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    News flash

    Climate change is reducing the amount of oxygen produced by the earth's oceans . At this point I wave my arms around wildly ,scream uncontrollably and run around in a completely random pattern. Once I come to my senses I will travel to the city lay in the middle of the road and disrupt the traffic ,I may piss a lot of people off but at least I'm doing something and more importantly, I will feel good about myself
  2. peter

    Humor Thread

    No need to play the video ,Andrew has come up with a brilliant defense, It couldn't be me ,my willy is only this big
  3. peter

    Hi - this is me 😊

    1 My Picture is on my drivers license, pistol license and long arm license, I'm sure they know exactly what I look like, however with governments being inherently penny pinching and lazy, why help them do their job an make it easier to cross reference a name to a face that is on this forum? . I'm sure they already have 2 Also I'm an ugly bastard
  4. peter

    Music You Like

    This song still brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. I was lucky I missed by 15 months ,a lot of my school friends didn't ,we had conscription back then . All the way with LBJ, fuck him.I knew a few had their numbers come so they fucked off to New Guinea ,one mate said see if the fuckers can find me there, I never saw him again ,but I hope they didn't
  5. peter

    Depraved teenaged animal torturers

    I know it sounds good to inflict the old adage an eye for an eye, however who would you get to meter out the same punishment on children or an adult for that matter. These youngsters definitely have undesirable psychological attributes , but so would the disciplinarian prepared to carry out said punishment .It's a shocking situation ,and I don't know what the answer is
  6. peter


    I remember that ,it shows a major dysfunction in the personality of someone who wants to be leader,or maybe that's what they're all like and it's completely normal for someone aspiring to such lofty heights
  7. peter


    my point exactly and what has changed, do things ever get better after an election or just continue to spiral slowly down the plug to ever increasing shit?
  8. peter


    I have to disagree, what a powerful message would be sent ,if the powers that be set a date for an election spent all the money an time on campaigning, and no one showed up to play . To me that would be taking your power back coupled with a monumental finger to the heart of the establishment . They wouldn't know to do
  9. peter


    As I said we will have to agree to disagree the pictures were taken early morning ,so I would expect the predators had ample time during the night for a feast but didn't. Also your assertion that someone is having a laugh ,plausible but highly improbable. Someone or a group driving down a dirt road with very sharp knives just happen to come across a dead cow with no obvious injuries in the pitch blackness of the night and gets the bright idea of making it look like cattle mutilation just as a joke . ! why wasn't there any signs of their presence in the grass why wasn't there any blood at the very least, also how would they know to remove the left cheek and tung ,well I suppose they had a 50% chance of getting it right if they hadn't researched the subject . As I said we will have to agree to disagree I have said all that I'm going to on this matter, I do respect your opinion but tooing and frowing add infinitum ,gets a bit much
  10. peter


    The carcass was starting to stink so it was dead for a while ,and every dog and fox in the area worth their salt would have known a free meal was going begging, but there was no takers.
  11. peter


    1 I didn't say it was moved by a predator, it was obvious that it didn't die there 2 We have a large wild dog problem in this area and when they feed they rip the animal to bits ,your predators must have good table manners 3 If you have a look at the lower jaw which is the easiest to see in the picture it is a perfect elliptical incision, no jagged edges as one would expect with an animal 4 That is exactly right that was not the cow he expected to find 5 The farmer didn't open the mouth ,I did 6 From the bottom of the eye to nearly the full length of the bottom jaw is one continuous even line 7 There was no other bite marks as one would expect ,wild dogs and the like generally always go for the soft underbelly 8 There was no indication that the area around the carcass had been disturbed, no foot prints no animal tracks ,there wasn't even an insect on the carcass only grass seed that had blown there in the wind and more impotently not a drop of blood anywhere. As I said before riggamortice had already set in otherwise the back leg would have collapsed under the weight of the carcass and the back haunches would have been hard up against the the fence. Sorry we are just going to agree to disagree on this one ,I haven't go a clue how, why or who ,but I know it wasn't an animal
  12. peter


    Sorry, the removal of the cheek and tung was done with a very sharp implement ,no teeth or claw marks at all, the other thing was the ground sloped down to the fence where the cow was and the only thing that stopped it sliding to the fence was the legs were stiff and the bottom rung of barbed wire was between the cloves of the back hoof thus holding the weight of the carcass back. Given that fact it must have been dead a while before it somehow got there , rigga had already set in otherwise the leg would have bent under the weight . Also ,when the property owner came down the road in a tractor I flagged him down and told him about the cow,his reply was yes a cow prolapsed during birth I didn't think it would survive ,I showed him the cow and his first statement was this is not the one, then he said if they were after meat why only take one cheek he didn't open the mouth to see if the tung was missing Also I do go out now and again and take deer for meat, and I can tell you that damage wasn't done by a predator