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  1. Tinfoil Hat

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    The types of business were predictable too. Shops - they want all transactions on-line; banks - they won't need as many people to serve customers face to face when it's all electronic button pushing; arcarriers - travel abroad is going to return to being a luxury that only the wealthy can afford.
  2. Tinfoil Hat

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    They're reviving bird flu as well as swine flu?
  3. Tinfoil Hat

    FBI arrests British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell

    Potentially, she could bring Prince Charming down - among many others.
  4. Tinfoil Hat

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? β€‹πŸ·

    And getting stranger by the day!
  5. Tinfoil Hat

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? β€‹πŸ·

    People are sending a message that they know they are being lied to, and yearn to hear the truth! ☺️ Tucker Carlson breaks cable news viewership record as networks' ratings skyrocket by Mike Brest, Breaking News Reporter | | June 30, 2020 05:44 PM Fox News host Tucker Carlson led cable news in viewership for the second quarter of 2020 as each network experienced seismic growth in their audiences. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/tucker-carlson-breaks-cable-news-viewership-record-as-networks-ratings-skyrocket
  6. Tinfoil Hat


  7. Tinfoil Hat

    Robbie Williams wants truth on PizzaGate

    Until very recently you could find articles on the internet about how, historically, Jews would kidnap Christian children and bleed them dry in some sick, frenzied ritual. The children were made into martyrs or saints. I just searched, and couldn't find any of the stuff I read a few months ago about it, but that's what the above painting seems to be portraying (though admittedly I didn't read the accompanying write up above due to a headache - just scanning stuff). So many ghouls in so many walks of life! My fear for the safety of children's well-being has led to a situation where when I set eyes on any kids & young people, I actually project love and protection at them as an automatic reflex now. Sounds like new age nonsense, but I can feel a rush of energy from my heart to them, and I believe it's real.
  8. Tinfoil Hat

    Coin Shortage

    The problem is that cash withdrawn won't help the owners of it, if a solely digital system is implemented. We'll be given a deadline to deposit all cash for inclusion in the new system and after that it will just be worthless bits of paper and base metal. Unless they can afford to spend it all before the changeover I suppose. If I'd had any money to spare, I'd have bought gold sovereigns with it.
  9. Hahaha! Yes, the very sane thing to do is let a known eugenicist with a history of killing and maiming, inject who knows what into you at great financial profit to himself, to 'cure' a fabricated virus which has provably been lied about since day 1. And we're white supremacists who owe recompense to black people who have had all the same opportunities as us in our communities, and flouride's good for you, and wrong's right and men menstruate. It's no holds barred if it comes to being sectioned. Know what I mean?
  10. Tinfoil Hat


    Me too, Fluke. We can only wait and see, as there are prejudiced and corrupt judges, but I believe there are still fair, genuine ones too so we can only hope it's one of the latter. Fingers crossed.
  11. Tinfoil Hat

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? β€‹πŸ·

    Does anyone think there is an infinite number of souls? It was the theme in a film I vaguely remember from years ago that I don't even recall the name of. If there are more people than there are souls to inhabit them, that might explain why so many people seem to be unnaturally stupid / uncaring / inept at everything / lacking morality and creativity. Are they really just tubes?
  12. Tinfoil Hat

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? β€‹πŸ·

    I'm disappointed in Palin talking utter shite like that, & jumping on the bandwagon. It looks nothing at all like Floyd's set up murder, and I want people to be told to stop being stupid when they make such comments, instead of getting a spread in the papers. If 16K people have signed it, that's 16K people who are devoid of common sense.
  13. Hey - don't be giving them the idea to combine those things, KillBill. We don't want infected terrorists with 5G remote control ray directors in their pockets riding in on aliens, just ahead of the locust swarms and asteroids.
  14. They must be worried that people are not sufficiently scared silly yet - just lining up a few more bogeymen, so that we can feel like our world is a passage through the House of Horrors.
  15. Tinfoil Hat

    If you're female and you die,

    I"m glad my kids are grown ups now, because what's going on in schools now is truly terrifying. I'd have to home school for sure, and even then, the 'authorities' are busybodying at people who do. I still fell out with their schools, because they tried to adopt an attitude whereby the parents views were overruled by them, on matters like sickness absences. I spelled out more than once over the years that I was the patent, and so it was my place to make judgements, not theirs. They were soon chastened, but I did get the impression that most parents just accepted their dictating, which reminds me of what's happening now. Not many challenge supposed authority, so they keep pushing their luck further.