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  1. Moonlight

    Another attack in London

    Im German - I can not discuss the holocaust You lived in London? ohhhhh 🤗 are you from there? I wonder whom you meant with "animals" run over your country?
  2. Moonlight

    Hi - this is me 😊

    I think you are over cautious all I asked for is that people show a pic from themselves 😊
  3. Moonlight

    Hi - this is me 😊

    Hey hayed joe 😊 nice to see you 🤗 😊
  4. Moonlight

    Hi - this is me 😊

    Yes Im in reality from the CIA 🤔 if this forum would be dangerous for the Elites it would already been banned maybe we could go into the dark web 😁
  5. Moonlight

    Another attack in London

    I have no problem with working abroad I just asked myself whats the sense that foreigners occupy our countries and we leave them - then they become what they want 🤔 have you ever seen the video from Britain First - where these Muslims say this is their country now?
  6. Moonlight

    Another attack in London

    so you live abroad - maybe in a Muslim country - while Muslims overrun your own country where is this logic? 🤔 😊
  7. Moonlight

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    Hi Les Paul Robot I remember you too 😊
  8. Moonlight

    Hi - this is me 😊

    I must say I find this quite cowardly you communicate daily about things that are important for you with people you have no clue of who they are? your bad 😛 😊
  9. Moonlight

    Hi - this is me 😊

    as we post on this forum daily I thought it would be a good idea to post a picture from ourselves. Some here I know from the names since 10 years - and some I have met in real on forum meetups - yet by most people we dont know which person is behind their forum avatars. what do you all think about the idea?
  10. Moonlight

    Is David Icke Fake?

    Reptilians in the Jubilee Line? are you for serious?
  11. Moonlight

    The satanic conspiracy

    from Mel Gibson and the Satanic Hollywood https://wpc.prayerhub.org/ipc-connections/item/10144-mel-gibson-hollywood-is-den-of-parasites-who-feast-on-blood-of-kids?fbclid=IwAR0pHvXk90KDfVhtTx8f5vSTqQeJoYbqR8uLUrO1qpEVLvcI7qMiLzcrOJU#.Xdhxm8K6XwM.facebook
  12. Moonlight

    Has anyone lived in a demonic house?

    yes it can possibly be 🤔 thi is also a very good but not wellknown movie about the good and the evil - "bless the child"
  13. Moonlight

    Has anyone lived in a demonic house?

    when I would live in such a house I would move 🤔 I recommend the movie "Fallen" its underrated but very good 😇
  14. Moonlight

    Has anyone lived in a demonic house?

    the astral world is basically around us all the time but "normally" we are "protected" from the energy there due to our auric fields - when your auric field is weak, you open the gates to the astral world . This can happen in fever, during drug misuse, near death experience etc they maybe are places like the bermuda triangle where boats go missing and appear again in the future......
  15. Moonlight

    Humor Thread