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    Music You Like

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    Greta Thunburg

    Hey Real6 😊
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    Hands and minds thread

    oh thats nice
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    The satanic conspiracy

    do you think that all the followers on the satanic instagram page know to whom they are really praying to? An why is the throne of the horned god surrounded by two children? More awareness would be good in the world
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    Humor Thread

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    Humor Thread

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    Humor Thread

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    I mean stonemasons in England I just know Westminster Abbey but I was in Chartres - which was very great and I know Notre Dame of Paris. I dont know if the Cathedrals are meant for worshippin Satan - but it well could be - even though they are great
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    Stone templers built the Cathedrals - it was infact a secret and they sealed it with the final stone its craftmans work at its finest πŸ˜‡
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    Venice - first Jewish Ghetto

    as I have less holidays I decided to go to Venice over the weekend with the bus 😎 Venice had the first Jewish Ghetto ever - during the night the gates were closed and people could not go outside of their area - they were forced to build their houses higher than in the rest of Venice cause they had not space - there were also people deported during WW2 and there is a memory wall: "The Venetian Ghetto was instituted on 29 March 1516. It was not the first time that Jews in Venice were compelled to live in a segregated area of the city. In 1552 Venice had 160,000 inhabitants, including 900 Jews, who were mainly merchants." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venetian_Ghetto
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    demonic posession today comes mostly from the Media - I mean music industry and movies - they work very much with the subconscious for example:
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    LED advertising screens

    on the other forum I remember a member who horded regular light bulbs because they poison us now with LED lightbulbs. Sadly this member died but we did not know why. He was absolutely against artificial light but we have it now everywhere - artificial light and especially blue light is bad for the Pineal Gland which is responsible for our sleep. There are orange colored glasses now available which you can wear when you look at a screen or on the phone. When you see the Earth from Space by night - its never dark in cities anymore πŸ’‘
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    This new forum makes me sad

    you can still read on the old forum - there are good posts from former members - before we all came there - one of them was "Seven Worlds" I do not understand why like minded people always have to fight about stupid things - I can not talk to anyone in my surroundings about the things that are discussed here - so Im very happy that this forum exists and Im thankful for that thank you David and Garet Icke πŸ˜ŠπŸ™
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    Waking up is hard to do

    Hi Dawn Im happy for you - I had a similar experience so 10 years ago...it just happened itΒ΄s really is a great thing - I never felt like this before...it is a connection to the higher spheres -like if you push a curtain aside and can see and feel sadly it lasted just so 2 weeks and than I lost this ability again you come back down to earth - it was a bit frustrating but while I had this I think my vibration was higher than normally - cause I didnt feel the need to eat or even sleep
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    Under demonic attack

    Thank you ☺️
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    39 Dead in Lorry in Grays

    Sweden most propably had a crime rate of Zero % in the past 😎
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    Humor Thread

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    39 Dead in Lorry in Grays

    I find it so strange that these people dont find anything wrong to be in a complete different culture and thinking they can bring their own culture with them and will not addapt anything from where they live now - not even the language
  19. Moonlight

    39 Dead in Lorry in Grays

    some years back I was more often in London cause I knew someone there - I was in Wood Green where you see almost no British citizens the same in Munich when you are around Central Station - it could be also somewhere in Turkey or elsewhere
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    39 Dead in Lorry in Grays

    I will feel sad for the children that are forced to go with their parents - which is a crime in itself I met with some migrants in the past because they talk to me on facebook and they are lonely and so I met some of them one guy from Nigeria - he is 26 - came over the sahara desert where he told me are no streets - you have to go with the compass - otherwise you are totally left...than he was one year in Lybia - than on one of this rubber boats - he told me the first one sank still in the harbour because it was so totally overloaded - he has seen several people die on the way and than stayed 2 years in Italy - he wanted to go to Germany and here he is now - since over 2 years - he becomes here a free home (in a contrainer but nevertheless) a free card for using the bus - Germany payes for an education and a course to learn the German language (which he still is not really able to speak) and he becomes 450 Euro for living per month - of course he has a lawyer because he wants to stay another guy I have met in London from I think Afganisthan - he works in England but pay zero taxes there and sends all the money home because he has free living in England and eats on his workplace - both are waiting for their German or British passports
  21. so I do wonder why there are children on this statue? this is from "The Satanic Temple" instagram page 😢 ☺️ https://www.instagram.com/thesatanictemple/?hl=de
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    The illuminati

    this is infact a sensible thing - I have this problem with women - women dont like me...maybe because Im a bit different or a free soul I had some really terrible curses that women did let over me - really heavy stuff when you are familliar with witchcraft you can conquer - and the curses go right back to these people I have learned long time ago - while a woman showed me how to use the cards - that you should never ever speak a curse over someone - because it can come back to you πŸ™
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    The Vegan Agenda

    I thought Jamie OliverΒ΄s company runs not so good lately anyway...when I had bowel infection some years ago my Gastro Doctor told me - because I couldnt eat anything anymore - that this Vegan Cult is absolutely rubbish, and that there are no studies or proof that you will be heathier on the long run