I don't understand him, I don't even know him ,I just read what he had written and it seems logical to me, but what do I know
  4. peter

    "Peace" is Slavery

    So is twisting and taking out of context what people actually say
  5. peter

    If you're female and you die,

    Yes I'm glad my kids are adults now,and I was always up the school getting into the principle about things I didn't like about what was going on even back then ,I even wrote a letter of complaint to the state education dept ,as they seemed to be getting rid of all the good teachers and keeping the idiots, that didn't go down to well . My eldest son is a high school teacher , He taught a 4 hour lesson once that was not part of the school curriculum and when the bell rang for the kids to go home ,he said just before you leave I have an announcement ,every thing I told you in the last four hours was complete and utter rubbish,just because someone in authority says something don't believe it's the truth ,do your own research ,I wonder where he go that from?
  6. It's an Islamic conspiracy to rid the world of pork, talk about devious
  7. peter


    I bet you were a wizz at math and English in school majoring in anagrams
  8. peter

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Yes I still get the nexus mag ,read it then pass it on
  9. peter

    A Place for Sharing Books etc

    You missed one , The Vaccination Policy and the UK Government,The Untold Truth, written by Christina England & Lucija Tomljenovic Which consists the minuets of the meetings between the vaccine manufactures and the UK health dept on how to negate the health problems that were occurring due to the vaccines and how to continue with the mandatory vaccine pollicy
  10. peter

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    I made a prediction in this thread, that the second wave will hit around xmas for the most physiological effect on the population ,however I said in the same post it may be earlier if the public cottons on that its all crap , everyone I have randomly talked to thinks it's shit ,even my doctor wont be pinned down one way or another he says research it yourself. Guess what? we now have the second wave and the hype on the idiot box is unbelievable,news breaks every two seconds ,there now talking about mandatory testing as over 1000 people told them to piss off just in a few hot spots( the new terminology of fear for idiots) suburbs in VIC, if you extrapolate that out Australia wide most people will tell the authorities what they can do with their test. I'm waiting for the virus to mutate ,then I will really fall down laughing
  11. peter

    Nuclear war

    Well something, I hope you can still reply as I would just like to say it appears to me that you will not have to go to the loo for the next month and a half , in my opinion the amount of shit you have pulled out of your ass for your posts in this thread, how can there can be anything left?
  12. peter

    Nuclear war

    Yes every time the flat one raises his head above the parapet something was not far behind. I don't know for sure but apparently they have been banned, which is a shame really I hope not
  13. peter

    New Forum Desires.

    I don't think this sub forum is necessary as the group will likely disband, their president passed away a few years ago and hopefully is being fucked as we speakšŸ¤£
  14. peter


    Yes you are correct, I was aiming at the people that always want more no matter what they have