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  1. JacksonsGhost


    Animal mutilation cases are somewhat common it seems when compared to human mutilation cases. I've an acquaintance whose neighbor's cow had the utters removed. He saw the animal the next day. There was no blood and the removal was quit precise. Laser like is how he described it. Human mutilation is much creepier. There was a case in Brazil where they released autopsy information. This link details the above as well as a few others with no horrifying graphics. https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2017/06/bizarre-cases-of-mysterious-deaths-and-human-mutilations/ WARNING: The link below contains horrifying autopsy photos of the Brazilian mutilation. Proceed with due caution. http://www.mapit.kk5.org/human-mutilations/4536984444
  2. I live in the USA. It can be done. I got used to the corn syrup water guzzling fools' comments. I began to feel as if I were thirty years younger. Also, I now get a "hangover" type feeling whenever I eat sugar which reinforces the habit. Sugar is addictive.
  3. JacksonsGhost

    Unpacking the false narratives

    Absolutely, there are some political tests on the internet that asks some questions then display your results on the standard x, y graph format. One axis charts left to right orientation while the other charts authoritarian versus libertarian tendencies. For example, neocons are right oriented authoritarians. I remember having dinner with an ex and her mother along with her mother's significant other. I was the only conservative leaner in our group of four. We ended up in an argument over my country's stupid policies enacted after the 911 hoax, specifically the TSA. Her mother and I were a tag team defending liberty against the other two's willingness to be molested in order to board an airplane. This anecdote is illustrative of the cultural divide we're all facing. This is exactly where the elites need us to be. The multitude of examples you have provided to us in this thread are nearly a galactic scale line of connecting dots. The amount of crazy things being thrown at us at once is engineered to overwhelm. What do we need to do to step outside of ourselves to counter their strategies and tactics? I've found it easier to weaken the authoritarian streak in folks via persuasion versus trying to convert someone to my incomplete belief system. Left vs. right does not bother me. We really do have more in common than not. Be the one who tosses sand into the gears.
  4. JacksonsGhost

    Unpacking the false narratives

    A deceased uncle, an original hippy, was this type of leftist. He once told me that I was so far right, and he being so far left that we met in the middle. The last thing elites want are people of differing political stripes uniting behind freedom and truth. Luckily for them, keeping people at each other's throats while they act out depraved fantasies in various global lairs is a trivial task. These false narratives are a complicated web. Each question that gets answered leads to a hundred more.
  5. JacksonsGhost

    Corporate USA and the GSM

    40MPH winds, they need to experience a CAT 3 hurricane to gain some perspective.
  6. JacksonsGhost

    The USA will never be an example country

    We cursed the World with evangelical fundamentalist Christianity, the ultimate in dysfunction. Any and all cultures have specific dysfunctions.
  7. JacksonsGhost

    Trump Impeachment Thread

    Oh, they'll never experience the joys of multiculturalism. That's for, like, those yucky goyim.
  8. JacksonsGhost

    Online Dating?

    It's a cluster fuck. Women are so overwhelmed with messages from desperate men that they are not able to even answer you. Women will use it to get free dinners from unsuspecting saps while they excuse themselves at 10PM sharp to go meet her special stud muffin for some animal sex. Women get harassed by creepy men. You're better off walking your dog in a park and being affable.
  9. JacksonsGhost

    The USA will never be an example country

    I disagree. It will fall in the blink of an eye compared to several centuries that it took the Roman Empire. The USA is a piss poor example for the World to emulate. Unmitigated barbarity towards citizen and foreigner alike, psychopaths run everything, and good people are destroyed as part of the process. I am not proud of my country. It is a damn disgrace. The USA is simply a corrupt, depraved Zionist controlled entity whose arrogance knows no bounds. It's also because many 'Murcans think they are so damn exceptional. The neocons tell them this on a regular basis. I'm an American and have to keep my mouth shut or risk being curb stomped.
  10. JacksonsGhost

    Greta Thunburg

    Failed alien-human hybrid experiment.
  11. JacksonsGhost

    Is it REALLY The Sabbatean Frankists?

    A friend who once tried to purchase a Talmud was refused. They are a bit touchy about the contents.
  12. JacksonsGhost

    Crystal Meth: The New Face of Agenda 21

    I've heard the same thing too. I'll pass on this "benefit" though. I've see a few sunrises in my life. I don't recall Crystal Meth being widely available to the general populace here up until about ten to twelve years ago. It was always a niche underworld drug. The ice(crack/free base) smokable form is highly regarded here. Vast swaths of my county plus the surrounding ones are meth head "no go" zones. A nephew once had to remove one squatting in a vacant building on his property. It turns out the innocent homeless felon was a twice convicted child sex predator too. I've often wondered the same thing, OP. Also, Fentanyl is not only a drug but a bonafide chemical weapon. I wonder about that one too.
  13. JacksonsGhost

    Greta Thunburg

    I'll be brutally honest about her. Exactly, what the hell does she know?
  14. JacksonsGhost

    Chicken 'causes cancer'

    Spot on target, we see this everywhere and anywhere we go. Most people cannot think, because they are not taught to think. Thinking slaves are dangerous slaves. The only thing I know is that bug fed chicken eggs are superior in all aspects. I miss mine.
  15. JacksonsGhost

    World’s first gender neutral penguin unveiled in London

    It's as if they are trying to count the number of angels that can fit on the head of a pin.