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  1. I posted a video about sitting for half an hour alone in an empty room without panicing getting nervous etc. etc. Master this 😎 I personally can not - cause I can not think nothing
  2. Moonlight

    Bacon as a weapon as mass destruction

    there is for sure a reason why some cultures eat nothing from a pig πŸ™‚ πŸ₯“ I dont know if vegan is the right way to eat - I tried for a while to eat just raw food, because I have problems with my stomach but it does not work for me - I got more pain than eating normal mixed food I try to take care of what I eat but I am not vegan cause I think it is too strict milkproducts also have nutritive substances that you have poblems to become just from pant based foods πŸ₯‘
  3. Moonlight

    Humor Thread

  4. Moonlight


    when I was visiting the great Lodge of London I bought a book there with the name "the Master Key System"
  5. Moonlight

    Is sport a waste of time

    Alina Zagitova Gold medal winner Olympic Winter Games 2018
  6. before you say this woman is unguilty - you should maybe learn the language to understand what she is saying she is a Nazi
  7. ohh..I think Ethiopian people are a bit crazy but they are all very religious they also mean they are not black people
  8. the Ethiopians claim that the Ark of the Covenant is in their country they also claim that the Queen of Sheba was from Ethiopian origin and had a child from King Solomon - this child founded their Royal bloodline
  9. ...beside of my good character itΒ΄s my eyes πŸ‘€ whats yours?
  10. Moonlight

    Tribute to ABBA

    I ask myself why you discuss such things along with an ABBA tread?
  11. Moonlight

    Who Burnt Down Notre Damme?

    they were defeated long time ago infront of Vienna (Osmans) now they come as "peaceful victims" we will see what England, Germany France etc. will make out of this GermanyΒ΄s Government was very angry on HungaryΒ΄s Viktor OrbΓ‘n when he closed the outer borders finally - but secretly they were happy that they havent to do it because if our guilt we are not allowed to do anything but being the good guys πŸ˜‡
  12. Moonlight

    Who Burnt Down Notre Damme?

    these are Invaders not Guests maybe the Cabal - who are Zionists - I dont know if they are all Jewish - instrumented Islam to squash Europe our Chancellor broke Law and the Promise to save her Country by opening the borders for months - this was clearly not a good move for Europe
  13. Moonlight

    Who Burnt Down Notre Damme?

    try to build a church in an islamic country ... I know its Britain first sorry but they say this is their country πŸ’£ our chancellor said that Islam is part of Germany - but this is not true - Islam was never a part of Europe
  14. Moonlight

    Christians Really Worship the Moon

    the Moon is feminine πŸŒ™ the Sun is masculine 🌞
  15. Moonlight

    Child Abuse & Paedophilia By The Elite

    How will you "generate" a full grown Baby from some Organs and Cells? Proof please