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  1. Moonlight

    Music You Like

    Codie much like 😎 😊 😊
  2. Moonlight

    My view on women and dating altogether

    here on this forum are a lot of cool women 😎 it´s a good possibility to find someone with the same interests 😊
  3. I wonder if there were any Mothman sights since this corona virus event...as he happens to appear before or around calamities he was also be seen when Chernobyl happened 😎
  4. Moonlight


  5. Moonlight

    Forum Of Old

    Hi wake_up_bomb πŸ˜€ 😎 yes I mixed this up...it was "wakeup2nwo" who went to Bulgaria
  6. Moonlight

    My view on women and dating altogether

    Im not a guy πŸ˜€ but I try to be nice to women now...if theyΒ΄re nice to me 😌
  7. Moonlight

    Stock market collapse

    Halal slaughter not with pigs πŸ˜€ as Im very bad in killing something I would probably try to find some other food before I would go killing a pig
  8. Moonlight

    Stock market collapse

    ohh Truthspoon I hope you just mean this metaphorically and that you donΒ΄t really slaughter a pig
  9. "Remember who you are" was the only one IΒ΄ve read
  10. Moonlight

    Music You Like

  11. Moonlight

    The truth about cancer

    Many cancers are caused by bacterias or viruses 😊
  12. Moonlight

    Forum Of Old

    ...it was Steppewar with the lightbulbs 😊 I remember he collected them πŸ’‘ I remember that he died...very sad..he was a loner I think
  13. Moonlight

    Forum Of Old

    who were you on the other forum? πŸ˜€
  14. Moonlight

    coronavirus mega thread

    this is the wrong thread the protocols are named a hoax 😎 https://www.portalestoria.net/IMAGES 313/protocols - en.pdf