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  1. KingKitty

    One hundred years from now...

    Yes, I'm aware of the "27 Club". I have all the trading cards. I was referring to people who become famous after the age of 27. What I find interesting is how an overwhelming majority of those famous folks, whose flames flickered oh so briefly, were all very much into taking copious amounts of narcotics and/or alcohol. I wonder if there's some kind of connection to that with any of their deaths. Jim Morrison was one of many frauds in the music industry. Once his mission was through, he lived rich, fat and happy...well past twenty-seven. Jimi was the real deal. Never bought his death, but don't believe it was anything "Illuminated". Read up on the whole Laurel Canyon gang, some day.
  2. KingKitty

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Residing in the once great State of California, here. That "news" about increased cases here is...how you say?...bollucks! Pains me so few around my area are aware of the obvious orchestration of these "events". When I read about Joe Biden saying he will make wearing masks manditory once he's president (I'll wait for the laughter to die down). That told me right there that They have plans on this nonsense going on for a while. The holy Gates cure WILL be imposed upon all. I don't see any way out of it for folks who need to go to work. Worked for enough corporate owned facilities to know, they will make it manditory for employees. The majority of jobs folks rely on here in the States are corporate own. Then, State/Fed government will force private business owners to comply or close shop...for all our safety, of course. Second Wave is gonna be a b*tch! And yep, best start stockin' up on food stuff...especially meat, for my fellow omnivores who enjoy cow πŸ„! Hell, I can "make" toilet paper. Where my gonna find a cow!?! Somebody give me a cheeseburger! - Steve Miller
  3. KingKitty

    Robbie Williams wants truth on PizzaGate

    What the movie never really delves into is just how long he existed that way. It went on many years, according to some insight on the script from those involved. So, think of him learning the piano, but over the course of a few years. Kinda adds even more depth to the story in a way. Makes the various suicide attempt scenes make more sense, as well.
  4. KingKitty

    One hundred years from now...

    What happens to those who become famous after the age of twenty-seven? Do they have a club?
  5. KingKitty

    One hundred years from now...

    Not sure how taking a pessimistic view on the future would made an individual a victim. Besides, my cat's the King Kitty 😺...that's not his name, he just looks regal when he's not licking his nether regions. I had a bit of an inner rant, yesterday while looking out my window at all the new world people activity outside me window. Trendy restaurant across the street where all the hip, happenin' folks go (they built all this kinda crap around my flat over the last ten years...used to be less hip). Everyone filing out of their expensive vehicles, donning the latest fashion accessory...all hail the glorious Mask! In the background, back to back commercials for masks, hand sanitizers, etc., all warning me about the "new and increasingly dangerous would WE live in today". WE are living in the begining of an Orwellian inspired motion picture. Our current location? Just a moment or two after the opening credits. Of course, this not being an actual movie, WE don't have any beautiful people in spandex and rubber suits coming to our aid. WE just get a bunch of Jokers. Perhaps it's my urban surroundings. Agenda 21 has been very busy around here, squeezing apartments and condos into every nook and cranny it can find. All of which contain living quarters the size of my kitchen at twice my rent. And WE are lined up to get in them! Your earlier reference to Victorian days had me recall the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War...or Civil War I, as it will become known as soon...and the letters written by some of the soilders on the battlefield, most aged fourteen to seventeen. Their penmanship was impeccable, their vocabulary rich, their letters were deep, sincere, touching. Compare that to letters from most military folks from our modern age. Or, perhaps their Facebook posts? Most of those Civil War children would think we were quite thick, I'm sure. As would your Victorian pals. It's okay. We smell better than they did, and we have phones with cameras, games and porn. My projection is much like the movie I often refer to here at this forum, "Idiocracy". That combined with, "1984", the book or movie for those who'd rather not read. One hundred or so years from now, folks may have pulled out of such states of being, but I'd imagine that would still be some PC driven rubbish. Again, I sincerely appreciate your more optimistic view on things for future humans. And I also appreciate everyone for their comments, as well. Hey, the King Kitty is cool, babies! I don't come to Icke's to rumble and I enjoy views counter to those of mine as much as those who share my views. P.S., I know, I said my cat was King Kitty, then I sign off with the whole..."King Kitty is cool..." crap, implying that I am, indeed, the King Kitty. Look, just play along, alright? I have mental issues. That's why I need to get rich so I can be thought of as "eccentric".
  6. KingKitty

    The Importance of Beauty

    To me, this is the most beautiful thing I've experienced while on this planet. In all seriousness, this is all the proof I need that a good and loving God exist. This voice is that of an angel. Now, take a few, relaxing deep breaths. Press play, close your eyes and forget everything for a couple of minutes. Tell me that voice does not reach your soul. You're welcome.
  7. KingKitty

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? β€‹πŸ·

    I suppose this could go in the Covid thread, but I thought it might fit here, as well. So here I post it: Now, I've been seeing this for the last month or so, while trying to enjoy 70's game shows on BUZZR. Then, just a few minutes ago, I noticed this commercial only shows Caucasian folks in masks. The "punchline" was at the end of the commercial (though their YT video cuts short before this point). They finally show a black person, and she is without a mask, using the hand sanitizer and very happy looking. In this beautiful modern society, we have all come to expect a good 50/50 black to white ratio in all our television commercials. You'll be hard pressed to find one not adhering to this rule. Making this one stick out like a sore thumb...once some online smart-ass points it out, that is😽
  8. KingKitty

    One hundred years from now...

    I appreciate your optimism.
  9. KingKitty

    Meeting women

    I'm a musician. I play guitars. 'Nuff said.
  10. KingKitty

    I think I might know when the 2nd wave is coming...

    It has to happen during (prior to/during/after) the US presidential election, of that I'm sure. They want US voting via mail...snail mail. Need us locked in good 'n tight for that one. Your thought on the kids school season is dead on, too. No pun intended.
  11. KingKitty

    One hundred years from now...

    I don't believe I would like anyone. How about you folks out there? If you were transported from where you are in time right now, to one hundred years from now, do you think you would like the people? Aside from any obvious cultural/generational changes one could expect, mind you. I'm not asking if you could get along should you need to, either. Just about the humans in general, by that time. And I must add this caveat: This is not about time travel! More about what you think people will be like one hundred or so years from now, compared with your current intelligence and mindset AND seeing how so many in the flock are graciously following orders from Big Bro.
  12. KingKitty


    I never liked Phanton Limb after he stole Dr. Girlfriend from The Monarch. And, he wears a lot of purple for a white guy. Go team Venture!
  13. KingKitty


  14. KingKitty

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? β€‹πŸ·

    While enjoying an ice-cream cone with Warren Buffet, Paul McCartney asked that people stop referring to "The Beatles" 1968 double album as, "the White Album", as that is now considered racist. He went on to apologize for covering up the Black vinyl record with an oppressive white album cover. Future releases will be encased in a clear, see-thru album covers. ...well, why not? So far, all of my other jokes have become true. Which, as a songwriter/musician for the world wide musical sensation, The King Kitty Band (free downloads available on Soundcloud & ReverbNation!), started me to thinkin'... How soon before lower case double-u white people are told they can no longer play blues and/or blues based music: jazz, gospel, soul, funk, rock 'n roll, etc.? Will Eric Clapton have to return all those Grammys? Will Joe Cocker have to pay reparations to the estate of Ray Charles?
  15. KingKitty

    Elton John

    With Bernie, he wrote and performed some of the greatest pop/rock songs of the 70's. I think he has a good singing voice. That said, he seems like a right wanker.