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  1. Its funny, when I had my 'I am a son of God' breakdown a few years back I asked the entities I was in contact with to remove anything attached to me and I felt a spider crawl out from my brain and spinal cord. Weird surreal experience as was the whole breakdown which was in fact a psychotic episode. But I really did believe I had a brain spider!
  2. Hi! Good to see you over here (you was on the old site wasn't you - my memory is terrible these days) I've been reading for ages but never received my verification email so didn't I was full member so haven't tried posting. Thought I would try today as a guest but now see I must be a full member as there's no 'Guest' before my username.
  3. I've been waiting to get full membership before I posted - signed up back in April. There was a thread I signed up to respond too but it seems pointless now. Anyway, guess I'm here now.