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  1. Hi Bingoze welcome to the forum. I read this and I have to say I don't understand what your trying to say. Lot of words but said little of any substance. Felt like I was reading AI generated text. Would you mind summarizing what your trying to say?
  2. pi3141

    Book of Enoch

    Hi Logos are you from the old site, was it Logos888?
  3. pi3141

    The Talmud and its origins

    George Carlin is funny, that religious skit is brilliant and bang on the money. But lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater. I have been informed by my father who was a spiritualist, he asked the spirits about religion and he was told that there is a 'golden thread of truth' that runs though every religion. He also asked if Jesus was coming back to which he was told 'No, he is to far advanced in the fathers many mansions that he will not return' Its also said that the stories in the Bible are merely Milk for the children' There are deeper meanings in the Bible stories that we must decode, the solar worship being one of many. Anyway, 2000 years ago Jesus said “Woe to you Scribes, because you have taken away the keys of knowledge! You have not entered and those who are entering you have hindered.” So it seems the secrets to enter the kingdom have been lost. If they were lost back then what chance do we have of finding the knowledge now. However Jesus also said "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." So maybe there is enough knowledge in the Bible for us to use - if we understand it. It has been said Jesus is a Sun King, I believe he was also a Buddhist and a Gnostic as well as the healer and teacher he was revered to be. J M Allegro asserted Jesus was a mushroom and I can see the tell tale signs that Christianity has absorbed a mushroom cult. I accept the parallels Allegro draws about 'the veil' and 'the blood of Christ' being the water on top of the mushroom and the red and white apparel that the priests wear. In short I believe the Bible is a tapestry of knowledge, an amalgamation of many Pagan cults and Buddhism, possibly also Druid. Jesus was a master at many of the traditions that were prevalent at the time and his teachings encompassed all this knowledge, again its up to us to understand it. Finally in the Gospel of Thomas Jesus said 'The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you, Not in a mansion of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there, Lift a stone and you will find me. Well if you lift a stone what is there under the stone that was not there before? Light, sunlight, same as splitting a piece of wood, once you split it light can appear where it wasn't before. I believe Jesus is saying he is Sunlight, therefore the Sun. So if Jesus is the Sun, who is the Father? That would be whatever created the Sun, what created the Sun? The universe. God is the universe and at some level, it is alive.
  4. pi3141

    The Talmud and its origins

    Ok not related to the Talmud but I gather from your OP that your looking for the origins of religion. So here's a thought I have had regarding Sun Worship. If we believe in evolution we started life as Prokaryotes, these organisms derive their energy from Photosynthesis, in other words, they feed off light. So their whole existence would have centered on the Sun, they were literally dependent on it. It has been said that Mankind is the product of all its evolutionary steps, through each step we have retained something from the previous incarnation and hence evolved into something new but based on the building blocks of all our other forms. I submit that since our earliest expression of life was so dependent on the Sun that we have retained this trait all through our evolutionary steps and this is why the Sun has been worshiped from eons ago, because we have retained in our DNA the biological need to be in the Sun. We still need vitamin D from the Sun to remain healthy. I accept that Shamans and the such would probably have realized the importance of the Sun and no doubt started worshiping it but I think it goes deeper than just observation and we are literally hard wired to worship the Sun.
  5. pi3141

    johnson hasnt resigned?

    Yeah I worry that Farage will split the vote and allow Labour or Lib Dem in and in their derrangement they'll think they got the peoples vote, when most votes were Tory and Brexit. I can't decide if I would vote Tory or Brexit. Just checked out my Tory candidate and it seems he's a leaver. We need strong leadership right now. We need honesty about the deal. I say lets roll the dice and go no deal, the world our oyster and all that. I used to work in Farage's local pub. I grew up close to where he's from, worked the bar at his brothers wedding. I like him but right now we need a majority of leavers who are talented enough to get a good deal or take us out on no deal and forge new deals. So Farage might be good but if we get parliment gridlocked with Brexit party and Tory party then instead of remainers blocking a deal we'll get 'no dealers' blocking a deal. Again if the deal we got is a bad one then thats what we want, but if we can get a good deal then we should accept it move on and see what deals we can stike outside of the EU.
  6. pi3141

    johnson hasnt resigned?

    It wasn't his fault the deal didn't go through. What we need now is real leadership where they should tell us honestly if the deal is any good or not and if its not then they should recommend no deal. Farage says its a sell out, bad deal. If the opposition were genuinely doing their jobs and voting down a bad deal then fair enough but I suspect they would vote down any deal in the hope of dragging it out and possibly stopping Brexit altogether. So I don't think its Boris's fault we don't have a deal.
  7. pi3141

    The great hate crime HOAX

    An interesting article from Daily Mail about hate crime. Wasn't sure whether to put it in News or General, but it is in today's news.
  8. pi3141


    Not only that but the spelling or words form the basis or the code of our programming. Words form the language that creates our programming or mind maps.
  9. pi3141


    Yes I've had similar thoughts to. Words are magic. When you Google its like casting a spell and getting imeadiate response from your spell/intent. Putting the correct search terms in gives you the results you desire from the vast sea of information that is available to us.
  10. pi3141


    Forgot to post the documentary! Go to 27.00 minute mark for the monk who explains Jesus coming to India.
  11. pi3141


    Here's another documentary that asserts the same thing. Go to 27.00 minutes in. The Buddhist have written records of a great healer called 'Esa' (I think, Jesus had a few names not the Roman name Jesus Christ(us) yes the name Jesus Christ is a Roman name and the 'us' on the end signifies this, so Jesus's full Roman name would be Jesus Christus, not Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a corruption of English and Romanised names. So it follows that the English name for Jesus would be Jes Christ. We know 'Christos' was Greek for 'anointed one' so it seems clear Jesus Christ is an invented name or rather a title, possibly means 'The Christ' (The anointed one) Anyway, the Buddhists have records of him travelling to the East and studying with them and being impressed with their teachings and taking the teachings back with him. Which is quite amazing. People complain that no historical accounts of him exist yet the Buddhists are in no doubt that he existed and have records of him visiting India to study. They say he left when he was 29.
  12. pi3141


    Here's a good documentary
  13. pi3141


    Here's a thread from the old site.
  14. For me, the NASA footage of UFO's is the most compelling, you know it hasn't been faked. I prefer to believe we did go to the moon and we saw strange stuff up there rather than believing the whole thing to be a hoax. If it was a hoax, they inserted all sorts of weird conversations in their scripts - like when they was on the dark side of the moon they discussed hearing strange noises - eerie music. Its all available on the tapes the shuttle was recording while they were up there. Also, when Armstrong reports seeing a bright light while walking on the moon and mission control say 'we know about the light, move away from the light' Why would they script nonsense like that. Anyway, here's Shuttle mission STS-75 on of my favorite bits of footage for NASA UFO's.
  15. pi3141

    antipsychotics and antidepressants

    Yeah I had physical and emotional abuse, grew up thinking the world didn't want me. But I reasoned 'well I am here so the world will have to put up with me' You think your over it, I thought I had dealt with it and put it all behind me by the time I was 18. Thought I had come to terms with it and my family and accepted myself but then at 45/46 the depression snuck up on me. So I realised I had'nt put it all behind me. My dad's dead but I had a few years to build a relationship with him before he died, my mums still alive but I'vr had no contact with her for 19 years. I suppose somewhere inside you don't forget about it, my kids are missing out on a granparent but I wouldn't trust my mum with my kids. Not sure I would even trust myself meeting her - she knows how to stick the knife in. If I met her it would probably do more harm than good.