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  1. matreshka

    Archon Stories and Writing

    I can share my strange experience with an archon. I'm from Russia, Moscow. It happened in the Moscow underground 7-8 years ago in a hot July noon. I entered the subway car at Taganskaya station. The wagon was nearly empty, 3-4 people were sitting all over the wagon, looknig into their mobile phones. Two strange men came in after me. It was unclear if they were men or women. I took a sit near the doors, and they stood in front of me. But I suddenly noticed that one of them had vertically elongated pupils, another "man" didn't raise his eyes. The first one looked twice to the right and left. I was shocked. I looked to the right and left too to see if somebody else noticed the strange pupils, I remembered the interview with David Icke and nearly cried out: "David said about this!!!" Then the strange man noticed me, at first I was funny and curious, I even tried to find some reasons why the "man" had such eyes (birth defect or lenses), another one didn't raise his eyes, he was like the guard. I still remember that inhuman gaze, clothing (strange tracksuit) were new, but as if hanging for very long time at grandma in the closet. When he stared at me I immediately realized that he or she was the reptilian, he looked at me without blinking, as if he wanted to tear out my throat, to glare down my throat, to drink my blood. Everything went dark around me, I fell into the darkness, I read in the eyes of that creature such hatred for myself, and fear, terrible fear, panic gripped me. I wanted to flee but where to go in the wagon? I wanted to scream for help, but I was in a daze. I even decided that my life was over (I was 33-34), the creature was ready to attack. it's hard to describe what I experienced during those 3-4 minutes. I shot out of the wagon at the next station Proletarskaya. Nowadays I realise that I met some archonts or repliloids, because the glare was inhuman, it hypnotized me. Based on my experience I can say that they hate us very much, especially people with a bright soul or as they are called "White gods" or Aryans. With my best regards